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llvm::GCOV::Options Struct Reference

A struct for passing gcov options between functions. More...

#include "llvm/ProfileData/GCOV.h"

Public Member Functions

 Options (bool A, bool B, bool C, bool F, bool P, bool U, bool I, bool L, bool M, bool N, bool R, bool T, bool X, std::string SourcePrefix)

Public Attributes

bool AllBlocks
bool BranchInfo
bool BranchCount
bool FuncCoverage
bool PreservePaths
bool UncondBranch
bool Intermediate
bool LongFileNames
bool Demangle
bool NoOutput
bool RelativeOnly
bool UseStdout
bool HashFilenames
std::string SourcePrefix

Detailed Description

A struct for passing gcov options between functions.

Definition at line 45 of file GCOV.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Options()

llvm::GCOV::Options::Options ( bool  A,
bool  B,
bool  C,
bool  F,
bool  P,
bool  U,
bool  I,
bool  L,
bool  M,
bool  N,
bool  R,
bool  T,
bool  X,
std::string  SourcePrefix 

Definition at line 46 of file GCOV.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AllBlocks

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::AllBlocks

Definition at line 53 of file GCOV.h.

◆ BranchCount

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::BranchCount

Definition at line 55 of file GCOV.h.

◆ BranchInfo

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::BranchInfo

Definition at line 54 of file GCOV.h.

◆ Demangle

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::Demangle

Definition at line 61 of file GCOV.h.

◆ FuncCoverage

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::FuncCoverage

Definition at line 56 of file GCOV.h.

◆ HashFilenames

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::HashFilenames

Definition at line 65 of file GCOV.h.

◆ Intermediate

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::Intermediate

Definition at line 59 of file GCOV.h.

◆ LongFileNames

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::LongFileNames

Definition at line 60 of file GCOV.h.

◆ NoOutput

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::NoOutput

Definition at line 62 of file GCOV.h.

◆ PreservePaths

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::PreservePaths

Definition at line 57 of file GCOV.h.

◆ RelativeOnly

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::RelativeOnly

Definition at line 63 of file GCOV.h.

◆ SourcePrefix

std::string llvm::GCOV::Options::SourcePrefix

Definition at line 66 of file GCOV.h.

◆ UncondBranch

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::UncondBranch

Definition at line 58 of file GCOV.h.

◆ UseStdout

bool llvm::GCOV::Options::UseStdout

Definition at line 64 of file GCOV.h.

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