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1 //==-- AArch64ISelLowering.h - AArch64 DAG Lowering Interface ----*- C++ -*-==//
2 //
3 // The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
4 //
5 // This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
6 // License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
7 //
8 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
9 //
10 // This file defines the interfaces that AArch64 uses to lower LLVM code into a
11 // selection DAG.
12 //
13 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
18 #include "AArch64.h"
22 #include "llvm/IR/CallingConv.h"
23 #include "llvm/IR/Instruction.h"
25 namespace llvm {
27 namespace AArch64ISD {
29 enum NodeType : unsigned {
31  WrapperLarge, // 4-instruction MOVZ/MOVK sequence for 64-bit addresses.
32  CALL, // Function call.
34  // Produces the full sequence of instructions for getting the thread pointer
35  // offset of a variable into X0, using the TLSDesc model.
37  ADRP, // Page address of a TargetGlobalAddress operand.
38  ADDlow, // Add the low 12 bits of a TargetGlobalAddress operand.
39  LOADgot, // Load from automatically generated descriptor (e.g. Global
40  // Offset Table, TLS record).
41  RET_FLAG, // Return with a flag operand. Operand 0 is the chain operand.
42  BRCOND, // Conditional branch instruction; "b.cond".
44  FCSEL, // Conditional move instruction.
45  CSINV, // Conditional select invert.
46  CSNEG, // Conditional select negate.
47  CSINC, // Conditional select increment.
49  // Pointer to the thread's local storage area. Materialised from TPIDR_EL0 on
50  // ELF.
52  ADC,
53  SBC, // adc, sbc instructions
55  // Arithmetic instructions which write flags.
62  // Conditional compares. Operands: left,right,falsecc,cc,flags
67  // Floating point comparison
70  // Scalar extract
73  // Scalar-to-vector duplication
74  DUP,
80  // Vector immedate moves
89  // Vector immediate ops
93  // Vector bit select: similar to ISD::VSELECT but not all bits within an
94  // element must be identical.
95  BSL,
97  // Vector arithmetic negation
98  NEG,
100  // Vector shuffles
112  // Vector shift by scalar
117  // Vector shift by scalar (again)
124  // Vector comparisons
134  // Vector zero comparisons
146  // Vector across-lanes addition
147  // Only the lower result lane is defined.
151  // Vector across-lanes min/max
152  // Only the lower result lane is defined.
158  // Vector bitwise negation
161  // Vector bitwise selection
164  // Compare-and-branch
170  // Tail calls
173  // Custom prefetch handling
176  // {s|u}int to FP within a FP register.
180  /// Natural vector cast. ISD::BITCAST is not natural in the big-endian
181  /// world w.r.t vectors; which causes additional REV instructions to be
182  /// generated to compensate for the byte-swapping. But sometimes we do
183  /// need to re-interpret the data in SIMD vector registers in big-endian
184  /// mode without emitting such REV instructions.
190  // Reciprocal estimates and steps.
194  // NEON Load/Store with post-increment base updates
218 };
220 } // end namespace AArch64ISD
222 namespace {
224 // Any instruction that defines a 32-bit result zeros out the high half of the
225 // register. Truncate can be lowered to EXTRACT_SUBREG. CopyFromReg may
226 // be copying from a truncate. But any other 32-bit operation will zero-extend
227 // up to 64 bits.
228 // FIXME: X86 also checks for CMOV here. Do we need something similar?
229 static inline bool isDef32(const SDNode &N) {
230  unsigned Opc = N.getOpcode();
231  return Opc != ISD::TRUNCATE && Opc != TargetOpcode::EXTRACT_SUBREG &&
232  Opc != ISD::CopyFromReg;
233 }
235 } // end anonymous namespace
237 class AArch64Subtarget;
241 public:
242  explicit AArch64TargetLowering(const TargetMachine &TM,
243  const AArch64Subtarget &STI);
245  /// Selects the correct CCAssignFn for a given CallingConvention value.
246  CCAssignFn *CCAssignFnForCall(CallingConv::ID CC, bool IsVarArg) const;
248  /// Selects the correct CCAssignFn for a given CallingConvention value.
249  CCAssignFn *CCAssignFnForReturn(CallingConv::ID CC) const;
251  /// Determine which of the bits specified in Mask are known to be either zero
252  /// or one and return them in the KnownZero/KnownOne bitsets.
