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llvm::NVPTXAsmPrinter Class Reference

#include "Target/NVPTX/NVPTXAsmPrinter.h"

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Public Member Functions

 NVPTXAsmPrinter (TargetMachine &TM, std::unique_ptr< MCStreamer > Streamer)
bool runOnMachineFunction (MachineFunction &F) override
 Emit the specified function out to the OutStreamer. More...
void getAnalysisUsage (AnalysisUsage &AU) const override
 Record analysis usage. More...
std::string getVirtualRegisterName (unsigned) const
const MCSymbolgetFunctionFrameSymbol () const override
 Return symbol for the function pseudo stack if the stack frame is not a register based. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::AsmPrinter
 ~AsmPrinter () override
DwarfDebuggetDwarfDebug ()
DwarfDebuggetDwarfDebug () const
uint16_t getDwarfVersion () const
void setDwarfVersion (uint16_t Version)
bool isPositionIndependent () const
bool isVerbose () const
 Return true if assembly output should contain comments. More...
unsigned getFunctionNumber () const
 Return a unique ID for the current function. More...
MCSymbolgetFunctionBegin () const
MCSymbolgetFunctionEnd () const
MCSymbolgetCurExceptionSym ()
const TargetLoweringObjectFilegetObjFileLowering () const
 Return information about object file lowering. More...
const DataLayoutgetDataLayout () const
 Return information about data layout. More...
unsigned getPointerSize () const
 Return the pointer size from the TargetMachine. More...
const MCSubtargetInfogetSubtargetInfo () const
 Return information about subtarget. More...
void EmitToStreamer (MCStreamer &S, const MCInst &Inst)
void emitInitialRawDwarfLocDirective (const MachineFunction &MF)
 Emits inital debug location directive. More...
const MCSectiongetCurrentSection () const
 Return the current section we are emitting to. More...
void getNameWithPrefix (SmallVectorImpl< char > &Name, const GlobalValue *GV) const
MCSymbolgetSymbol (const GlobalValue *GV) const
void recordSled (MCSymbol *Sled, const MachineInstr &MI, SledKind Kind, uint8_t Version=0)
void emitXRayTable ()
 Emit a table with all XRay instrumentation points. More...
virtual void SetupMachineFunction (MachineFunction &MF)
 This should be called when a new MachineFunction is being processed from runOnMachineFunction. More...
void EmitFunctionBody ()
 This method emits the body and trailer for a function. More...
void emitCFIInstruction (const MachineInstr &MI)
void emitFrameAlloc (const MachineInstr &MI)
void emitStackSizeSection (const MachineFunction &MF)
void emitRemarksSection (Module &M)
CFIMoveType needsCFIMoves () const
bool needsOnlyDebugCFIMoves () const
 Returns false if needsCFIMoves() == CFI_M_EH for any function in the module. More...
bool needsSEHMoves ()
virtual void EmitConstantPool ()
 Print to the current output stream assembly representations of the constants in the constant pool MCP. More...
virtual void EmitJumpTableInfo ()
 Print assembly representations of the jump tables used by the current function to the current output stream. More...
virtual void EmitGlobalVariable (const GlobalVariable *GV)
 Emit the specified global variable to the .s file. More...
bool EmitSpecialLLVMGlobal (const GlobalVariable *GV)
 Check to see if the specified global is a special global used by LLVM. More...
void EmitAlignment (Align Alignment, const GlobalObject *GV=nullptr) const
 Emit an alignment directive to the specified power of two boundary. More...
virtual const MCExprlowerConstant (const Constant *CV)
 Lower the specified LLVM Constant to an MCExpr. More...
void EmitGlobalConstant (const DataLayout &DL, const Constant *CV)
 Print a general LLVM constant to the .s file. More...
void computeGlobalGOTEquivs (Module &M)
 Unnamed constant global variables solely contaning a pointer to another globals variable act like a global variable "proxy", or GOT equivalents, i.e., it's only used to hold the address of the latter. More...
void emitGlobalGOTEquivs ()
 Constant expressions using GOT equivalent globals may not be eligible for PC relative GOT entry conversion, in such cases we need to emit the proxies we previously omitted in EmitGlobalVariable. More...
void emitStackMaps (StackMaps &SM)
 Emit the stack maps. More...
virtual void EmitStartOfAsmFile (Module &)
 This virtual method can be overridden by targets that want to emit something at the start of their file. More...
virtual void EmitEndOfAsmFile (Module &)
