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Error.h File Reference
#include "llvm-c/ExternC.h"
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#define LLVMErrorSuccess   0


typedef struct LLVMOpaqueError * LLVMErrorRef
 Opaque reference to an error instance. More...


LLVMErrorTypeId LLVMGetErrorTypeId (LLVMErrorRef Err)
 Returns the type id for the given error instance, which must be a failure value (i.e. More...
void LLVMConsumeError (LLVMErrorRef Err)
 Dispose of the given error without handling it. More...
char * LLVMGetErrorMessage (LLVMErrorRef Err)
 Returns the given string's error message. More...
void LLVMDisposeErrorMessage (char *ErrMsg)
 Dispose of the given error message. More...
LLVMErrorTypeId LLVMGetStringErrorTypeId (void)
 Returns the type id for llvm StringError. More...
LLVMErrorRef LLVMCreateStringError (const char *ErrMsg)
 Create a StringError. More...


const typedef void * LLVMErrorTypeId
 Error type identifier. More...