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1 //===- MachineDominanceFrontier.cpp ---------------------------------------===//
2 //
3 // The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
4 //
5 // This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
6 // License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
7 //
8 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
13 #include "llvm/CodeGen/Passes.h"
15 using namespace llvm;
17 namespace llvm {
21 }
26 INITIALIZE_PASS_BEGIN(MachineDominanceFrontier, "machine-domfrontier",
27  "Machine Dominance Frontier Construction", true, true)
30  "Machine Dominance Frontier Construction", true, true)
32 MachineDominanceFrontier::MachineDominanceFrontier()
34  Base() {
36 }
41  releaseMemory();
42  Base.analyze(getAnalysis<MachineDominatorTree>().getBase());
43  return false;
44 }
47  Base.releaseMemory();
48 }
51  AU.setPreservesAll();
54 }
machine domfrontier
static PassRegistry * getPassRegistry()
getPassRegistry - Access the global registry object, which is automatically initialized at applicatio...
Compute iterated dominance frontiers using a linear time algorithm.
Definition: AllocatorList.h:24
machine Machine Dominance Frontier Construction
DominanceFrontierBase - Common base class for computing forward and inverse dominance frontiers for a...
AnalysisUsage & addRequired()
Definition: PassSupport.h:51
MachineFunctionPass - This class adapts the FunctionPass interface to allow convenient creation of pa...
void initializeMachineDominanceFrontierPass(PassRegistry &)
COFF::MachineTypes Machine
Definition: COFFYAML.cpp:363
void getAnalysisUsage(AnalysisUsage &AU) const override
getAnalysisUsage - Subclasses that override getAnalysisUsage must call this.
Represent the analysis usage information of a pass.
void getAnalysisUsage(AnalysisUsage &AU) const override
getAnalysisUsage - This function should be overriden by passes that need analysis information to do t...
INITIALIZE_PASS_BEGIN(MachineDominanceFrontier, "machine-domfrontier", "Machine Dominance Frontier Construction", true, true) INITIALIZE_PASS_END(MachineDominanceFrontier
INITIALIZE_PASS_END(RegBankSelect, DEBUG_TYPE, "Assign register bank of generic virtual registers", false, false) RegBankSelect
void releaseMemory() override
releaseMemory() - This member can be implemented by a pass if it wants to be able to release its memo...
char & MachineDominanceFrontierID
MachineDominanaceFrontier - This pass is a machine dominators analysis pass.
void setPreservesAll()
Set by analyses that do not transform their input at all.
machine Machine Dominance Frontier true
bool runOnMachineFunction(MachineFunction &F) override
runOnMachineFunction - This method must be overloaded to perform the desired machine code transformat...
ForwardDominanceFrontierBase< MachineBasicBlock > & getBase()
DominatorTree Class - Concrete subclass of DominatorTreeBase that is used to compute a normal dominat...
DominanceFrontier Class - Concrete subclass of DominanceFrontierBase that is used to compute a forwar...