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MsgPackReader.h File Reference

This is a MessagePack reader. More...

#include "llvm/Support/MemoryBuffer.h"
#include "llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h"
#include <cstdint>
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struct  llvm::msgpack::ExtensionType
 Extension types are composed of a user-defined type ID and an uninterpreted sequence of bytes. More...
struct  llvm::msgpack::Object
 MessagePack object, represented as a tagged union of C++ types. More...
class  llvm::msgpack::Reader
 Reads MessagePack objects from memory, one at a time. More...


 This class represents lattice values for constants.


enum  llvm::msgpack::Type : uint8_t {
  llvm::msgpack::Type::Int, llvm::msgpack::Type::UInt, llvm::msgpack::Type::Nil, llvm::msgpack::Type::Boolean,
  llvm::msgpack::Type::Float, llvm::msgpack::Type::String, llvm::msgpack::Type::Binary, llvm::msgpack::Type::Array,
  llvm::msgpack::Type::Map, llvm::msgpack::Type::Extension
 MessagePack types as defined in the standard, with the exception of Integer being divided into a signed Int and unsigned UInt variant in order to map directly to C++ types. More...

Detailed Description

This is a MessagePack reader.

See https://github.com/msgpack/msgpack/blob/master/spec.md for the full standard.

Typical usage:

StringRef input = GetInput();
msgpack::Reader MPReader(input);
msgpack::Object Obj;
while (MPReader.read(Obj)) {
switch (Obj.Kind) {
// // Use Obj.Int
// ...

Definition in file MsgPackReader.h.