LLVM  15.0.0git
llvm::Optional< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for llvm::Optional< T >, including all inherited members.

create(const T *y)llvm::Optional< T >inlinestatic
emplace(ArgTypes &&... Args)llvm::Optional< T >inline
getPointer() constllvm::Optional< T >inline
getPointer()llvm::Optional< T >inline
getValue() const &llvm::Optional< T >inline
getValue() &llvm::Optional< T >inline
getValue() &&llvm::Optional< T >inline
getValueOr(U &&alt) const &llvm::Optional< T >inline
getValueOr(U &&alt) &&llvm::Optional< T >inline
has_value() constllvm::Optional< T >inline
hasValue() constllvm::Optional< T >inline
map(const Function &F) const &-> Optional< decltype(F(value()))>llvm::Optional< T >inline
map(const Function &F) &&-> Optional< decltype(F(std::move(*this).value()))>llvm::Optional< T >inline
operator bool() constllvm::Optional< T >inlineexplicit
operator*() const &llvm::Optional< T >inline
operator*() &llvm::Optional< T >inline
operator*() &&llvm::Optional< T >inline
operator->() constllvm::Optional< T >inline
operator->()llvm::Optional< T >inline
operator=(T &&y)llvm::Optional< T >inline
operator=(Optional &&O)=defaultllvm::Optional< T >
operator=(const T &y)llvm::Optional< T >inline
operator=(const Optional &O)=defaultllvm::Optional< T >
Optional()=defaultllvm::Optional< T >
Optional(NoneType)llvm::Optional< T >inline
Optional(const T &y)llvm::Optional< T >inline
Optional(const Optional &O)=defaultllvm::Optional< T >
Optional(T &&y)llvm::Optional< T >inline
Optional(Optional &&O)=defaultllvm::Optional< T >
Optional(in_place_t, ArgTypes &&...Args)llvm::Optional< T >inline
reset()llvm::Optional< T >inline
value() const &llvm::Optional< T >inline
value() &llvm::Optional< T >inline
value() &&llvm::Optional< T >inline
value_or(U &&alt) const &llvm::Optional< T >inline
value_or(U &&alt) &&llvm::Optional< T >inline
value_type typedefllvm::Optional< T >