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llvm::MallocAllocator Class Reference

#include "llvm/Support/Allocator.h"

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Public Member Functions

void Reset ()
LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_RETURNS_NONNULL void * Allocate (size_t Size, size_t)
void Deallocate (const void *Ptr, size_t)
void PrintStats () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::AllocatorBase< MallocAllocator >
void * Allocate (size_t Size, size_t Alignment)
 Allocate Size bytes of Alignment aligned memory. More...
TAllocate (size_t Num=1)
 Allocate space for a sequence of objects without constructing them. More...
void Deallocate (const void *Ptr, size_t Size)
 Deallocate Ptr to Size bytes of memory allocated by this allocator. More...
std::enable_if< !std::is_same< typename std::remove_cv< T >::type, void >::value, void >::type Deallocate (T *Ptr, size_t Num=1)
 Deallocate space for a sequence of objects without constructing them. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 94 of file Allocator.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Allocate()

LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_RETURNS_NONNULL void* llvm::MallocAllocator::Allocate ( size_t  Size,

Definition at line 98 of file Allocator.h.

References llvm::safe_malloc().

◆ Deallocate()

void llvm::MallocAllocator::Deallocate ( const void *  Ptr,

Definition at line 106 of file Allocator.h.

◆ PrintStats()

void llvm::MallocAllocator::PrintStats ( ) const

Definition at line 113 of file Allocator.h.

References llvm::detail::printBumpPtrAllocatorStats().

◆ Reset()

void llvm::MallocAllocator::Reset ( )

Definition at line 96 of file Allocator.h.

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