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14.0.6: Jun 2022
14.0.5: Jun 2022
14.0.4: May 2022
14.0.0: Mar 2022
13.0.1: Feb 2022
13.0.0: Oct 2021
12.0.1: Jul 2021
12.0.0: Apr 2021
11.0.1: Jan 2021
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LLVM Server Upgrade Status

This page lists the current issues with the LLVM server upgrade on Feb 4, 2013. As they are fixed, we will note it here.

  • Errors doing any svn commands with svn 1.7.x clients over https with username specified. (Workaround: Use 1.6.x, use http, or do not specify your username with https)
  • Viewvc diff not working.
  • Viewvc root viewing should redirect to llvm-project.
  • Viewvc markup not working.
  • is broken.
  • links to the images on are broken