253  void computeKnownBitsForTargetNode(const SDValue Op, KnownBits &Known,
254  const APInt &DemandedElts,
255  const SelectionDAG &DAG,
256  unsigned Depth = 0) const override;
258  bool targetShrinkDemandedConstant(SDValue Op, const APInt &Demanded,
259  TargetLoweringOpt &TLO) const override;
261  MVT getScalarShiftAmountTy(const DataLayout &DL, EVT) const override;
263  /// Returns true if the target allows unaligned memory accesses of the
264  /// specified type.
265  bool allowsMisalignedMemoryAccesses(EVT VT, unsigned AddrSpace = 0,
266  unsigned Align = 1,
267  bool *Fast = nullptr) const override;
269  /// Provide custom lowering hooks for some operations.
270  SDValue LowerOperation(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const override;
272  const char *getTargetNodeName(unsigned Opcode) const override;
274  SDValue PerformDAGCombine(SDNode *N, DAGCombinerInfo &DCI) const override;
276  /// Returns true if a cast between SrcAS and DestAS is a noop.
277  bool isNoopAddrSpaceCast(unsigned SrcAS, unsigned DestAS) const override {
278  // Addrspacecasts are always noops.
279  return true;
280  }
282  /// This method returns a target specific FastISel object, or null if the
283  /// target does not support "fast" ISel.
285  const TargetLibraryInfo *libInfo) const override;
287  bool isOffsetFoldingLegal(const GlobalAddressSDNode *GA) const override;
289  bool isFPImmLegal(const APFloat &Imm, EVT VT) const override;
291  /// Return true if the given shuffle mask can be codegen'd directly, or if it
292  /// should be stack expanded.
293  bool isShuffleMaskLegal(ArrayRef<int> M, EVT VT) const override;
295  /// Return the ISD::SETCC ValueType.
296  EVT getSetCCResultType(const DataLayout &DL, LLVMContext &Context,
297  EVT VT) const override;
299  SDValue ReconstructShuffle(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
301  MachineBasicBlock *EmitF128CSEL(MachineInstr &MI,
302  MachineBasicBlock *BB) const;
305  EmitInstrWithCustomInserter(MachineInstr &MI,
306  MachineBasicBlock *MBB) const override;
308  bool getTgtMemIntrinsic(IntrinsicInfo &Info, const CallInst &I,
309  MachineFunction &MF,
310  unsigned Intrinsic) const override;
312  bool shouldReduceLoadWidth(SDNode *Load, ISD::LoadExtType ExtTy,
313  EVT NewVT) const override;
315  bool isTruncateFree(Type *Ty1, Type *Ty2) const override;
316  bool isTruncateFree(EVT VT1, EVT VT2) const override;
318  bool isProfitableToHoist(Instruction *I) const override;
320  bool isZExtFree(Type *Ty1, Type *Ty2) const override;
321  bool isZExtFree(EVT VT1, EVT VT2) const override;
322  bool isZExtFree(SDValue Val, EVT VT2) const override;
324  bool hasPairedLoad(EVT LoadedType, unsigned &RequiredAligment) const override;
326  unsigned getMaxSupportedInterleaveFactor() const override { return 4; }
328  bool lowerInterleavedLoad(LoadInst *LI,
330  ArrayRef<unsigned> Indices,
331  unsigned Factor) const override;
332  bool lowerInterleavedStore(StoreInst *SI, ShuffleVectorInst *SVI,
333  unsigned Factor) const override;
335  bool isLegalAddImmediate(int64_t) const override;
336  bool isLegalICmpImmediate(int64_t) const override;
338  bool shouldConsiderGEPOffsetSplit() const override;
340  EVT getOptimalMemOpType(uint64_t Size, unsigned DstAlign, unsigned SrcAlign,
341  bool IsMemset, bool ZeroMemset, bool MemcpyStrSrc,
342  MachineFunction &MF) const override;
344  /// Return true if the addressing mode represented by AM is legal for this
345  /// target, for a load/store of the specified type.
346  bool isLegalAddressingMode(const DataLayout &DL, const AddrMode &AM, Type *Ty,
347  unsigned AS,
348  Instruction *I = nullptr) const override;
350  /// Return the cost of the scaling factor used in the addressing
351  /// mode represented by AM for this target, for a load/store
352  /// of the specified type.
353  /// If the AM is supported, the return value must be >= 0.
354  /// If the AM is not supported, it returns a negative value.