 This virtual method can be overridden by targets that want to emit something at the end of their file. More...
virtual void EmitBasicBlockEnd (const MachineBasicBlock &MBB)
 Targets can override this to emit stuff at the end of a basic block. More...
virtual MCSymbolGetCPISymbol (unsigned CPID) const
 Return the symbol for the specified constant pool entry. More...
virtual void EmitFunctionDescriptor ()
virtual void EmitMachineConstantPoolValue (MachineConstantPoolValue *MCPV)
virtual void EmitXXStructor (const DataLayout &DL, const Constant *CV)
 Targets can override this to change how global constants that are part of a C++ static/global constructor list are emitted. More...
virtual bool isBlockOnlyReachableByFallthrough (const MachineBasicBlock *MBB) const
 Return true if the basic block has exactly one predecessor and the control transfer mechanism between the predecessor and this block is a fall-through. More...
MCSymbolcreateTempSymbol (const Twine &Name) const
MCSymbolgetSymbolWithGlobalValueBase (const GlobalValue *GV, StringRef Suffix) const
 Return the MCSymbol for a private symbol with global value name as its base, with the specified suffix. More...
MCSymbolGetExternalSymbolSymbol (StringRef Sym) const
 Return the MCSymbol for the specified ExternalSymbol. More...
MCSymbolGetJTISymbol (unsigned JTID, bool isLinkerPrivate=false) const
 Return the symbol for the specified jump table entry. More...
MCSymbolGetJTSetSymbol (unsigned UID, unsigned MBBID) const
 Return the symbol for the specified jump table .set FIXME: privatize to AsmPrinter. More...
MCSymbolGetBlockAddressSymbol (const BlockAddress *BA) const
 Return the MCSymbol used to satisfy BlockAddress uses of the specified basic block. More...
MCSymbolGetBlockAddressSymbol (const BasicBlock *BB) const
void printOffset (int64_t Offset, raw_ostream &OS) const
 This is just convenient handler for printing offsets. More...
void emitInt8 (int Value) const
 Emit a byte directive and value. More...
void emitInt16 (int Value) const
 Emit a short directive and value. More...
void emitInt32 (int Value) const
 Emit a long directive and value. More...
void emitInt64 (uint64_t Value) const
 Emit a long long directive and value. More...
void EmitLabelDifference (const MCSymbol *Hi, const MCSymbol *Lo, unsigned Size) const
 Emit something like ".long Hi-Lo" where the size in bytes of the directive is specified by Size and Hi/Lo specify the labels. More...
void EmitLabelDifferenceAsULEB128 (const MCSymbol *Hi, const MCSymbol *Lo) const
 Emit something like ".uleb128 Hi-Lo". More...
void EmitLabelPlusOffset (const MCSymbol *Label, uint64_t Offset, unsigned Size, bool IsSectionRelative=false) const
 Emit something like ".long Label+Offset" where the size in bytes of the directive is specified by Size and Label specifies the label. More...
void EmitLabelReference (const MCSymbol *Label, unsigned Size, bool IsSectionRelative=false) const
 Emit something like ".long Label" where the size in bytes of the directive is specified by Size and Label specifies the label. More...
void EmitDwarfOffset (const MCSymbol *Label, uint64_t Offset) const
 Emit something like ".long Label + Offset". More...
void EmitSLEB128 (int64_t Value, const char *Desc=nullptr) const
 Emit the specified signed leb128 value. More...
void EmitULEB128 (uint64_t Value, const char *Desc=nullptr, unsigned PadTo=0) const
 Emit the specified unsigned leb128 value. More...
void EmitEncodingByte (unsigned Val, const char *Desc=nullptr) const
 Emit a .byte 42 directive that corresponds to an encoding. More...
unsigned GetSizeOfEncodedValue (unsigned Encoding) const
 Return the size of the encoding in bytes. More...
void EmitTTypeReference (const GlobalValue *GV, unsigned Encoding) const
 Emit reference to a ttype global with a specified encoding. More...
void emitDwarfSymbolReference (const MCSymbol *Label, bool ForceOffset=false) const
 Emit a reference to a symbol for use in dwarf. More...
void emitDwarfStringOffset (DwarfStringPoolEntry S) const
 Emit the 4-byte offset of a string from the start of its section. More...
void emitDwarfStringOffset (DwarfStringPoolEntryRef S) const
 Emit the 4-byte offset of a string from the start of its section. More...
void EmitCallSiteOffset (const MCSymbol *Hi, const MCSymbol *Lo, unsigned Encoding) const
 Emit reference to a call site with a specified encoding. More...
void EmitCallSiteValue (uint64_t Value, unsigned Encoding) const
 Emit an integer value corresponding to the call site encoding. More...
virtual unsigned getISAEncoding ()
