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llvm::pdb::DbiModuleList Class Reference

#include "llvm/DebugInfo/PDB/Native/DbiModuleList.h"

Public Member Functions

Error initialize (BinaryStreamRef ModInfo, BinaryStreamRef FileInfo)
Expected< StringRefgetFileName (uint32_t Index) const
uint32_t getModuleCount () const
uint32_t getSourceFileCount () const
uint16_t getSourceFileCount (uint32_t Modi) const
iterator_range< DbiModuleSourceFilesIteratorsource_files (uint32_t Modi) const
DbiModuleDescriptor getModuleDescriptor (uint32_t Modi) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 68 of file DbiModuleList.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getFileName()

Expected< StringRef > DbiModuleList::getFileName ( uint32_t  Index) const

◆ getModuleCount()

uint32_t DbiModuleList::getModuleCount ( ) const

◆ getModuleDescriptor()

DbiModuleDescriptor DbiModuleList::getModuleDescriptor ( uint32_t  Modi) const

Definition at line 253 of file DbiModuleList.cpp.

References assert().

Referenced by llvm::pdb::SymbolCache::getOrCreateCompiland().

◆ getSourceFileCount() [1/2]

uint32_t DbiModuleList::getSourceFileCount ( ) const

◆ getSourceFileCount() [2/2]

uint16_t DbiModuleList::getSourceFileCount ( uint32_t  Modi) const

Definition at line 249 of file DbiModuleList.cpp.

◆ initialize()

Error DbiModuleList::initialize ( BinaryStreamRef  ModInfo,
BinaryStreamRef  FileInfo 

◆ source_files()

iterator_range< DbiModuleSourceFilesIterator > DbiModuleList::source_files ( uint32_t  Modi) const

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