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llvm::LLLexer Class Reference

#include "AsmParser/LLLexer.h"

Public Types

typedef SMLoc LocTy

Public Member Functions

 LLLexer (StringRef StartBuf, SourceMgr &SM, SMDiagnostic &, LLVMContext &C)
lltok::Kind Lex ()
LocTy getLoc () const
lltok::Kind getKind () const
const std::string & getStrVal () const
TypegetTyVal () const
unsigned getUIntVal () const
const APSIntgetAPSIntVal () const
const APFloatgetAPFloatVal () const
bool Error (LocTy L, const Twine &Msg) const
bool Error (const Twine &Msg) const
void Warning (LocTy WarningLoc, const Twine &Msg) const
void Warning (const Twine &Msg) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file LLLexer.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ LocTy

Definition at line 53 of file LLLexer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LLLexer()

LLLexer::LLLexer ( StringRef  StartBuf,
SourceMgr SM,
SMDiagnostic Err,
LLVMContext C 

Definition at line 160 of file LLLexer.cpp.

References llvm::acq_rel, llvm::acquire, llvm::ARM_AM::add, llvm::MCID::Add, llvm::all_of(), llvm::lltok::APFloat, llvm::lltok::APSInt, llvm::lltok::AttrGrpID, attributes, llvm::lltok::bar, llvm::StringRef::begin(), bits, llvm::lltok::ChecksumKind, cleanup(), llvm::lltok::ComdatVar, llvm::lltok::comma, contract, llvm::lltok::DIFlag, llvm::lltok::dotdotdot, llvm::lltok::DwarfAttEncoding, llvm::lltok::DwarfCC, llvm::lltok::DwarfLang, llvm::lltok::DwarfMacinfo, llvm::lltok::DwarfOp, llvm::lltok::DwarfTag, llvm::lltok::DwarfVirtuality, DWKEYWORD, llvm::lltok::EmissionKind, llvm::StringRef::end(), llvm::WebAssembly::End, llvm::lltok::Eof, llvm::lltok::equal, llvm::lltok::Error, Error(), llvm::lltok::exclaim, gc, llvm::IntegerType::get(), llvm::APInt::getActiveBits(), llvm::Type::getDoubleTy(), llvm::Type::getFloatTy(), llvm::Type::getFP128Ty(), llvm::Type::getHalfTy(), llvm::Type::getLabelTy(), llvm::Type::getMetadataTy(), llvm::Type::getPPC_FP128Ty(), llvm::Type::getTokenTy(), llvm::Type::getVoidTy(), llvm::Type::getX86_FP80Ty(), llvm::Type::getX86_MMXTy(), llvm::lltok::GlobalID, llvm::lltok::GlobalVar, llvm::lltok::greater, llvm::APFloatBase::IEEEdouble(), llvm::APFloatBase::IEEEhalf(), llvm::APFloatBase::IEEEquad(), INSTKEYWORD, isLabelChar(), isLabelTail(), KEYWORD, Kind, llvm::lltok::kw_cc, llvm::lltok::LabelStr, llvm::lltok::lbrace, llvm::lltok::less, llvm_unreachable, llvm::SPII::Load, llvm::lltok::LocalVar, llvm::lltok::LocalVarID, llvm::lltok::lparen, llvm::lltok::lsquare, llvm::max(), llvm::IntegerType::MAX_INT_BITS, llvm::lltok::MetadataVar, llvm::IntegerType::MIN_INT_BITS, llvm::StringRef::npos, OP, llvm::APFloatBase::PPCDoubleDouble(), llvm::lltok::rbrace, llvm::release, llvm::MipsISD::Ret, llvm::lltok::rparen, llvm::lltok::rsquare, llvm::MCID::Select, llvm::seq_cst, llvm::lltok::star, llvm::StringRef::startswith(), llvm::SPII::Store, llvm::lltok::StringConstant, llvm::ARM_AM::sub, llvm::APInt::trunc(), llvm::lltok::Type, TYPEKEYWORD, llvm::APIntOps::umax(), llvm::APIntOps::umin(), UnEscapeLexed(), and llvm::APFloatBase::x87DoubleExtended().

Member Function Documentation

◆ Error() [1/2]

bool LLLexer::Error ( LocTy  L,
const Twine Msg 
) const

◆ Error() [2/2]

bool llvm::LLLexer::Error ( const Twine Msg) const

Definition at line 64 of file LLLexer.h.

References Error(), getLoc(), and Warning().

Referenced by Error().

◆ getAPFloatVal()

const APFloat& llvm::LLLexer::getAPFloatVal ( ) const

Definition at line 60 of file LLLexer.h.

References Error().

Referenced by isValidVariableType().

◆ getAPSIntVal()

const APSInt& llvm::LLLexer::getAPSIntVal ( ) const

Definition at line 59 of file LLLexer.h.

Referenced by createGlobalFwdRef(), isValidVariableType(), and parseOptionalLinkageAux().

◆ getKind()

lltok::Kind llvm::LLLexer::getKind ( ) const

◆ getLoc()

LocTy llvm::LLLexer::getLoc ( ) const

◆ getStrVal()

const std::string& llvm::LLLexer::getStrVal ( ) const

◆ getTyVal()

Type* llvm::LLLexer::getTyVal ( ) const

Definition at line 57 of file LLLexer.h.

Referenced by parseOptionalLinkageAux().

◆ getUIntVal()

unsigned llvm::LLLexer::getUIntVal ( ) const

◆ Lex()

lltok::Kind llvm::LLLexer::Lex ( )

◆ Warning() [1/2]

void LLLexer::Warning ( LocTy  WarningLoc,
const Twine Msg 
) const

◆ Warning() [2/2]

void llvm::LLLexer::Warning ( const Twine Msg) const

Definition at line 67 of file LLLexer.h.

References llvm::WebAssembly::End, getLoc(), and Warning().

Referenced by Warning().

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