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Vectorize.h File Reference
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struct  llvm::VectorizeConfig
 Vectorize configuration. More...


 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.


Passllvm::createLoopVectorizePass ()
Passllvm::createLoopVectorizePass (bool InterleaveOnlyWhenForced, bool VectorizeOnlyWhenForced)
Passllvm::createSLPVectorizerPass ()
bool llvm::vectorizeBasicBlock (Pass *P, BasicBlock &BB, const VectorizeConfig &C=VectorizeConfig())
 Vectorize the BasicBlock. More...
Passllvm::createLoadStoreVectorizerPass ()
 Create a legacy pass manager instance of the LoadStoreVectorizer pass. More...
Passllvm::createVectorCombinePass ()