355  int getScalingFactorCost(const DataLayout &DL, const AddrMode &AM, Type *Ty,
356  unsigned AS) const override;
358  /// Return true if an FMA operation is faster than a pair of fmul and fadd
359  /// instructions. fmuladd intrinsics will be expanded to FMAs when this method
360  /// returns true, otherwise fmuladd is expanded to fmul + fadd.
361  bool isFMAFasterThanFMulAndFAdd(EVT VT) const override;
363  const MCPhysReg *getScratchRegisters(CallingConv::ID CC) const override;
365  /// Returns false if N is a bit extraction pattern of (X >> C) & Mask.
366  bool isDesirableToCommuteWithShift(const SDNode *N) const override;
368  /// Returns true if it is beneficial to convert a load of a constant
369  /// to just the constant itself.
370  bool shouldConvertConstantLoadToIntImm(const APInt &Imm,
371  Type *Ty) const override;
373  /// Return true if EXTRACT_SUBVECTOR is cheap for this result type
374  /// with this index.
375  bool isExtractSubvectorCheap(EVT ResVT, EVT SrcVT,
376  unsigned Index) const override;
378  Value *emitLoadLinked(IRBuilder<> &Builder, Value *Addr,
379  AtomicOrdering Ord) const override;
380  Value *emitStoreConditional(IRBuilder<> &Builder, Value *Val,
381  Value *Addr, AtomicOrdering Ord) const override;
383  void emitAtomicCmpXchgNoStoreLLBalance(IRBuilder<> &Builder) const override;
386  shouldExpandAtomicLoadInIR(LoadInst *LI) const override;
387  bool shouldExpandAtomicStoreInIR(StoreInst *SI) const override;
389  shouldExpandAtomicRMWInIR(AtomicRMWInst *AI) const override;
391  bool shouldExpandAtomicCmpXchgInIR(AtomicCmpXchgInst *AI) const override;
393  bool useLoadStackGuardNode() const override;
395  getPreferredVectorAction(EVT VT) const override;
397  /// If the target has a standard location for the stack protector cookie,
398  /// returns the address of that location. Otherwise, returns nullptr.
399  Value *getIRStackGuard(IRBuilder<> &IRB) const override;
401  /// If the target has a standard location for the unsafe stack pointer,
402  /// returns the address of that location. Otherwise, returns nullptr.
403  Value *getSafeStackPointerLocation(IRBuilder<> &IRB) const override;
405  /// If a physical register, this returns the register that receives the
406  /// exception address on entry to an EH pad.
407  unsigned
408  getExceptionPointerRegister(const Constant *PersonalityFn) const override {
409  // FIXME: This is a guess. Has this been defined yet?
410  return AArch64::X0;
411  }
413  /// If a physical register, this returns the register that receives the
414  /// exception typeid on entry to a landing pad.
415  unsigned
416  getExceptionSelectorRegister(const Constant *PersonalityFn) const override {
417  // FIXME: This is a guess. Has this been defined yet?
418  return AArch64::X1;
419  }
421  bool isIntDivCheap(EVT VT, AttributeList Attr) const override;
423  bool canMergeStoresTo(unsigned AddressSpace, EVT MemVT,
424  const SelectionDAG &DAG) const override {
425  // Do not merge to float value size (128 bytes) if no implicit
426  // float attribute is set.
428  bool NoFloat = DAG.getMachineFunction().getFunction().hasFnAttribute(
429  Attribute::NoImplicitFloat);
431  if (NoFloat)
432  return (MemVT.getSizeInBits() <= 64);
433  return true;
434  }
436  bool isCheapToSpeculateCttz() const override {
437  return true;
438  }
440  bool isCheapToSpeculateCtlz() const override {
441  return true;
442  }
444  bool isMaskAndCmp0FoldingBeneficial(const Instruction &AndI) const override;
446  bool hasAndNotCompare(SDValue V) const override {
447  // We can use bics for any scalar.
448  return V.getValueType().isScalarInteger();
449  }
451  bool hasAndNot(SDValue Y) const override {
452  EVT VT = Y.getValueType();
454  if (!VT.isVector())
455  return hasAndNotCompare(Y);
457  return VT.getSizeInBits() >= 64; // vector 'bic'
458  }
461  unsigned KeptBits) const override {
462  // For vectors, we don't have a preference..
