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1 //===- HexagonMCInstrInfo.cpp - Utility functions on Hexagon MCInsts ------===//
2 //
3 // Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4 // See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5 // SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
6 //
7 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
8 //
9 // Utility functions for Hexagon specific MCInst queries
10 //
11 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
16 #include "llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h"
17 #include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
19 #include "llvm/MC/MCInst.h"
21 #include <cstddef>
22 #include <cstdint>
24 namespace llvm {
26 class HexagonMCChecker;
27 class MCContext;
28 class MCExpr;
29 class MCInstrDesc;
30 class MCInstrInfo;
31 class MCSubtargetInfo;
34 public:
37  DuplexCandidate(unsigned i, unsigned j, unsigned iClass)
38  : packetIndexI(i), packetIndexJ(j), iClass(iClass) {}
39 };
41 namespace Hexagon {
44  MCInstrInfo const &MCII;
45  MCInst::const_iterator BundleCurrent;
46  MCInst::const_iterator BundleEnd;
47  MCInst::const_iterator DuplexCurrent;
48  MCInst::const_iterator DuplexEnd;
50 public:
51  PacketIterator(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &Inst);
52  PacketIterator(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &Inst, std::nullptr_t);
54  PacketIterator &operator++();
55  MCInst const &operator*() const;
56  bool operator==(PacketIterator const &Other) const;
57  bool operator!=(PacketIterator const &Other) const {
58  return !(*this == Other);
59  }
60 };
62 } // end namespace Hexagon
64 namespace HexagonMCInstrInfo {
66 size_t const innerLoopOffset = 0;
67 int64_t const innerLoopMask = 1 << innerLoopOffset;
69 size_t const outerLoopOffset = 1;
70 int64_t const outerLoopMask = 1 << outerLoopOffset;
72 // do not reorder memory load/stores by default load/stores are re-ordered
73 // and by default loads can be re-ordered
74 size_t const memReorderDisabledOffset = 2;
77 size_t const bundleInstructionsOffset = 1;
79 void addConstant(MCInst &MI, uint64_t Value, MCContext &Context);
80 void addConstExtender(MCContext &Context, MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst &MCB,
81  MCInst const &MCI);
83 // Returns a iterator range of instructions in this bundle
85 bundleInstructions(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
88 // Returns the number of instructions in the bundle
89 size_t bundleSize(MCInst const &MCI);
91 // Put the packet in to canonical form, compound, duplex, pad, and shuffle
92 bool canonicalizePacket(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI,
93  MCContext &Context, MCInst &MCB,
94  HexagonMCChecker *Checker);
96 // Create a duplex instruction given the two subinsts
97 MCInst *deriveDuplex(MCContext &Context, unsigned iClass, MCInst const &inst0,
98  MCInst const &inst1);
99 MCInst deriveExtender(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &Inst,
100  MCOperand const &MO);
102 // Convert this instruction in to a duplex subinst
103 MCInst deriveSubInst(MCInst const &Inst);
105 // Return the extender for instruction at Index or nullptr if none
106 MCInst const *extenderForIndex(MCInst const &MCB, size_t Index);
107 void extendIfNeeded(MCContext &Context, MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst &MCB,
108  MCInst const &MCI);
110 // Return memory access size in bytes
111 unsigned getMemAccessSize(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
113 // Return memory access size
114 unsigned getAddrMode(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
116 MCInstrDesc const &getDesc(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
118 // Return which duplex group this instruction belongs to
119 unsigned getDuplexCandidateGroup(MCInst const &MI);
121 // Return a list of all possible instruction duplex combinations
123 getDuplexPossibilties(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI,
124  MCInst const &MCB);
125 unsigned getDuplexRegisterNumbering(unsigned Reg);
127 MCExpr const &getExpr(MCExpr const &Expr);
129 // Return the index of the extendable operand
130 unsigned short getExtendableOp(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
132 // Return a reference to the extendable operand
133 MCOperand const &getExtendableOperand(MCInstrInfo const &MCII,
134  MCInst const &MCI);
136 // Return the implicit alignment of the extendable operand
137 unsigned getExtentAlignment(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
139 // Return the number of logical bits of the extendable operand
140 unsigned getExtentBits(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
142 // Check if the extendable operand is signed.
143 bool isExtentSigned(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
145 // Return the max value that a constant extendable operand can have
146 // without being extended.
147 int getMaxValue(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
149 // Return the min value that a constant extendable operand can have
150 // without being extended.
151 int getMinValue(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
153 // Return instruction name
154 StringRef getName(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
156 // Return the operand index for the new value.
157 unsigned short getNewValueOp(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
159 // Return the operand that consumes or produces a new value.