 Get the value for DW_AT_APPLE_isa. Zero if no isa encoding specified. More...
virtual void EmitDebugValue (const MCExpr *Value, unsigned Size) const
 Emit the directive and value for debug thread local expression. More...
void emitCFIInstruction (const MCCFIInstruction &Inst) const
 Emit frame instruction to describe the layout of the frame. More...
template<typename T >
void emitDwarfAbbrevs (const T &Abbrevs) const
 Emit Dwarf abbreviation table. More...
void emitDwarfAbbrev (const DIEAbbrev &Abbrev) const
void emitDwarfDIE (const DIE &Die) const
 Recursively emit Dwarf DIE tree. More...
virtual void PrintSpecial (const MachineInstr *MI, raw_ostream &OS, const char *Code) const
 Print information related to the specified machine instr that is independent of the operand, and may be independent of the instr itself. More...
virtual void PrintSymbolOperand (const MachineOperand &MO, raw_ostream &OS)
 Print the MachineOperand as a symbol. More...
virtual void emitInlineAsmStart () const
 Let the target do anything it needs to do before emitting inlineasm. More...
virtual void emitInlineAsmEnd (const MCSubtargetInfo &StartInfo, const MCSubtargetInfo *EndInfo) const
 Let the target do anything it needs to do after emitting inlineasm. More...
void EmitVisibility (MCSymbol *Sym, unsigned Visibility, bool IsDefinition=true) const
 This emits visibility information about symbol, if this is supported by the target. More...
void EmitLinkage (const GlobalValue *GV, MCSymbol *GVSym) const
 This emits linkage information about GVSym based on GV, if this is supported by the target. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::FunctionPass
 FunctionPass (char &pid)
PasscreatePrinterPass (raw_ostream &OS, const std::string &Banner) const override
 createPrinterPass - Get a function printer pass. More...
void assignPassManager (PMStack &PMS, PassManagerType T) override
 Find appropriate Function Pass Manager or Call Graph Pass Manager in the PM Stack and add self into that manager. More...
PassManagerType getPotentialPassManagerType () const override
 Return what kind of Pass Manager can manage this pass. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::Pass
 Pass (PassKind K, char &pid)
 Pass (const Pass &)=delete
Passoperator= (const Pass &)=delete
virtual ~Pass ()
PassKind getPassKind () const
AnalysisID getPassID () const
 getPassID - Return the PassID number that corresponds to this pass. More...
virtual void print (raw_ostream &OS, const Module *M) const
 print - Print out the internal state of the pass. More...
void dump () const
virtual void preparePassManager (PMStack &)
 Check if available pass managers are suitable for this pass or not. More...
void setResolver (AnalysisResolver *AR)
AnalysisResolvergetResolver () const
virtual void releaseMemory ()
 releaseMemory() - This member can be implemented by a pass if it wants to be able to release its memory when it is no longer needed. More...
virtual void * getAdjustedAnalysisPointer (AnalysisID ID)
 getAdjustedAnalysisPointer - This method is used when a pass implements an analysis interface through multiple inheritance. More...
virtual ImmutablePassgetAsImmutablePass ()
virtual PMDataManagergetAsPMDataManager ()
virtual void verifyAnalysis () const
 verifyAnalysis() - This member can be implemented by a analysis pass to check state of analysis information. More...
virtual void dumpPassStructure (unsigned Offset=0)
template<typename AnalysisType >
AnalysisType * getAnalysisIfAvailable () const
 getAnalysisIfAvailable<AnalysisType>() - Subclasses use this function to get analysis information that might be around, for example to update it. More...
bool mustPreserveAnalysisID (char &AID) const
 mustPreserveAnalysisID - This method serves the same function as getAnalysisIfAvailable, but works if you just have an AnalysisID. More...
template<typename AnalysisType >
AnalysisType & getAnalysis () const
 getAnalysis<AnalysisType>() - This function is used by subclasses to get to the analysis information that they claim to use by overriding the getAnalysisUsage function. More...
template<typename AnalysisType >
AnalysisType & getAnalysis (Function &F)
 getAnalysis<AnalysisType>() - This function is used by subclasses to get to the analysis information that they claim to use by overriding the getAnalysisUsage function. More...
template<typename AnalysisType >
AnalysisType & getAnalysisID (AnalysisID PI) const
template<typename AnalysisType >
AnalysisType & getAnalysisID (AnalysisID PI, Function &F)

