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jitprofiling.c File Reference
#include "ittnotify_config.h"
#include <windows.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "jitprofiling.h"
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struct  ThreadStack


#define DEFAULT_DLLNAME   "JitPI.dll"
#define ANDROID_JIT_AGENT_PATH   "/data/intel/libittnotify.so"
#define INIT_TOP_Stack   10000


typedef unsigned int(* TPInitialize) (void)
typedef unsigned int(* TPNotify) (unsigned int, void *)
typedef struct ThreadStackpThreadStack


static int loadiJIT_Funcs (void)
ITT_EXTERN_C int JITAPI iJIT_NotifyEvent (iJIT_JVM_EVENT event_type, void *EventSpecificData)
ITT_EXTERN_C void JITAPI iJIT_RegisterCallbackEx (void *userdata, iJIT_ModeChangedEx NewModeCallBackFuncEx)
ITT_EXTERN_C iJIT_IsProfilingActiveFlags JITAPI iJIT_IsProfilingActive ()
ITT_EXTERN_C void JITAPI FinalizeThread ()
ITT_EXTERN_C void JITAPI FinalizeProcess ()
ITT_EXTERN_C unsigned int JITAPI iJIT_GetNewMethodID ()


static const char rcsid [] = "\n@(#) $Revision: 243501 $\n"
HINSTANCE m_libHandle = NULL
static TPInitialize FUNC_Initialize =NULL
static TPNotify FUNC_NotifyEvent =NULL
static iJIT_IsProfilingActiveFlags executionMode = iJIT_NOTHING_RUNNING
static int iJIT_DLL_is_missing = 0
static DWORD threadLocalStorageHandle = 0

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#define ANDROID_JIT_AGENT_PATH   "/data/intel/libittnotify.so"

Definition at line 54 of file jitprofiling.c.

Referenced by loadiJIT_Funcs().


#define DEFAULT_DLLNAME   "JitPI.dll"

Definition at line 46 of file jitprofiling.c.

Referenced by loadiJIT_Funcs().



Definition at line 35 of file jitprofiling.c.

Referenced by loadiJIT_Funcs().

◆ INIT_TOP_Stack

#define INIT_TOP_Stack   10000

Definition at line 92 of file jitprofiling.c.

Referenced by iJIT_NotifyEvent().



Definition at line 39 of file jitprofiling.c.

Referenced by loadiJIT_Funcs().

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◆ pThreadStack

typedef struct ThreadStack * pThreadStack

◆ TPInitialize

typedef unsigned int(* TPInitialize) (void)

Definition at line 57 of file jitprofiling.c.

◆ TPNotify

typedef unsigned int(* TPNotify) (unsigned int, void *)

Definition at line 60 of file jitprofiling.c.

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◆ FinalizeProcess()

ITT_EXTERN_C void JITAPI FinalizeProcess ( void  )

Definition at line 448 of file jitprofiling.c.

References m_libHandle, and threadLocalStorageHandle.

◆ FinalizeThread()

ITT_EXTERN_C void JITAPI FinalizeThread ( void  )

Definition at line 420 of file jitprofiling.c.

References threadLocalStorageHandle.

◆ iJIT_GetNewMethodID()

ITT_EXTERN_C unsigned int JITAPI iJIT_GetNewMethodID ( void  )

Definition at line 473 of file jitprofiling.c.

◆ iJIT_IsProfilingActive()

ITT_EXTERN_C iJIT_IsProfilingActiveFlags JITAPI iJIT_IsProfilingActive ( void  )

Definition at line 262 of file jitprofiling.c.

References executionMode, iJIT_DLL_is_missing, and loadiJIT_Funcs().

◆ iJIT_NotifyEvent()

ITT_EXTERN_C int JITAPI iJIT_NotifyEvent ( iJIT_JVM_EVENT  event_type,
void *  EventSpecificData 

◆ iJIT_RegisterCallbackEx()

ITT_EXTERN_C void JITAPI iJIT_RegisterCallbackEx ( void *  userdata,
iJIT_ModeChangedEx  NewModeCallBackFuncEx 

Definition at line 244 of file jitprofiling.c.

References iJIT_DLL_is_missing, iJIT_NO_NOTIFICATIONS, and loadiJIT_Funcs().

◆ loadiJIT_Funcs()

static int loadiJIT_Funcs ( void  )

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◆ executionMode

Definition at line 63 of file jitprofiling.c.

Referenced by iJIT_IsProfilingActive(), iJIT_NotifyEvent(), and loadiJIT_Funcs().

◆ FUNC_Initialize

TPInitialize FUNC_Initialize =NULL

Definition at line 58 of file jitprofiling.c.

Referenced by loadiJIT_Funcs().

◆ FUNC_NotifyEvent

TPNotify FUNC_NotifyEvent =NULL

Definition at line 61 of file jitprofiling.c.

Referenced by iJIT_NotifyEvent(), and loadiJIT_Funcs().

◆ iJIT_DLL_is_missing

int iJIT_DLL_is_missing = 0

◆ m_libHandle

HINSTANCE m_libHandle = NULL

Definition at line 47 of file jitprofiling.c.

Referenced by FinalizeProcess(), and loadiJIT_Funcs().

◆ rcsid

const char rcsid[] = "\n@(#) $Revision: 243501 $\n"

Definition at line 33 of file jitprofiling.c.

◆ threadLocalStorageHandle

DWORD threadLocalStorageHandle = 0

Definition at line 87 of file jitprofiling.c.

Referenced by FinalizeProcess(), FinalizeThread(), iJIT_NotifyEvent(), and loadiJIT_Funcs().