160 MCOperand const &getNewValueOperand(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
161 unsigned short getNewValueOp2(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
162 MCOperand const &getNewValueOperand2(MCInstrInfo const &MCII,
163  MCInst const &MCI);
165 // Return the Hexagon ISA class for the insn.
166 unsigned getType(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
168 /// Return the slots used by the insn.
169 unsigned getUnits(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI,
170  MCInst const &MCI);
171 unsigned getOtherReservedSlots(MCInstrInfo const &MCII,
172  MCSubtargetInfo const &STI, MCInst const &MCI);
173 bool hasDuplex(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
175 // Does the packet have an extender for the instruction at Index
176 bool hasExtenderForIndex(MCInst const &MCB, size_t Index);
178 bool hasImmExt(MCInst const &MCI);
180 // Return whether the instruction is a legal new-value producer.
181 bool hasNewValue(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
182 bool hasNewValue2(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
183 bool hasTmpDst(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
184 unsigned iClassOfDuplexPair(unsigned Ga, unsigned Gb);
186 int64_t minConstant(MCInst const &MCI, size_t Index);
187 template <unsigned N, unsigned S>
188 bool inRange(MCInst const &MCI, size_t Index) {
189  return isShiftedUInt<N, S>(minConstant(MCI, Index));
190 }
191 template <unsigned N, unsigned S>
192 bool inSRange(MCInst const &MCI, size_t Index) {
193  return isShiftedInt<N, S>(minConstant(MCI, Index));
194 }
195 template <unsigned N> bool inRange(MCInst const &MCI, size_t Index) {
196  return isUInt<N>(minConstant(MCI, Index));
197 }
199 // Return the instruction at Index
200 MCInst const &instruction(MCInst const &MCB, size_t Index);
201 bool isAccumulator(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
203 // Returns whether this MCInst is a wellformed bundle
204 bool isBundle(MCInst const &MCI);
206 // Return whether the insn is an actual insn.
207 bool isCanon(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
208 bool isCofMax1(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
209 bool isCofRelax1(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
210 bool isCofRelax2(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
211 bool isCompound(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
213 // Return whether the instruction needs to be constant extended.
214 bool isConstExtended(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
215 bool isCVINew(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
217 // Is this double register suitable for use in a duplex subinst
218 bool isDblRegForSubInst(unsigned Reg);
220 // Is this a duplex instruction
221 bool isDuplex(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
223 // Can these instructions be duplexed
224 bool isDuplexPair(MCInst const &MIa, MCInst const &MIb);
226 // Can these duplex classes be combine in to a duplex instruction
227 bool isDuplexPairMatch(unsigned Ga, unsigned Gb);
229 // Return true if the insn may be extended based on the operand value.
230 bool isExtendable(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
232 // Return whether the instruction must be always extended.
233 bool isExtended(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
235 /// Return whether it is a floating-point insn.
236 bool isFloat(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
238 bool isHVX(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
240 // Returns whether this instruction is an immediate extender
241 bool isImmext(MCInst const &MCI);
243 // Returns whether this bundle is an endloop0
244 bool isInnerLoop(MCInst const &MCI);
246 // Is this an integer register
247 bool isIntReg(unsigned Reg);
249 // Is this register suitable for use in a duplex subinst
250 bool isIntRegForSubInst(unsigned Reg);
251 bool isMemReorderDisabled(MCInst const &MCI);
253 // Return whether the insn is a new-value consumer.
254 bool isNewValue(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
255 bool isOpExtendable(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI, unsigned short);
257 // Can these two instructions be duplexed
258 bool isOrderedDuplexPair(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MIa,
259  bool ExtendedA, MCInst const &MIb, bool ExtendedB,
260  bool bisReversable, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI);
262 // Returns whether this bundle is an endloop1
263 bool isOuterLoop(MCInst const &MCI);
265 // Return whether this instruction is predicated
266 bool isPredicated(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
267 bool isPredicateLate(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
268 bool isPredicatedNew(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
270 // Return whether the predicate sense is true
271 bool isPredicatedTrue(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
273 // Is this a predicate register
274 bool isPredReg(unsigned Reg);
276 // Return whether the insn is a prefix.
277 bool isPrefix(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
279 // Return whether the insn is solo, i.e., cannot be in a packet.
280 bool isSolo(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
282 /// Return whether the insn can be packaged only with A and X-type insns.
283 bool isSoloAX(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
285 /// Return whether the insn can be packaged only with an A-type insn in slot #1.