Protected Member Functions

bool doInitialization (Module &M) override
 Set up the AsmPrinter when we are working on a new module. More...
bool doFinalization (Module &M) override
 Shut down the asmprinter. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::AsmPrinter
 AsmPrinter (TargetMachine &TM, std::unique_ptr< MCStreamer > Streamer)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::MachineFunctionPass
 MachineFunctionPass (char &ID)
virtual MachineFunctionProperties getRequiredProperties () const
virtual MachineFunctionProperties getSetProperties () const
virtual MachineFunctionProperties getClearedProperties () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::FunctionPass
bool skipFunction (const Function &F) const
 Optional passes call this function to check whether the pass should be skipped. More...


class AggBuffer

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from llvm::AsmPrinter
enum  SledKind : uint8_t {
  SledKind::FUNCTION_ENTER = 0, SledKind::FUNCTION_EXIT = 1, SledKind::TAIL_CALL = 2, SledKind::LOG_ARGS_ENTER = 3,
  SledKind::CUSTOM_EVENT = 4, SledKind::TYPED_EVENT = 5
enum  CFIMoveType { CFI_M_None, CFI_M_EH, CFI_M_Debug }
using GOTEquivUsePair = std::pair< const GlobalVariable *, unsigned >
 Map global GOT equivalent MCSymbols to GlobalVariables and keep track of its number of uses by other globals. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::AsmPrinter
static Align getGVAlignment (const GlobalValue *GV, const DataLayout &DL, Align InAlign=Align::None())
 Return the alignment for the specified GV. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::Pass
static const PassInfolookupPassInfo (const void *TI)
static const PassInfolookupPassInfo (StringRef Arg)
static PasscreatePass (AnalysisID ID)
- Public Attributes inherited from llvm::AsmPrinter
 Target machine description. More...
const MCAsmInfoMAI
 Target Asm Printer information. More...
 This is the context for the output file that we are streaming. More...
std::unique_ptr< MCStreamerOutStreamer
 This is the MCStreamer object for the file we are generating. More...
MachineFunctionMF = nullptr
 The current machine function. More...
MachineModuleInfoMMI = nullptr
 This is a pointer to the current MachineModuleInfo. More...
MachineDominatorTreeMDT = nullptr
 This is a pointer to the current MachineLoopInfo. More...
MachineLoopInfoMLI = nullptr
 This is a pointer to the current MachineLoopInfo. More...
 Optimization remark emitter. More...
MCSymbolCurrentFnSym = nullptr
 The symbol for the current function. More...
MCSymbolCurrentFnDescSym = nullptr
 The symbol for the current function descriptor on AIX. More...
MCSymbolCurrentFnSymForSize = nullptr
 The symbol used to represent the start of the current function for the purpose of calculating its size (e.g. More...
MapVector< const MCSymbol *, GOTEquivUsePairGlobalGOTEquivs
SmallVector< XRayFunctionEntry, 4 > Sleds
unsigned XRayFnUniqueID = 0
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::AsmPrinter
SmallVector< HandlerInfo, 1 > Handlers
 A vector of all debug/EH info emitters we should use. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 61 of file NVPTXAsmPrinter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NVPTXAsmPrinter()

llvm::NVPTXAsmPrinter::NVPTXAsmPrinter ( TargetMachine TM,
std::unique_ptr< MCStreamer Streamer 

Definition at line 291 of file NVPTXAsmPrinter.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ doFinalization()

bool NVPTXAsmPrinter::doFinalization ( Module M)

Shut down the asmprinter.

If you override this in your pass, you must make sure to call it explicitly.

Reimplemented from llvm::AsmPrinter.

Definition at line 890 of file NVPTXAsmPrinter.cpp.

