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outliner Namespace Reference


struct  Candidate
 An individual sequence of instructions to be replaced with a call to an outlined function. More...
struct  OutlinedFunction
 The information necessary to create an outlined function for some class of candidate. More...
struct  TargetCostInfo
 Describes the number of instructions that it will take to call and construct a frame for a given outlining candidate. More...


enum  InstrType { Legal, LegalTerminator, Illegal, Invisible }
 Represents how an instruction should be mapped by the outliner. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ InstrType

Represents how an instruction should be mapped by the outliner.

Legal instructions are those which are safe to outline. LegalTerminator instructions are safe to outline, but only as the last instruction in a sequence. Illegal instructions are those which cannot be outlined. Invisible instructions are instructions which can be outlined, but shouldn't actually impact the outlining result.


Definition at line 32 of file MachineOutliner.h.