286 bool isRestrictSlot1AOK(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
287 bool isRestrictNoSlot1Store(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
288 bool isSubInstruction(MCInst const &MCI);
289 bool isVector(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
290 bool mustExtend(MCExpr const &Expr);
291 bool mustNotExtend(MCExpr const &Expr);
293 // Pad the bundle with nops to satisfy endloop requirements
294 void padEndloop(MCInst &MCI, MCContext &Context);
296 public:
297  PredicateInfo() : Register(0), Operand(0), PredicatedTrue(false) {}
298  PredicateInfo(unsigned Register, unsigned Operand, bool PredicatedTrue)
299  : Register(Register), Operand(Operand), PredicatedTrue(PredicatedTrue) {}
300  bool isPredicated() const;
301  unsigned Register;
302  unsigned Operand;
304 };
305 PredicateInfo predicateInfo(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
306 bool prefersSlot3(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI);
308 // Replace the instructions inside MCB, represented by Candidate
309 void replaceDuplex(MCContext &Context, MCInst &MCI, DuplexCandidate Candidate);
311 bool s27_2_reloc(MCExpr const &Expr);
312 // Marks a bundle as endloop0
313 void setInnerLoop(MCInst &MCI);
314 void setMemReorderDisabled(MCInst &MCI);
315 void setMustExtend(MCExpr const &Expr, bool Val = true);
316 void setMustNotExtend(MCExpr const &Expr, bool Val = true);
317 void setS27_2_reloc(MCExpr const &Expr, bool Val = true);
319 // Marks a bundle as endloop1
320 void setOuterLoop(MCInst &MCI);
322 // Would duplexing this instruction create a requirement to extend
323 bool subInstWouldBeExtended(MCInst const &potentialDuplex);
324 unsigned SubregisterBit(unsigned Consumer, unsigned Producer,
325  unsigned Producer2);
327 // Attempt to find and replace compound pairs
328 void tryCompound(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI,
329  MCContext &Context, MCInst &MCI);
331 } // end namespace HexagonMCInstrInfo
333 } // end namespace llvm
void replaceDuplex(MCContext &Context, MCInst &MCI, DuplexCandidate Candidate)
bool isHVX(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
bool isDuplex(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
unsigned getAddrMode(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
unsigned short getNewValueOp(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
bool subInstWouldBeExtended(MCInst const &potentialDuplex)
bool hasTmpDst(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
return true if instruction has hasTmpDst attribute.
LLVMContext & Context
bool inSRange(MCInst const &MCI, size_t Index)
This class represents lattice values for constants.
Definition: AllocatorList.h:23
unsigned getOtherReservedSlots(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI, MCInst const &MCI)
Return the slots this instruction consumes in addition to the slot(s) it can execute out of...
bool isDuplexPair(MCInst const &MIa, MCInst const &MIb)
Symmetrical. See if these two instructions are fit for duplex pair.
This provides a very simple, boring adaptor for a begin and end iterator into a range type...
Describe properties that are true of each instruction in the target description file.
Definition: MCInstrDesc.h:179
unsigned Reg
Optional< std::vector< StOtherPiece > > Other
Definition: ELFYAML.cpp:953
MCOperand const & getNewValueOperand(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
bool isBundle(MCInst const &MCI)
bool isSolo(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return whether the insn is solo, i.e., cannot be in a packet.
bool isPredicatedNew(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return whether the insn is newly predicated.
bool isSubInstruction(MCInst const &MCI)
MCInst deriveExtender(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &Inst, MCOperand const &MO)
bool isOuterLoop(MCInst const &MCI)
bool isNewValue(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return whether the insn expects newly produced value.
bool isCofRelax1(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
bool operator!=(PacketIterator const &Other) const
bool isImmext(MCInst const &MCI)
void tryCompound(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI, MCContext &Context, MCInst &MCI)
tryCompound - Given a bundle check for compound insns when one is found update the contents fo the bu...
bool isCofMax1(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Base class for the full range of assembler expressions which are needed for parsing.
Definition: MCExpr.h:35
static StringRef getName(Value *V)
MCOperand const & getExtendableOperand(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
bool isCofRelax2(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
DuplexCandidate(unsigned i, unsigned j, unsigned iClass)
bool isRestrictNoSlot1Store(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
MCInst const * extenderForIndex(MCInst const &MCB, size_t Index)
bool s27_2_reloc(MCExpr const &Expr)
APInt operator*(APInt a, uint64_t RHS)
Definition: APInt.h:2099
void padEndloop(MCInst &MCI, MCContext &Context)
void setMemReorderDisabled(MCInst &MCI)
Context object for machine code objects.
Definition: MCContext.h:65
size_t const memReorderDisabledOffset
MCInst const & instruction(MCInst const &MCB, size_t Index)
int getMaxValue(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return the maximum value of an extendable operand.
bool canonicalizePacket(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI, MCContext &Context, MCInst &MCB, HexagonMCChecker *Checker)
PredicateInfo predicateInfo(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
unsigned short getNewValueOp2(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return the new value or the newly produced value.
bool hasNewValue2(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return whether the insn produces a second value.
void extendIfNeeded(MCContext &Context, MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst &MCB, MCInst const &MCI)
void setMustExtend(MCExpr const &Expr, bool Val=true)
bool isAccumulator(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return where the instruction is an accumulator.
