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FuzzerIO.h File Reference
#include "FuzzerDefs.h"
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long fuzzer::GetEpoch (const std::string &Path)
Unit fuzzer::FileToVector (const std::string &Path, size_t MaxSize, bool ExitOnError)
std::string fuzzer::FileToString (const std::string &Path)
void fuzzer::CopyFileToErr (const std::string &Path)
void fuzzer::WriteToFile (const Unit &U, const std::string &Path)
void fuzzer::ReadDirToVectorOfUnits (const char *Path, std::vector< Unit > *V, long *Epoch, size_t MaxSize, bool ExitOnError)
std::string fuzzer::DirPlusFile (const std::string &DirPath, const std::string &FileName)
std::string fuzzer::DirName (const std::string &FileName)
std::string fuzzer::TmpDir ()
bool fuzzer::IsInterestingCoverageFile (const std::string &FileName)
void fuzzer::DupAndCloseStderr ()
void fuzzer::CloseStdout ()
void fuzzer::Printf (const char *Fmt,...)
void fuzzer::RawPrint (const char *Str)
bool fuzzer::IsFile (const std::string &Path)
void fuzzer::ListFilesInDirRecursive (const std::string &Dir, long *Epoch, std::vector< std::string > *V, bool TopDir)
char fuzzer::GetSeparator ()
FILE * fuzzer::OpenFile (int Fd, const char *Mode)
int fuzzer::CloseFile (int Fd)
int fuzzer::DuplicateFile (int Fd)
void fuzzer::RemoveFile (const std::string &Path)
void fuzzer::DiscardOutput (int Fd)
intptr_t fuzzer::GetHandleFromFd (int fd)