463  if (XVT.isVector())
464  return false;
466  auto VTIsOk = [](EVT VT) -> bool {
467  return VT == MVT::i8 || VT == MVT::i16 || VT == MVT::i32 ||
468  VT == MVT::i64;
469  };
471  // We are ok with KeptBitsVT being byte/word/dword, what SXT supports.
472  // XVT will be larger than KeptBitsVT.
473  MVT KeptBitsVT = MVT::getIntegerVT(KeptBits);
474  return VTIsOk(XVT) && VTIsOk(KeptBitsVT);
475  }
477  bool hasBitPreservingFPLogic(EVT VT) const override {
478  // FIXME: Is this always true? It should be true for vectors at least.
479  return VT == MVT::f32 || VT == MVT::f64;
480  }
482  bool supportSplitCSR(MachineFunction *MF) const override {
484  MF->getFunction().hasFnAttribute(Attribute::NoUnwind);
485  }
486  void initializeSplitCSR(MachineBasicBlock *Entry) const override;
487  void insertCopiesSplitCSR(
488  MachineBasicBlock *Entry,
489  const SmallVectorImpl<MachineBasicBlock *> &Exits) const override;
491  bool supportSwiftError() const override {
492  return true;
493  }
495  /// Enable aggressive FMA fusion on targets that want it.
496  bool enableAggressiveFMAFusion(EVT VT) const override;
498  /// Returns the size of the platform's va_list object.
499  unsigned getVaListSizeInBits(const DataLayout &DL) const override;
501  /// Returns true if \p VecTy is a legal interleaved access type. This
502  /// function checks the vector element type and the overall width of the
503  /// vector.
504  bool isLegalInterleavedAccessType(VectorType *VecTy,
505  const DataLayout &DL) const;
507  /// Returns the number of interleaved accesses that will be generated when
508  /// lowering accesses of the given type.
509  unsigned getNumInterleavedAccesses(VectorType *VecTy,
510  const DataLayout &DL) const;
512  MachineMemOperand::Flags getMMOFlags(const Instruction &I) const override;
514  bool functionArgumentNeedsConsecutiveRegisters(Type *Ty,
515  CallingConv::ID CallConv,
516  bool isVarArg) const override;
517 private:
518  /// Keep a pointer to the AArch64Subtarget around so that we can
519  /// make the right decision when generating code for different targets.
520  const AArch64Subtarget *Subtarget;
522  bool isExtFreeImpl(const Instruction *Ext) const override;
524  void addTypeForNEON(MVT VT, MVT PromotedBitwiseVT);
525  void addDRTypeForNEON(MVT VT);
526  void addQRTypeForNEON(MVT VT);
528  SDValue LowerFormalArguments(SDValue Chain, CallingConv::ID CallConv,
529  bool isVarArg,
531  const SDLoc &DL, SelectionDAG &DAG,
532  SmallVectorImpl<SDValue> &InVals) const override;
534  SDValue LowerCall(CallLoweringInfo & /*CLI*/,
535  SmallVectorImpl<SDValue> &InVals) const override;
537  SDValue LowerCallResult(SDValue Chain, SDValue InFlag,
538  CallingConv::ID CallConv, bool isVarArg,
540  const SDLoc &DL, SelectionDAG &DAG,
541  SmallVectorImpl<SDValue> &InVals, bool isThisReturn,
542  SDValue ThisVal) const;
544  SDValue LowerSTORE(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
546  SDValue LowerINTRINSIC_WO_CHAIN(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
548  bool isEligibleForTailCallOptimization(
549  SDValue Callee, CallingConv::ID CalleeCC, bool isVarArg,
551  const SmallVectorImpl<SDValue> &OutVals,
552  const SmallVectorImpl<ISD::InputArg> &Ins, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
554  /// Finds the incoming stack arguments which overlap the given fixed stack
555  /// object and incorporates their load into the current chain. This prevents
556  /// an upcoming store from clobbering the stack argument before it's used.
