Parfait – Designing a Scalable Bug Checker
Cristina Cifuentes and Bernhard Scholz


We present the design of Parfait, a static layered program analysis framework for bug checking, designed for scalability and precision by improving false positive rates and scale to millions of lines of code. The Parfait framework is inherently parallelizable and makes use of demand driven analyses.

In this paper we provide an example of several layers of analyses for buffer overflow, summarize our initial implementation for C, and provide preliminary results. Results are quantified in terms of correctly-reported, false positive and false negative rates against the NIST SAMATE synthetic benchmarks for C code.


"Parfait – Designing a Scalable Bug Checker"
Cristina Cifuentes and Bernhard Scholz.
Proceedings of the 2008 workshop on Static analysis (SAW'08) , Tucson, Arizona, June 2008.



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