Conference Venue

EuroLLVM 2017 will take place at the Informatics Campus of Saarland University in Saarbrücken, the capital of Germany's federal state Saarland. Saarland is located at the heart of the border area between Germany, France, and Luxembourg.

Saarland University's computer science department is one of the oldest and largest CS departments in Germany. In addition to the university's CS department, Saarland Informatics Campus consists of many more internationally renowned computer science research institutes, such as the following:

Getting to Saarbrücken

By Plane

  • Frankfurt airport (FRA) sports frequent worldwide connections. From Frankfurt, you can take the train, an airport bus, book a shuttle (option 1, option 2), or take a rental car. Depending on mode of transport, the average ride to Saarbrücken city center is 90–140 minutes.

    The easiest way from Frankfurt to Saarbrücken is taking the train. You can find all available connections at Deutsche Bahn. Use "Frankfurt(M) Flughafen" (Frankfurt Airport) as the departure station and "Saarbrücken Hbf" (Saarbrücken main station) as the destination. Saarbrücken main station is located in the city center and is within walking distance from most of the hotels above. There are hourly connections from Frankfurt Airport; direct connections and some with a train change in Mannheim (you can take these as well, they are not much slower). Tickets can be bought using ticket machines in the station and on the platforms or directly on Deutsche Bahn.

  • Luxembourg airport (LUX) is close and sports plenty of European connections. From the airport various busses and trains go to the train station (Luxembourg gare). Afterwards you can book a shuttle bus to Saarbrücken train station. The average ride from Luxembourg gare to Saarbrücken is 60–75 minutes.

  • Frankfurt-Hahn airport (HHN) has budget airlines such as Ryanair connecting European destinations. From Frankfurt-Hahn, you have to book a shuttle or take a rental car. The average ride to Saarbrücken is about 80–90 minutes.

  • Saarbrücken (SCN) has its own airport, with connections to Berlin and Hamburg. Bus and taxi get you to the city in about 20–30 minutes.

  • From London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, consider taking the high-speed train via Paris (see below).

By Train

  • Saarbrücken main station (Hauptbahnhof, often abbreviated "Hbf") is well-connected in all directions. Most notable is the high-speed connection to Paris by TGV/ICE train at 320 km/h in less than two hours. From Paris, further high-speed trains connect to Brussels, London, or Amsterdam. Further information can be obtained at Deutsche Bahn.

Getting to Saarland University

EuroLLVM 2017 will take place at the Informatics Campus of Saarland University. The most convenient way to get to Saarland University from your hotel, is to take the bus.

The print-at-home batch you will receive via email after your registration, allows you to use public transportation such as buses and the city train ("Saarbahn") for free. The map below gives advice which bus station to use to get to Saarland University. buses at the main station ("Saarbrücken Hauptbahnhof") leave every 15 minutes, from "Saarbrücken Rathaus" every 10 minutes. The bus lines to university ("Universität Mensa") from the city center are 101, 102, 109, 124, 150.

07:09 city center ("Saarbrücken Rathaus") (maps) 101
07:15 train station (maps)102
07:20 city center ("Saarbrücken Rathaus") (maps) 150
07:24 city center ("Saarbrücken Rathaus") (maps) 102
07:31 train station (maps)124
07:39 train station (maps) 124
07:40 city center ("Saarbrücken Rathaus") (maps) 150
07:45 city center ("Saarbrücken Rathaus") (maps) 109
07:46 train station (maps)124
For detailed information about departure and arrival times please use the official bus schedule.


If you arrive at Saarland University by car, please use "Parkhaus Ost" for parking. The location is indicated by the green needle in the bus stations map above. The distance to the event location is ~200m. The cost for one day of parking is 3€, at the entrance of the parking garage you get a ticket that you have to pay before leaving (cash only).


Some of the listed hotels have special conference offers, please mention "EuroLLVM" in your reservation. The prices below include taxes and breakfast, they may change depending on the booking date.

Very good connection to the main station, university and the city center:

  1. Hotel La Residence (60.00 € +)

  2. Mercure Hotel Saarbrücken City (99.00 €)
    Rooms blocked until 28.02. (fill out this form, an unofficial translation is available here)

  3. Hotel Stadt Hamburg (75.00 € / 85.00 €)
    Rooms blocked until 26.02. (add "EuroLLVM" to your reservation)

  4. Hotel Madeleine (70.00 €)
    Rooms blocked until 31.01. (add "EuroLLVM" to your reservation)

  5. Hotel Fuchs (89.50 € / 98.50 € / 112.50 €)
    Rooms blocked until 28.02. (add "EuroLLVM" to your reservation)

  6. Domicil Leidinger (94.00 € / 88.00 €)
    Rooms blocked until 27.02.

Good connection to the main station and university, the city center is reachable by bus:

  1. Gästehaus Hotel Weller (40.00 €)
    Rooms blocked until 28.02. (add "EuroLLVM" to your reservation)

  2. Europa Jugendherberge (Hostel 35.00 €)

  3. Ibis Hotel (69.00 € / 80.00 €)
    Rooms blocked until 28.02. (add "EuroLLVM" to your reservation)

  4. Bayrischer Hof (69.00 €)

Social Event Venue: World Cultural Heritage Völklinger Ironworks

Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte, Gebläsehalle

As in the neighbouring regions in France and Luxembourg, coal mining and steel production were the principal industries in Saarland until the 1980s and nourished a significant part of Saarland's population. The Völklingen Ironworks is a steel mill that operated from 1873 until it closed in the wake of the world-wide steel crisis in 1986. At its peak in the 1960s, the steel mill gave work to more than 17,000 people. Because the mill was not dismantled and is accessible almost everywhere, it offers an exciting impression of how it must have been working on a steel mill.

The Völklingen Ironworks is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage since 1994. Since then, it regularly hosts art and science exhibitions in the unique ambience of its facilities.

We will take a guided tour of the site and have dinner in the former blower hall afterwards.

Places of Interest

In Saarbrücken City

St. Johanner Markt
is a very nice market square in the middle of Saarbrücken, reachable by foot from most hotels. A lot of boutiques, cafés, restaurants and bars are located around the market, the ideal place to go shopping during the day and to enjoy yourself in the evening.

Ludwig's Church
One of the most stylistically and aesthetically perfect Protestant baroque churches in Germany, comparable to the Michel in Hamburg or the Frauenkirche in Dresden.

Saarbrücken Castle
Saarbrücken Castle is a Baroque Château in with a history reaching back to the middle ages. The exhibition rooms of the Historical Museum Saar are housed in the vaulted cellar and a new annex.

Further attractions and information can be found here.

Around Saarbrücken

Saarschleife (Saar Bow)
This river bow is a unique natural wonder, solely created by the power of water. The very likely best-known landmark of the region can be explored by bike, hiking or on a boat. For the most breathtaking view on the Saar Bow, go up to the “Cloef“ viewpoint in Orscholz.

Roman Villa at Borg
Villa Borg is not far from the German-Luxembourg border and an impressive reminder of how the privileged lived 2000 years ago.

Museum of ceramics: Villeroy & Boch
Behind the Baroque facade, visitors can experience more than 260 years of ceramic and corporate history. Not far from the Villeroy & Boch complex, Mettlach’s city center invites visitors to browse a number of outlet stores.

Further attractions and information can be found here.

Day trips

Train connection. Approximate travel time 1:10h - 1:30h.

Bus and train connections. Approximate travel time 1h.

High-speed train connection, for further details see the "Getting to Saarbrücken by Train" section.

Luxembourg City
Bus connection, for further details see the "Getting to Saarbrücken by Plane" section.