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llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable Class Reference

A readonly view of a hash table used in the globals and publics streams. More...

#include "llvm/DebugInfo/PDB/Native/GlobalsStream.h"

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Public Types

typedef GSIHashHeader iterator

Public Member Functions

Error read (BinaryStreamReader &Reader)
uint32_t getVerSignature () const
uint32_t getVerHeader () const
uint32_t getHashRecordSize () const
uint32_t getNumBuckets () const
GSIHashIterator begin () const
GSIHashIterator end () const

Public Attributes

const GSIHashHeaderHashHdr
FixedStreamArray< PSHashRecordHashRecords
ArrayRef< uint8_t > HashBitmap
FixedStreamArray< support::ulittle32_tHashBuckets

Detailed Description

A readonly view of a hash table used in the globals and publics streams.

Most clients will only want to iterate this to get symbol record offsets into the PDB symbol stream.

Definition at line 51 of file GlobalsStream.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ iterator

Definition at line 65 of file GlobalsStream.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

GSIHashIterator llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable::begin ( ) const

◆ end()

GSIHashIterator llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable::end ( ) const

◆ getHashRecordSize()

uint32_t llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable::getHashRecordSize ( ) const

Definition at line 62 of file GlobalsStream.h.

References llvm::pdb::GSIHashHeader::HrSize.

◆ getNumBuckets()

uint32_t llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable::getNumBuckets ( ) const

Definition at line 63 of file GlobalsStream.h.

References llvm::pdb::GSIHashHeader::NumBuckets.

◆ getVerHeader()

uint32_t llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable::getVerHeader ( ) const

Definition at line 61 of file GlobalsStream.h.

References llvm::pdb::GSIHashHeader::VerHdr.

◆ getVerSignature()

uint32_t llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable::getVerSignature ( ) const

Definition at line 60 of file GlobalsStream.h.

References llvm::pdb::GSIHashHeader::VerSignature.

◆ read()

Error GSIHashTable::read ( BinaryStreamReader Reader)

Member Data Documentation

◆ HashBitmap

ArrayRef<uint8_t> llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable::HashBitmap

Definition at line 55 of file GlobalsStream.h.

◆ HashBuckets

FixedStreamArray<support::ulittle32_t> llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable::HashBuckets

Definition at line 56 of file GlobalsStream.h.

◆ HashHdr

const GSIHashHeader* llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable::HashHdr

Definition at line 53 of file GlobalsStream.h.

◆ HashRecords

FixedStreamArray<PSHashRecord> llvm::pdb::GSIHashTable::HashRecords

Definition at line 54 of file GlobalsStream.h.

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