References __CLK_ADDRESS_BASE, __CLK_ADDRESS_MASK, __CLK_FILTER_BASE, __CLK_FILTER_MASK, __CLK_NORMALIZED_BASE, __CLK_NORMALIZED_MASK, llvm::ADDRESS_SPACE_CONST, llvm::ADDRESS_SPACE_GLOBAL, llvm::ADDRESS_SPACE_LOCAL, llvm::ADDRESS_SPACE_SHARED, AggBuffer, llvm::Type::ArrayTyID, canDemoteGlobalVar(), llvm::clearAnnotationCache(), llvm::NVPTX::CUDA, llvm::StringRef::data(), llvm::AsmPrinter::doFinalization(), llvm::Type::DoubleTyID, llvm::dyn_cast(), llvm::numbers::e, E, llvm::Type::FloatTyID, llvm::PointerType::getAddressSpace(), llvm::GlobalObject::getAlignment(), getBitWidth(), llvm::AsmPrinter::getDataLayout(), llvm::Module::getGlobalList(), llvm::GlobalVariable::getInitializer(), llvm::Value::getName(), llvm::DataLayout::getPrefTypeAlignment(), llvm::getSamplerName(), llvm::Type::getScalarSizeInBits(), llvm::GlobalObject::getSection(), llvm::getSurfaceName(), llvm::AsmPrinter::getSymbol(), llvm::getTextureName(), llvm::GlobalValue::getType(), llvm::Type::getTypeID(), llvm::DataLayout::getTypeStoreSize(), llvm::GlobalValue::getValueType(), llvm::ConstantInt::getZExtValue(), llvm::Type::HalfTyID, llvm::GlobalValue::hasAppendingLinkage(), llvm::GlobalValue::hasAvailableExternallyLinkage(), llvm::GlobalValue::hasCommonLinkage(), llvm::MachineModuleInfo::hasDebugInfo(), llvm::GlobalValue::hasExternalLinkage(), llvm::GlobalVariable::hasInitializer(), llvm::GlobalValue::hasInternalLinkage(), llvm::GlobalValue::hasLinkOnceLinkage(), llvm::Value::hasName(), llvm::GlobalValue::hasPrivateLinkage(), llvm::GlobalObject::hasSection(), llvm::GlobalValue::hasWeakLinkage(), I, llvm::iplist_impl< IntrusiveListT, TraitsT >::insert(), llvm::Type::IntegerTyID, is64Bit(), llvm::GlobalValue::isDeclaration(), llvm::Type::isFloatingPointTy(), llvm::Type::isIntegerTy(), llvm::Type::isIntOrPtrTy(), llvm::isManaged(), llvm::Constant::isNullValue(), llvm::Type::isPointerTy(), llvm::isSampler(), llvm::isSurface(), llvm::isTexture(), llvm_unreachable, llvm::AsmPrinter::MAI, llvm::AsmPrinter::MMI, name, llvm::RISCVFenceField::O, llvm::AsmPrinter::OutStreamer, llvm::Type::PointerTyID, llvm::MCSymbol::print(), llvm::iplist_impl< IntrusiveListT, TraitsT >::remove(), llvm::report_fatal_error(), llvm::StringRef::startswith(), llvm::Type::StructTyID, llvm::AsmPrinter::TM, llvm::Value::use_empty(), llvm::utostr(), and llvm::Type::VectorTyID.

◆ doInitialization()

bool NVPTXAsmPrinter::doInitialization ( Module M)

◆ getAnalysisUsage()

void llvm::NVPTXAsmPrinter::getAnalysisUsage ( AnalysisUsage AU) const

Record analysis usage.

Reimplemented from llvm::AsmPrinter.

Definition at line 298 of file NVPTXAsmPrinter.h.

References llvm::AnalysisUsage::addRequired(), and llvm::AsmPrinter::getAnalysisUsage().

◆ getFunctionFrameSymbol()

const MCSymbol * NVPTXAsmPrinter::getFunctionFrameSymbol ( ) const

◆ getVirtualRegisterName()

std::string NVPTXAsmPrinter::getVirtualRegisterName ( unsigned  Reg) const

◆ runOnMachineFunction()

bool NVPTXAsmPrinter::runOnMachineFunction ( MachineFunction MF)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ AggBuffer

friend class AggBuffer

Definition at line 195 of file NVPTXAsmPrinter.h.

Referenced by ConvertDoubleToBytes(), and doFinalization().

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