LLVM 17.0.0git
Initialization.h File Reference
#include "llvm-c/ExternC.h"
#include "llvm-c/Types.h"
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void LLVMInitializeCore (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeTransformUtils (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
 LLVMInitializeTransformUtils - C binding for initializeTransformUtilsPasses.
void LLVMInitializeScalarOpts (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeVectorization (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeInstCombine (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeIPO (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeAnalysis (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeIPA (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeCodeGen (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)
void LLVMInitializeTarget (LLVMPassRegistryRef R)