LLVM  7.0.0svn
Initialization.h File Reference
#include "llvm-c/Types.h"
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void LLVMInitializeCore (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeTransformUtils (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
 LLVMInitializeTransformUtils - C binding for initializeTransformUtilsPasses. More...
void LLVMInitializeScalarOpts (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeObjCARCOpts (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeVectorization (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeInstCombine (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeIPO (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeInstrumentation (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
 LLVMInitializeInstrumentation - C binding for initializeInstrumentation. More...
void LLVMInitializeAnalysis (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeIPA (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeCodeGen (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeTarget (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)