557  SDValue addTokenForArgument(SDValue Chain, SelectionDAG &DAG,
558  MachineFrameInfo &MFI, int ClobberedFI) const;
560  bool DoesCalleeRestoreStack(CallingConv::ID CallCC, bool TailCallOpt) const;
562  void saveVarArgRegisters(CCState &CCInfo, SelectionDAG &DAG, const SDLoc &DL,
563  SDValue &Chain) const;
565  bool CanLowerReturn(CallingConv::ID CallConv, MachineFunction &MF,
566  bool isVarArg,
568  LLVMContext &Context) const override;
570  SDValue LowerReturn(SDValue Chain, CallingConv::ID CallConv, bool isVarArg,
572  const SmallVectorImpl<SDValue> &OutVals, const SDLoc &DL,
573  SelectionDAG &DAG) const override;
575  SDValue getTargetNode(GlobalAddressSDNode *N, EVT Ty, SelectionDAG &DAG,
576  unsigned Flag) const;
577  SDValue getTargetNode(JumpTableSDNode *N, EVT Ty, SelectionDAG &DAG,
578  unsigned Flag) const;
579  SDValue getTargetNode(ConstantPoolSDNode *N, EVT Ty, SelectionDAG &DAG,
580  unsigned Flag) const;
581  SDValue getTargetNode(BlockAddressSDNode *N, EVT Ty, SelectionDAG &DAG,
582  unsigned Flag) const;
583  template <class NodeTy>
584  SDValue getGOT(NodeTy *N, SelectionDAG &DAG, unsigned Flags = 0) const;
585  template <class NodeTy>
586  SDValue getAddrLarge(NodeTy *N, SelectionDAG &DAG, unsigned Flags = 0) const;
587  template <class NodeTy>
588  SDValue getAddr(NodeTy *N, SelectionDAG &DAG, unsigned Flags = 0) const;
589  SDValue LowerADDROFRETURNADDR(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
590  SDValue LowerGlobalAddress(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
591  SDValue LowerGlobalTLSAddress(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
592  SDValue LowerDarwinGlobalTLSAddress(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
593  SDValue LowerELFGlobalTLSAddress(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
594  SDValue LowerELFTLSDescCallSeq(SDValue SymAddr, const SDLoc &DL,
595  SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
596  SDValue LowerWindowsGlobalTLSAddress(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
597  SDValue LowerSETCC(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
598  SDValue LowerBR_CC(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
599  SDValue LowerSELECT(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
600  SDValue LowerSELECT_CC(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
602  SDValue TVal, SDValue FVal, const SDLoc &dl,
603  SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
604  SDValue LowerJumpTable(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
605  SDValue LowerConstantPool(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
606  SDValue LowerBlockAddress(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
607  SDValue LowerAAPCS_VASTART(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
608  SDValue LowerDarwin_VASTART(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
609  SDValue LowerWin64_VASTART(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
610  SDValue LowerVASTART(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
611  SDValue LowerVACOPY(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
612  SDValue LowerVAARG(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
613  SDValue LowerFRAMEADDR(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
615  SDValue LowerFLT_ROUNDS_(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
619  SDValue LowerBUILD_VECTOR(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
622  SDValue LowerVectorSRA_SRL_SHL(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
623  SDValue LowerShiftLeftParts(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
624  SDValue LowerShiftRightParts(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
625  SDValue LowerVSETCC(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
626  SDValue LowerCTPOP(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
627  SDValue LowerF128Call(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG,
628  RTLIB::Libcall Call) const;
629  SDValue LowerFCOPYSIGN(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
630  SDValue LowerFP_EXTEND(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
631  SDValue LowerFP_ROUND(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
632  SDValue LowerFP_TO_INT(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
633  SDValue LowerINT_TO_FP(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
634  SDValue LowerVectorAND(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
635  SDValue LowerVectorOR(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
637  SDValue LowerFSINCOS(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
638  SDValue LowerVECREDUCE(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
639  SDValue LowerATOMIC_LOAD_SUB(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
640  SDValue LowerATOMIC_LOAD_AND(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
642  SDValue LowerWindowsDYNAMIC_STACKALLOC(SDValue Op, SDValue Chain,
643  SDValue &Size,
644  SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
646  SDValue BuildSDIVPow2(SDNode *N, const APInt &Divisor, SelectionDAG &DAG,
647  std::vector<SDNode *> *Created) const override;
648  SDValue getSqrtEstimate(SDValue Operand, SelectionDAG &DAG, int Enabled,
649  int &ExtraSteps, bool &UseOneConst,
650  bool Reciprocal) const override;
651  SDValue getRecipEstimate(SDValue Operand, SelectionDAG &DAG, int Enabled,
652  int &ExtraSteps) const override;
653  unsigned combineRepeatedFPDivisors() const override;
655  ConstraintType getConstraintType(StringRef Constraint) const override;
656  unsigned getRegisterByName(const char* RegName, EVT VT,
657  SelectionDAG &DAG) const override;
659  /// Examine constraint string and operand type and determine a weight value.
