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llvm::LayoutAlignElem Struct Reference

Layout alignment element. More...

#include "llvm/IR/DataLayout.h"

Public Member Functions

bool operator== (const LayoutAlignElem &rhs) const

Static Public Member Functions

static LayoutAlignElem get (Align ABIAlign, Align PrefAlign, uint32_t BitWidth)

Public Attributes

uint32_t TypeBitWidth
Align ABIAlign
Align PrefAlign

Detailed Description

Layout alignment element.

Stores the alignment data associated with a given type bit width.

The unusual order of elements in the structure attempts to reduce padding and make the structure slightly more cache friendly.

Definition at line 72 of file DataLayout.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

LayoutAlignElem LayoutAlignElem::get ( Align  ABIAlign,
Align  PrefAlign,
uint32_t  BitWidth 

Definition at line 125 of file DataLayout.cpp.

References ABIAlign, assert(), llvm::BitWidth, PrefAlign, and TypeBitWidth.

Referenced by llvm::DataLayout::reset().

◆ operator==()

bool LayoutAlignElem::operator== ( const LayoutAlignElem rhs) const

Definition at line 135 of file DataLayout.cpp.

References ABIAlign, PrefAlign, and TypeBitWidth.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ABIAlign

Align llvm::LayoutAlignElem::ABIAlign

Definition at line 74 of file DataLayout.h.

Referenced by get(), and operator==().

◆ PrefAlign

Align llvm::LayoutAlignElem::PrefAlign

Definition at line 75 of file DataLayout.h.

Referenced by get(), and operator==().

◆ TypeBitWidth

uint32_t llvm::LayoutAlignElem::TypeBitWidth

Definition at line 73 of file DataLayout.h.

Referenced by findAlignmentLowerBound(), get(), and operator==().

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