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ReaderWriter.h File Reference
#include "llvm/IR/DiagnosticInfo.h"
#include "llvm/Support/ErrorOr.h"
#include "llvm/Support/MemoryBuffer.h"
#include <memory>
#include <string>
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class  llvm::BitcodeDiagnosticInfo
struct  std::is_error_code_enum< llvm::BitcodeError >


namespace  llvm

Compute iterated dominance frontiers using a linear time algorithm.

namespace  std


enum  llvm::BitcodeError { llvm::InvalidBitcodeSignature, llvm::CorruptedBitcode }


ErrorOr< Module * > llvm::getLazyBitcodeModule (std::unique_ptr< MemoryBuffer > &&Buffer, LLVMContext &Context, DiagnosticHandlerFunction DiagnosticHandler=nullptr, bool ShouldLazyLoadMetadata=false)
ErrorOr< std::unique_ptr
< Module > > 
llvm::getStreamedBitcodeModule (StringRef Name, DataStreamer *Streamer, LLVMContext &Context, DiagnosticHandlerFunction DiagnosticHandler=nullptr)
std::string llvm::getBitcodeTargetTriple (MemoryBufferRef Buffer, LLVMContext &Context, DiagnosticHandlerFunction DiagnosticHandler=nullptr)
ErrorOr< Module * > llvm::parseBitcodeFile (MemoryBufferRef Buffer, LLVMContext &Context, DiagnosticHandlerFunction DiagnosticHandler=nullptr)
 Read the specified bitcode file, returning the module.
void llvm::WriteBitcodeToFile (const Module *M, raw_ostream &Out, bool ShouldPreserveUseListOrder=false)
 Write the specified module to the specified raw output stream.
bool llvm::isBitcodeWrapper (const unsigned char *BufPtr, const unsigned char *BufEnd)
bool llvm::isRawBitcode (const unsigned char *BufPtr, const unsigned char *BufEnd)
bool llvm::isBitcode (const unsigned char *BufPtr, const unsigned char *BufEnd)
bool llvm::SkipBitcodeWrapperHeader (const unsigned char *&BufPtr, const unsigned char *&BufEnd, bool VerifyBufferSize)
const std::error_categoryllvm::BitcodeErrorCategory ()
std::error_code llvm::make_error_code (BitcodeError E)