660  /// The operand object must already have been set up with the operand type.
662  getSingleConstraintMatchWeight(AsmOperandInfo &info,
663  const char *constraint) const override;
665  std::pair<unsigned, const TargetRegisterClass *>
666  getRegForInlineAsmConstraint(const TargetRegisterInfo *TRI,
667  StringRef Constraint, MVT VT) const override;
669  const char *LowerXConstraint(EVT ConstraintVT) const override;
671  void LowerAsmOperandForConstraint(SDValue Op, std::string &Constraint,
672  std::vector<SDValue> &Ops,
673  SelectionDAG &DAG) const override;
675  unsigned getInlineAsmMemConstraint(StringRef ConstraintCode) const override {
676  if (ConstraintCode == "Q")
678  // FIXME: clang has code for 'Ump', 'Utf', 'Usa', and 'Ush' but these are
679  // followed by llvm_unreachable so we'll leave them unimplemented in
680  // the backend for now.
681  return TargetLowering::getInlineAsmMemConstraint(ConstraintCode);
682  }
684  bool isUsedByReturnOnly(SDNode *N, SDValue &Chain) const override;
685  bool mayBeEmittedAsTailCall(const CallInst *CI) const override;
686  bool getIndexedAddressParts(SDNode *Op, SDValue &Base, SDValue &Offset,
687  ISD::MemIndexedMode &AM, bool &IsInc,
688  SelectionDAG &DAG) const;
689  bool getPreIndexedAddressParts(SDNode *N, SDValue &Base, SDValue &Offset,
691  SelectionDAG &DAG) const override;
692  bool getPostIndexedAddressParts(SDNode *N, SDNode *Op, SDValue &Base,
693  SDValue &Offset, ISD::MemIndexedMode &AM,
694  SelectionDAG &DAG) const override;
696  void ReplaceNodeResults(SDNode *N, SmallVectorImpl<SDValue> &Results,
697  SelectionDAG &DAG) const override;
699  bool shouldNormalizeToSelectSequence(LLVMContext &, EVT) const override;
701  void finalizeLowering(MachineFunction &MF) const override;
702 };
704 namespace AArch64 {
706  const TargetLibraryInfo *libInfo);
707 } // end namespace AArch64
709 } // end namespace llvm
711 #endif
static SDValue LowerEXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG)
static MVT getIntegerVT(unsigned BitWidth)
static SDValue LowerCallResult(SDValue Chain, SDValue InFlag, const SmallVectorImpl< CCValAssign > &RVLocs, const SDLoc &dl, SelectionDAG &DAG, SmallVectorImpl< SDValue > &InVals)
LowerCallResult - Lower the result values of a call into the appropriate copies out of appropriate ph...
BUILTIN_OP_END - This must be the last enum value in this list.
Definition: ISDOpcodes.h:829
unsigned getExceptionSelectorRegister(const Constant *PersonalityFn) const override
If a physical register, this returns the register that receives the exception typeid on entry to a la...
A parsed version of the target data layout string in and methods for querying it. ...
Definition: DataLayout.h:111
constexpr char Align[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mAlign.
EVT getValueType() const
Return the ValueType of the referenced return value.
This represents an addressing mode of: BaseGV + BaseOffs + BaseReg + Scale*ScaleReg If BaseGV is null...
unsigned getOpcode() const
Return the SelectionDAG opcode value for this node.
LLVMContext & Context
bool supportSplitCSR(MachineFunction *MF) const override
Return true if the target supports that a subset of CSRs for the given machine function is handled ex...
Compute iterated dominance frontiers using a linear time algorithm.
Definition: AllocatorList.h:24
an instruction that atomically checks whether a specified value is in a memory location, and, if it is, stores a new value there.
Definition: Instructions.h:518
static SDValue LowerVACOPY(SDValue Op, const X86Subtarget &Subtarget, SelectionDAG &DAG)
bool isScalarInteger() const
Return true if this is an integer, but not a vector.
Definition: ValueTypes.h:146
This class represents a function call, abstracting a target machine&#39;s calling convention.
RTLIB::Libcall enum - This enum defines all of the runtime library calls the backend can emit...
bool CCAssignFn(unsigned ValNo, MVT ValVT, MVT LocVT, CCValAssign::LocInfo LocInfo, ISD::ArgFlagsTy ArgFlags, CCState &State)
CCAssignFn - This function assigns a location for Val, updating State to reflect the change...
