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llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status Class Reference

Represents the result of a call to directory_iterator::status(). More...

#include "llvm/Support/FileSystem.h"

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Public Member Functions

 basic_file_status ()=default
 basic_file_status (file_type Type)
 basic_file_status (file_type Type, perms Perms, time_t ATime, uint32_t ATimeNSec, time_t MTime, uint32_t MTimeNSec, uid_t UID, gid_t GID, off_t Size)
file_type type () const
perms permissions () const
TimePoint getLastAccessedTime () const
 The file access time as reported from the underlying file system. More...
TimePoint getLastModificationTime () const
 The file modification time as reported from the underlying file system. More...
uint32_t getUser () const
uint32_t getGroup () const
uint64_t getSize () const
void type (file_type v)
void permissions (perms p)

Protected Attributes

time_t fs_st_atime = 0
time_t fs_st_mtime = 0
uint32_t fs_st_atime_nsec = 0
uint32_t fs_st_mtime_nsec = 0
uid_t fs_st_uid = 0
gid_t fs_st_gid = 0
off_t fs_st_size = 0
file_type Type = file_type::status_error
perms Perms = perms_not_known

Detailed Description

Represents the result of a call to directory_iterator::status().

This is a subset of the information returned by a regular sys::fs::status() call, and represents the information provided by Windows FileFirstFile/FindNextFile.

Definition at line 157 of file FileSystem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ basic_file_status() [1/3]

llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::basic_file_status ( )

◆ basic_file_status() [2/3]

llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::basic_file_status ( file_type  Type)

Definition at line 181 of file FileSystem.h.

◆ basic_file_status() [3/3]

llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::basic_file_status ( file_type  Type,
perms  Perms,
time_t  ATime,
uint32_t  ATimeNSec,
time_t  MTime,
uint32_t  MTimeNSec,
uid_t  UID,
gid_t  GID,
off_t  Size 

Definition at line 184 of file FileSystem.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getGroup()

uint32_t llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::getGroup ( ) const

◆ getLastAccessedTime()

TimePoint llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::getLastAccessedTime ( ) const

The file access time as reported from the underlying file system.

Also see comments on getLastModificationTime() related to the precision of the returned value.

Referenced by copyAccessAndModificationTime().

◆ getLastModificationTime()

TimePoint llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::getLastModificationTime ( ) const

The file modification time as reported from the underlying file system.

The returned value allows for nanosecond precision but the actual resolution is an implementation detail of the underlying file system. There is no guarantee for what kind of resolution you can expect, the resolution can differ across platforms and even across mountpoints on the same machine.

Referenced by copyAccessAndModificationTime(), llvm::vfs::Status::copyWithNewName(), llvm::NewArchiveMember::getFile(), and llvm::pruneCache().

◆ getSize()

uint64_t llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::getSize ( ) const

◆ getUser()

uint32_t llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::getUser ( ) const

◆ permissions() [1/2]

perms llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::permissions ( ) const

◆ permissions() [2/2]

void llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::permissions ( perms  p)

Definition at line 242 of file FileSystem.h.

◆ type() [1/2]

file_type llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::type ( ) const

◆ type() [2/2]

void llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::type ( file_type  v)

Definition at line 241 of file FileSystem.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fs_st_atime

time_t llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::fs_st_atime = 0

Definition at line 160 of file FileSystem.h.

◆ fs_st_atime_nsec

uint32_t llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::fs_st_atime_nsec = 0

Definition at line 162 of file FileSystem.h.

◆ fs_st_gid

gid_t llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::fs_st_gid = 0

Definition at line 165 of file FileSystem.h.

◆ fs_st_mtime

time_t llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::fs_st_mtime = 0

Definition at line 161 of file FileSystem.h.

◆ fs_st_mtime_nsec

uint32_t llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::fs_st_mtime_nsec = 0

Definition at line 163 of file FileSystem.h.

◆ fs_st_size

off_t llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::fs_st_size = 0

Definition at line 166 of file FileSystem.h.

◆ fs_st_uid

uid_t llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::fs_st_uid = 0

Definition at line 164 of file FileSystem.h.

◆ Perms

perms llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::Perms = perms_not_known

Definition at line 176 of file FileSystem.h.

◆ Type

file_type llvm::sys::fs::basic_file_status::Type = file_type::status_error

Definition at line 175 of file FileSystem.h.

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