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llvm::AVRAsmParser Class Reference

Parses AVR assembly from a stream. More...

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Public Member Functions

 AVRAsmParser (const MCSubtargetInfo &STI, MCAsmParser &Parser, const MCInstrInfo &MII, const MCTargetOptions &Options)
MCAsmParsergetParser () const
MCAsmLexergetLexer () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCTargetAsmParser
 MCTargetAsmParser (const MCTargetAsmParser &)=delete
MCTargetAsmParseroperator= (const MCTargetAsmParser &)=delete
 ~MCTargetAsmParser () override
const MCSubtargetInfogetSTI () const
uint64_t getAvailableFeatures () const
void setAvailableFeatures (uint64_t Value)
bool isParsingInlineAsm ()
void setParsingInlineAsm (bool Value)
MCTargetOptions getTargetOptions () const
void setSemaCallback (MCAsmParserSemaCallback *Callback)
virtual bool parsePrimaryExpr (const MCExpr *&Res, SMLoc &EndLoc)
virtual void SetFrameRegister (unsigned RegNo)
 Sets frame register corresponding to the current MachineFunction. More...
virtual bool ParseInstruction (ParseInstructionInfo &Info, StringRef Name, AsmToken Token, OperandVector &Operands)
virtual bool OmitRegisterFromClobberLists (unsigned RegNo)
 Allows targets to let registers opt out of clobber lists. More...
virtual unsigned checkEarlyTargetMatchPredicate (MCInst &Inst, const OperandVector &Operands)
 Validate the instruction match against any complex target predicates before rendering any operands to it. More...
virtual unsigned checkTargetMatchPredicate (MCInst &Inst)
 checkTargetMatchPredicate - Validate the instruction match against any complex target predicates not expressible via match classes. More...
virtual void convertToMapAndConstraints (unsigned Kind, const OperandVector &Operands)=0
virtual bool regsEqual (const MCParsedAsmOperand &Op1, const MCParsedAsmOperand &Op2) const
 Returns whether two registers are equal and is used by the tied-operands checks in the AsmMatcher. More...
virtual bool equalIsAsmAssignment ()
virtual bool isLabel (AsmToken &Token)
virtual bool starIsStartOfStatement ()
virtual const MCExprapplyModifierToExpr (const MCExpr *E, MCSymbolRefExpr::VariantKind, MCContext &Ctx)
virtual void doBeforeLabelEmit (MCSymbol *Symbol)
virtual void onLabelParsed (MCSymbol *Symbol)
virtual void flushPendingInstructions (MCStreamer &Out)
 Ensure that all previously parsed instructions have been emitted to the output streamer, if the target does not emit them immediately. More...
virtual const MCExprcreateTargetUnaryExpr (const MCExpr *E, AsmToken::TokenKind OperatorToken, MCContext &Ctx)
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCAsmParserExtension
 MCAsmParserExtension (const MCAsmParserExtension &)=delete
MCAsmParserExtensionoperator= (const MCAsmParserExtension &)=delete
virtual ~MCAsmParserExtension ()
virtual void Initialize (MCAsmParser &Parser)
 Initialize the extension for parsing using the given Parser. More...
MCContextgetContext ()
MCAsmLexergetLexer ()
const MCAsmLexergetLexer () const
MCAsmParsergetParser ()
const MCAsmParsergetParser () const
SourceMgrgetSourceManager ()
MCStreamergetStreamer ()
bool Warning (SMLoc L, const Twine &Msg)
bool Error (SMLoc L, const Twine &Msg, SMRange Range=SMRange())
void Note (SMLoc L, const Twine &Msg)
bool TokError (const Twine &Msg)
const AsmTokenLex ()
const AsmTokengetTok ()
bool parseToken (AsmToken::TokenKind T, const Twine &Msg="unexpected token")
bool parseMany (function_ref< bool()> parseOne, bool hasComma=true)
bool parseOptionalToken (AsmToken::TokenKind T)
bool check (bool P, const Twine &Msg)
bool check (bool P, SMLoc Loc, const Twine &Msg)
bool addErrorSuffix (const Twine &Suffix)
bool HasBracketExpressions () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from llvm::MCTargetAsmParser
enum  MatchResultTy {
  Match_InvalidOperand, Match_InvalidTiedOperand, Match_MissingFeature, Match_MnemonicFail,
  Match_Success, Match_NearMisses, FIRST_TARGET_MATCH_RESULT_TY
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCTargetAsmParser
 MCTargetAsmParser (MCTargetOptions const &, const MCSubtargetInfo &STI, const MCInstrInfo &MII)
MCSubtargetInfocopySTI ()
 Create a copy of STI and return a non-const reference to it. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCAsmParserExtension
 MCAsmParserExtension ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCAsmParserExtension
template<typename T , bool(T::*)(StringRef, SMLoc) Handler>
static bool HandleDirective (MCAsmParserExtension *Target, StringRef Directive, SMLoc DirectiveLoc)
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::MCTargetAsmParser
uint64_t AvailableFeatures = 0
 AvailableFeatures - The current set of available features. More...
bool ParsingInlineAsm = false
 ParsingInlineAsm - Are we parsing ms-style inline assembly? More...
 SemaCallback - The Sema callback implementation. More...
MCTargetOptions MCOptions
 Set of options which affects instrumentation of inline assembly. More...
const MCSubtargetInfoSTI
 Current STI. More...
const MCInstrInfoMII
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::MCAsmParserExtension
bool BracketExpressionsSupported = false

Detailed Description

Parses AVR assembly from a stream.

Definition at line 40 of file AVRAsmParser.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AVRAsmParser()

llvm::AVRAsmParser::AVRAsmParser ( const MCSubtargetInfo STI,
MCAsmParser Parser,
const MCInstrInfo MII,
const MCTargetOptions Options 

Member Function Documentation

◆ getLexer()

MCAsmLexer& llvm::AVRAsmParser::getLexer ( ) const

Definition at line 98 of file AVRAsmParser.cpp.

References llvm::MCAsmParser::getLexer().

Referenced by llvm::AVROperand::print().

◆ getParser()

MCAsmParser& llvm::AVRAsmParser::getParser ( ) const

Definition at line 97 of file AVRAsmParser.cpp.

Referenced by llvm::AVROperand::print().

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