Function Alias Analysis Results
This instruction constructs a fixed permutation of two input vectors.
bool hasFnAttribute(Attribute::AttrKind Kind) const
Return true if the function has the attribute.
Definition: Function.h:307
unsigned const TargetRegisterInfo * TRI
An instruction for reading from memory.
Definition: Instructions.h:168
an instruction that atomically reads a memory location, combines it with another value, and then stores the result back.
Definition: Instructions.h:681
Enum that specifies what an atomic load/AtomicRMWInst is expanded to, if at all.
bool hasAndNotCompare(SDValue V) const override
Return true if the target should transform: (X & Y) == Y —> (~X & Y) == 0 (X & Y) != Y —> (~X & Y) ...
bool supportSwiftError() const override
Return true if the target supports swifterror attribute.
A convenience struct that encapsulates a DAG, and two SDValues for returning information from TargetL...
static SDValue LowerCONCAT_VECTORS(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG)
static GCMetadataPrinterRegistry::Add< OcamlGCMetadataPrinter > Y("ocaml", "ocaml 3.10-compatible collector")
This class consists of common code factored out of the SmallVector class to reduce code duplication b...
Definition: APFloat.h:42
This provides a uniform API for creating instructions and inserting them into a basic block: either a...
Definition: IRBuilder.h:731
static SDValue LowerRETURNADDR(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG, const SparcTargetLowering &TLI, const SparcSubtarget *Subtarget)
The MachineFrameInfo class represents an abstract stack frame until prolog/epilog code is inserted...
This class defines information used to lower LLVM code to legal SelectionDAG operators that the targe...
bool isNoopAddrSpaceCast(unsigned SrcAS, unsigned DestAS) const override
Returns true if a cast between SrcAS and DestAS is a noop.
Atomic ordering for LLVM&#39;s memory model.
static SDValue LowerINSERT_VECTOR_ELT(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG)
This is a fast-path instruction selection class that generates poor code and doesn&#39;t support illegal ...
Definition: FastISel.h:67
unsigned getSizeInBits() const
Return the size of the specified value type in bits.
Definition: ValueTypes.h:292
MachineFunction & getMachineFunction() const
Definition: SelectionDAG.h:395
static SDValue LowerVECTOR_SHUFFLE(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG)
This contains information for each constraint that we are lowering.
ArrayRef - Represent a constant reference to an array (0 or more elements consecutively in memory)...
Definition: APInt.h:33
An instruction for storing to memory.
Definition: Instructions.h:310
Natural vector cast.
ISD::CondCode enum - These are ordered carefully to make the bitfields below work out...
Definition: ISDOpcodes.h:911
virtual unsigned getInlineAsmMemConstraint(StringRef ConstraintCode) const
static SDValue LowerVSETCC(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG)
FastISel * createFastISel(FunctionLoweringInfo &funcInfo, const TargetLibraryInfo *libInfo)
amdgpu Simplify well known AMD library false Value * Callee
unsigned getExceptionPointerRegister(const Constant *PersonalityFn) const override
If a physical register, this returns the register that receives the exception address on entry to an ...
static SDValue LowerFP_EXTEND(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG)
uint16_t MCPhysReg
An unsigned integer type large enough to represent all physical registers, but not necessarily virtua...
These should be considered private to the implementation of the MCInstrDesc class.
Definition: MCInstrDesc.h:118
static SDValue LowerSTORE(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG)
Machine Value Type.
static SDValue LowerVASTART(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG)
The instances of the Type class are immutable: once they are created, they are never changed...
Definition: Type.h:46
This is an important class for using LLVM in a threaded context.
Definition: LLVMContext.h:69
This is an important base class in LLVM.
Definition: Constant.h:42
LoadExtType enum - This enum defines the three variants of LOADEXT (load with extension).
Definition: ISDOpcodes.h:886
static SDValue LowerFRAMEADDR(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG, const SparcSubtarget *Subtarget)
static SDValue LowerDYNAMIC_STACKALLOC(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG, const SparcSubtarget *Subtarget)
lazy value info
Extended Value Type.
Definition: ValueTypes.h:34
TargetRegisterInfo base class - We assume that the target defines a static array of TargetRegisterDes...
