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llvm::DWARFDebugLine Class Reference

#include "llvm/DebugInfo/DWARF/DWARFDebugLine.h"


struct  ContentTypeTracker
 Tracks which optional content types are present in a DWARF file name entry format. More...
struct  FileNameEntry
struct  LineTable
struct  Prologue
struct  Row
 Standard .debug_line state machine structure. More...
class  SectionParser
 Helper to allow for parsing of an entire .debug_line section in sequence. More...
struct  Sequence
 Represents a series of contiguous machine instructions. More...

Public Member Functions

const LineTablegetLineTable (uint32_t Offset) const
Expected< const LineTable * > getOrParseLineTable (DWARFDataExtractor &DebugLineData, uint32_t Offset, const DWARFContext &Ctx, const DWARFUnit *U, std::function< void(Error)> RecoverableErrorCallback=warn)

Static Public Member Functions

static void warn (Error Err)
 Helper function for DWARFDebugLine parse functions, to report issues identified during parsing. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file DWARFDebugLine.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getLineTable()

const DWARFDebugLine::LineTable * DWARFDebugLine::getLineTable ( uint32_t  Offset) const

Definition at line 462 of file DWARFDebugLine.cpp.

◆ getOrParseLineTable()

Expected< const DWARFDebugLine::LineTable * > DWARFDebugLine::getOrParseLineTable ( DWARFDataExtractor DebugLineData,
uint32_t  Offset,
const DWARFContext Ctx,
const DWARFUnit U,
std::function< void(Error)>  RecoverableErrorCallback = warn 

◆ warn()

void DWARFDebugLine::warn ( Error  Err)

Helper function for DWARFDebugLine parse functions, to report issues identified during parsing.

ErrThe Error to report.

Definition at line 1129 of file DWARFDebugLine.cpp.

References llvm::handleAllErrors(), llvm::ErrorInfoBase::message(), and llvm::WithColor::warning().

Referenced by llvm::DWARFDebugLine::LineTable::appendSequence(), llvm::DWARFContext::dump(), llvm::DWARFContext::getLineTableForUnit(), and llvm::DWARFDebugLine::SectionParser::getOffset().

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