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llvm::DWARFUnitSectionBase Class Referenceabstract

Base class for all DWARFUnitSection classes. More...

#include "llvm/DebugInfo/DWARF/DWARFUnit.h"

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Public Member Functions

virtual DWARFUnitgetUnitForOffset (uint32_t Offset) const =0
 Returns the Unit that contains the given section offset in the same section this Unit originated from. More...
virtual DWARFUnitgetUnitForIndexEntry (const DWARFUnitIndex::Entry &E)=0
void parse (DWARFContext &C, const DWARFSection &Section)
void parseDWO (DWARFContext &C, const DWARFSection &DWOSection, bool Lazy=false)

Protected Member Functions

 ~DWARFUnitSectionBase ()=default
virtual void parseImpl (DWARFContext &Context, const DWARFObject &Obj, const DWARFSection &Section, const DWARFDebugAbbrev *DA, const DWARFSection *RS, StringRef SS, const DWARFSection &SOS, const DWARFSection *AOS, const DWARFSection &LS, bool isLittleEndian, bool isDWO, bool Lazy)=0

Detailed Description

Base class for all DWARFUnitSection classes.

This provides the functionality common to all unit types.

Definition at line 106 of file DWARFUnit.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~DWARFUnitSectionBase()

llvm::DWARFUnitSectionBase::~DWARFUnitSectionBase ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getUnitForIndexEntry()

virtual DWARFUnit* llvm::DWARFUnitSectionBase::getUnitForIndexEntry ( const DWARFUnitIndex::Entry E)
pure virtual

◆ getUnitForOffset()

virtual DWARFUnit* llvm::DWARFUnitSectionBase::getUnitForOffset ( uint32_t  Offset) const
pure virtual

Returns the Unit that contains the given section offset in the same section this Unit originated from.

Implemented in llvm::DWARFUnitSection< UnitType >, and llvm::DWARFUnitSection< llvm::DWARFCompileUnit >.

◆ parse()

void DWARFUnitSectionBase::parse ( DWARFContext C,
const DWARFSection Section 

◆ parseDWO()

void DWARFUnitSectionBase::parseDWO ( DWARFContext C,
const DWARFSection DWOSection,
bool  Lazy = false 

◆ parseImpl()

virtual void llvm::DWARFUnitSectionBase::parseImpl ( DWARFContext Context,
const DWARFObject Obj,
const DWARFSection Section,
const DWARFDebugAbbrev DA,
const DWARFSection RS,
StringRef  SS,
const DWARFSection SOS,
const DWARFSection AOS,
const DWARFSection LS,
bool  isLittleEndian,
bool  isDWO,
bool  Lazy 
protectedpure virtual

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