This structure contains all information that is necessary for lowering calls.
static Value * LowerCTPOP(LLVMContext &Context, Value *V, Instruction *IP)
Emit the code to lower ctpop of V before the specified instruction IP.
CCState - This class holds information needed while lowering arguments and return values...
CallingConv::ID getCallingConv() const
getCallingConv()/setCallingConv(CC) - These method get and set the calling convention of this functio...
Definition: Function.h:199
This is used to represent a portion of an LLVM function in a low-level Data Dependence DAG representa...
Definition: SelectionDAG.h:222
Provides information about what library functions are available for the current target.
Definition: NVPTXBaseInfo.h:22
Wrapper class for IR location info (IR ordering and DebugLoc) to be passed into SDNode creation funct...
FIRST_TARGET_MEMORY_OPCODE - Target-specific pre-isel operations which do not reference a specific me...
Definition: ISDOpcodes.h:836
Represents one node in the SelectionDAG.
static bool Enabled
Definition: Statistic.cpp:51
const Function & getFunction() const
Return the LLVM function that this machine code represents.
bool hasBitPreservingFPLogic(EVT VT) const override
Return true if it is safe to transform an integer-domain bitwise operation into the equivalent floati...
Class to represent vector types.
Definition: DerivedTypes.h:393
Class for arbitrary precision integers.
Definition: APInt.h:69
bool canMergeStoresTo(unsigned AddressSpace, EVT MemVT, const SelectionDAG &DAG) const override
Returns if it&#39;s reasonable to merge stores to MemVT size.
static SDValue LowerVAARG(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG)
static SDValue LowerSELECT_CC(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG, const SparcTargetLowering &TLI, bool hasHardQuad)
Fast - This calling convention attempts to make calls as fast as possible (e.g.
Definition: CallingConv.h:43
Flags values. These may be or&#39;d together.
static SDValue LowerEXTRACT_SUBVECTOR(SDValue Op, const X86Subtarget &Subtarget, SelectionDAG &DAG)
static SDValue LowerBR_CC(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG, const SparcTargetLowering &TLI, bool hasHardQuad)
Representation of each machine instruction.
Definition: MachineInstr.h:60
static unsigned getScalingFactorCost(const TargetTransformInfo &TTI, const LSRUse &LU, const Formula &F, const Loop &L)
bool isVector() const
Return true if this is a vector value type.
Definition: ValueTypes.h:151
#define I(x, y, z)
Definition: MD5.cpp:58
#define N
FunctionLoweringInfo - This contains information that is global to a function that is used when lower...
bool hasAndNot(SDValue Y) const override
Return true if the target has a bitwise and-not operation: X = ~A & B This can be used to simplify se...
CopyFromReg - This node indicates that the input value is a virtual or physical register that is defi...
Definition: ISDOpcodes.h:175
This enum indicates whether a types are legal for a target, and if not, what action should be used to...
LLVM Value Representation.
Definition: Value.h:73
static SDValue LowerFCOPYSIGN(SDValue Op, SelectionDAG &DAG)
constexpr char Size[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mSize.
bool shouldTransformSignedTruncationCheck(EVT XVT, unsigned KeptBits) const override
Should we tranform the IR-optimal check for whether given truncation down into KeptBits would be trun...
unsigned getMaxSupportedInterleaveFactor() const override
Get the maximum supported factor for interleaved memory accesses.
Primary interface to the complete machine description for the target machine.
Definition: TargetMachine.h:59
IRTranslator LLVM IR MI
StringRef - Represent a constant reference to a string, i.e.
Definition: StringRef.h:49
static SDValue LowerFSINCOS(SDValue Op, const X86Subtarget &Subtarget, SelectionDAG &DAG)
bool isCheapToSpeculateCttz() const override
Return true if it is cheap to speculate a call to intrinsic cttz.
TRUNCATE - Completely drop the high bits.
Definition: ISDOpcodes.h:444
bool isCheapToSpeculateCtlz() const override
Return true if it is cheap to speculate a call to intrinsic ctlz.
Unlike LLVM values, Selection DAG nodes may return multiple values as the result of a computation...
static SDValue LowerSCALAR_TO_VECTOR(SDValue Op, const X86Subtarget &Subtarget, SelectionDAG &DAG)
This file describes how to lower LLVM code to machine code.
MemIndexedMode enum - This enum defines the load / store indexed addressing modes.
Definition: ISDOpcodes.h:866