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LLVMContextRef LLVMContextCreate (void)
LLVMContextRef LLVMGetGlobalContext (void)
void LLVMContextDispose (LLVMContextRef C)
unsigned LLVMGetMDKindIDInContext (LLVMContextRef C, const char *Name, unsigned SLen)
unsigned LLVMGetMDKindID (const char *Name, unsigned SLen)

Detailed Description

Contexts are execution states for the core LLVM IR system.

Most types are tied to a context instance. Multiple contexts can exist simultaneously. A single context is not thread safe. However, different contexts can execute on different threads simultaneously.

Function Documentation

Create a new context.

Every call to this function should be paired with a call to LLVMContextDispose() or the context will leak memory.

Definition at line 71 of file Core.cpp.

References llvm::wrap().

Destroy a context instance.

This should be called for every call to LLVMContextCreate() or memory will be leaked.

Definition at line 79 of file Core.cpp.

References llvm::unwrap().

unsigned LLVMGetMDKindID ( const char *  Name,
unsigned  SLen 

Definition at line 88 of file Core.cpp.

References LLVMGetGlobalContext(), and LLVMGetMDKindIDInContext().

Definition at line 83 of file Core.cpp.

References llvm::LLVMContext::getMDKindID(), and llvm::unwrap().

Referenced by LLVMGetMDKindID().