Instances of this class represent a single low-level machine instruction.
Definition: MCInst.h:158
bool isCompound(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
int getMinValue(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return the minimum value of an extendable operand.
bool mustExtend(MCExpr const &Expr)
unsigned getDuplexCandidateGroup(MCInst const &MI)
bool isExtentSigned(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
static bool inRange(const MCExpr *Expr, int64_t MinValue, int64_t MaxValue)
MCOperand const & getNewValueOperand2(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Interface to description of machine instruction set.
Definition: MCInstrInfo.h:23
int64_t const memReorderDisabledMask
bool hasDuplex(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
MCInstrDesc const & getDesc(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
static bool isDblRegForSubInst(unsigned Reg, const HexagonRegisterInfo &HRI)
PredicateInfo(unsigned Register, unsigned Operand, bool PredicatedTrue)
iterator_range< MCInst::const_iterator > bundleInstructions(MCInst const &MCI)
static wasm::ValType getType(const TargetRegisterClass *RC)
unsigned SubregisterBit(unsigned Consumer, unsigned Producer, unsigned Producer2)
bool prefersSlot3(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
bool isCanon(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
unsigned short getExtendableOp(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
static bool isIntRegForSubInst(unsigned Reg)
size_t const bundleInstructionsOffset
bool isExtendable(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
This is a &#39;vector&#39; (really, a variable-sized array), optimized for the case when the array is small...
Definition: SmallVector.h:837
bool isVector(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
bool isCVINew(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
static bool isPrefix(const IndicesVector &Prefix, const IndicesVector &Longer)
Returns true if Prefix is a prefix of longer.
int64_t minConstant(MCInst const &MCI, size_t Index)
SmallVectorImpl< MCOperand >::const_iterator const_iterator
Definition: MCInst.h:186
A range adaptor for a pair of iterators.
static bool isDuplexPairMatch(unsigned Ga, unsigned Gb)
bool isMemReorderDisabled(MCInst const &MCI)
bool isPredicated(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
bool isExtended(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
MCInst deriveSubInst(MCInst const &Inst)
bool isSoloAX(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return whether the insn can be packaged only with A and X-type insns.
MCExpr const & getExpr(MCExpr const &Expr)
bool hasExtenderForIndex(MCInst const &MCB, size_t Index)
Generic base class for all target subtargets.
void setMustNotExtend(MCExpr const &Expr, bool Val=true)
size_t bundleSize(MCInst const &MCI)
bool hasImmExt(MCInst const &MCI)
bool isInnerLoop(MCInst const &MCI)
bool isFloat(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return whether it is a floating-point insn.
bool isPredicateLate(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
LLVM Value Representation.
Definition: Value.h:74
SmallVector< DuplexCandidate, 8 > getDuplexPossibilties(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI, MCInst const &MCB)
Check for a valid bundle.
void addConstExtender(MCContext &Context, MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst &MCB, MCInst const &MCI)
unsigned getUnits(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI, MCInst const &MCI)
Return the slots used by the insn.
bool isConstExtended(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
unsigned getDuplexRegisterNumbering(unsigned Reg)
IRTranslator LLVM IR MI
bool isOpExtendable(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI, unsigned short)
Return whether the operand is extendable.
StringRef - Represent a constant reference to a string, i.e.
Definition: StringRef.h:48
MCInst * deriveDuplex(MCContext &Context, unsigned iClass, MCInst const &inst0, MCInst const &inst1)
bool hasNewValue(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return whether the insn produces a value.
bool operator==(uint64_t V1, const APInt &V2)
Definition: APInt.h:1975
unsigned getMemAccessSize(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
void setS27_2_reloc(MCExpr const &Expr, bool Val=true)
unsigned getExtentAlignment(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Instances of this class represent operands of the MCInst class.
Definition: MCInst.h:34
bool mustNotExtend(MCExpr const &Expr)
unsigned iClassOfDuplexPair(unsigned Ga, unsigned Gb)
bool isPredicatedTrue(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
bool isRestrictSlot1AOK(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)
Return whether the insn can be packaged only with an A-type insn in slot #1.
Wrapper class representing virtual and physical registers.
Definition: Register.h:19
void addConstant(MCInst &MI, uint64_t Value, MCContext &Context)
bool isOrderedDuplexPair(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MIa, bool ExtendedA, MCInst const &MIb, bool ExtendedB, bool bisReversable, MCSubtargetInfo const &STI)
non-Symmetrical. See if these two instructions are fit for duplex pair.
unsigned getExtentBits(MCInstrInfo const &MCII, MCInst const &MCI)