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Coroutines.h File Reference
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 This class represents lattice values for constants.


void llvm::addCoroutinePassesToExtensionPoints (PassManagerBuilder &Builder)
 Add all coroutine passes to appropriate extension points. More...
Passllvm::createCoroEarlyLegacyPass ()
 Lower coroutine intrinsics that are not needed by later passes. More...
Passllvm::createCoroSplitLegacyPass ()
 Split up coroutines into multiple functions driving their state machines. More...
Passllvm::createCoroElideLegacyPass ()
 Analyze coroutines use sites, devirtualize resume/destroy calls and elide heap allocation for coroutine frame where possible. More...
Passllvm::createCoroCleanupLegacyPass ()
 Lower all remaining coroutine intrinsics. More...