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llvm::PassNameParser Class Reference

#include "llvm/IR/LegacyPassNameParser.h"

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Public Member Functions

 PassNameParser (cl::Option &O)
 ~PassNameParser () override
void initialize ()
virtual bool ignorablePassImpl (const PassInfo *P) const
bool ignorablePass (const PassInfo *P) const
void passRegistered (const PassInfo *P) override
 Callback functions - These functions are invoked whenever a pass is loaded or removed from the current executable. More...
void passEnumerate (const PassInfo *P) override
 passEnumerate - Callback function invoked when someone calls enumeratePasses on this PassRegistrationListener object. More...
void printOptionInfo (const cl::Option &O, size_t GlobalWidth) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::PassRegistrationListener
 PassRegistrationListener ()=default
virtual ~PassRegistrationListener ()=default
void enumeratePasses ()
 enumeratePasses - Iterate over the registered passes, calling the passEnumerate callback on each PassInfo object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::cl::parser< const PassInfo *>
 parser (Option &O)
unsigned getNumOptions () const override
StringRef getOption (unsigned N) const override
StringRef getDescription (unsigned N) const override
const GenericOptionValuegetOptionValue (unsigned N) const override
bool parse (Option &O, StringRef ArgName, StringRef Arg, const PassInfo * &V)
void addLiteralOption (StringRef Name, const DT &V, StringRef HelpStr)
 addLiteralOption - Add an entry to the mapping table. More...
void removeLiteralOption (StringRef Name)
 removeLiteralOption - Remove the specified option. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::cl::generic_parser_base
 generic_parser_base (Option &O)
virtual ~generic_parser_base ()=default
virtual size_t getOptionWidth (const Option &O) const
void printGenericOptionDiff (const Option &O, const GenericOptionValue &V, const GenericOptionValue &Default, size_t GlobalWidth) const
template<class AnyOptionValue >
void printOptionDiff (const Option &O, const AnyOptionValue &V, const AnyOptionValue &Default, size_t GlobalWidth) const
void initialize ()
void getExtraOptionNames (SmallVectorImpl< StringRef > &OptionNames)
enum ValueExpected getValueExpectedFlagDefault () const
unsigned findOption (StringRef Name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from llvm::cl::parser< const PassInfo *>
using parser_data_type = const PassInfo *
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::cl::parser< const PassInfo *>
SmallVector< OptionInfo, 8 > Values
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::cl::generic_parser_base

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file LegacyPassNameParser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PassNameParser()

PassNameParser::PassNameParser ( cl::Option O)

◆ ~PassNameParser()

PassNameParser::~PassNameParser ( )

Referenced by PassNameParser().

Member Function Documentation

◆ ignorablePass()

bool llvm::PassNameParser::ignorablePass ( const PassInfo P) const

◆ ignorablePassImpl()

virtual bool llvm::PassNameParser::ignorablePassImpl ( const PassInfo P) const

Definition at line 57 of file LegacyPassNameParser.h.

Referenced by ignorablePass().

◆ initialize()

void llvm::PassNameParser::initialize ( )

◆ passEnumerate()

void llvm::PassNameParser::passEnumerate ( const PassInfo )

passEnumerate - Callback function invoked when someone calls enumeratePasses on this PassRegistrationListener object.

Reimplemented from llvm::PassRegistrationListener.

Definition at line 77 of file LegacyPassNameParser.h.

References passRegistered().

Referenced by PassNameParser().

◆ passRegistered()

void llvm::PassNameParser::passRegistered ( const PassInfo )

◆ printOptionInfo()

void llvm::PassNameParser::printOptionInfo ( const cl::Option O,
size_t  GlobalWidth 
) const

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