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LLVM devroom at FOSDEM
  1. Call for "Papers"
  2. Logistics
  3. Registration
  • What: LLVM at FOSDEM.
  • When: February 1, 2015
  • Where: Brussels, Belgium

At FOSDEM 2015, LLVM participated with a dedicated devroom. Complementing the upcoming Euro LLVM 2015, the devroom at FOSDEM provides a great opportunity for core LLVM developers and the wider open source community to get together to connect and discuss.

As possibly the largest European Open Source Conference, FOSDEM takes place in Brussels and attracts with more than 400 lectures every year over 5000 hackers - many core contributors of the worlds leading open source projects.

We also invite you to sign up for the official Developer Meeting mailing list to be kept informed of updates concerning the meeting.


Porting LLDB to a new TargetHafiz Abid QadeerSlides / Video
LLVM's AArch64 support - history & statusKristof BeylsSlides / Video
Extending the internal assembler
How to add a new CPU feature
Kai NackeSlides
moviCompile: An LLVM based compiler for heterogeneous SIMD code generationErkan DikenSlides / Video
The C2 programming language
Using Clang not like it's supposed to be used
Bas van den BergSlides / Video
OpenMandriva's switch to clang as its default compiler
OpenMandriva's experiences with switching the default compiler to clang
Bernhard RosenkränzerVideo
Adventures with LLVM in a magical land where pointers are not integersDavid ChisnallSlides / Video
Code clone detection in LLVM compiler infrastructure
LLVM: built-in scalable code clone detection based on semantic analysis
Sevak SargsyanSlides / Video
LLVM on the Web
Using Portable Native Client to run Clang/LLVM in the Browser
Brad NelsonSlides / Video


The mailing list can be used to discuss issues of general interest related to the conference organization.


FOSDEM does not require any registration and is free of charge. However, just like last year, an important crowd must be expected.