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ManglingParser< Alloc > Struct Template Reference

#include "llvm/Demangle/ItaniumDemangle.h"

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- Public Types inherited from AbstractManglingParser< ManglingParser< Alloc >, Alloc >
using TemplateParamList = PODSmallVector< Node *, 8 >
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractManglingParser< ManglingParser< Alloc >, Alloc >
 AbstractManglingParser (const char *First_, const char *Last_)
ManglingParser< Alloc > & getDerived ()
void reset (const char *First_, const char *Last_)
Nodemake (Args &&... args)
NodeArray makeNodeArray (It begin, It end)
NodeArray popTrailingNodeArray (size_t FromPosition)
bool consumeIf (StringView S)
bool consumeIf (char C)
char consume ()
char look (unsigned Lookahead=0)
size_t numLeft () const
StringView parseNumber (bool AllowNegative=false)
Qualifiers parseCVQualifiers ()
bool parsePositiveInteger (size_t *Out)
StringView parseBareSourceName ()
bool parseSeqId (size_t *Out)
NodeparseSubstitution ()
NodeparseTemplateParam ()
NodeparseTemplateParamDecl ()
NodeparseTemplateArgs (bool TagTemplates=false)
NodeparseTemplateArg ()
NodeparseExpr ()
 Parse the <expr> production. More...
NodeparsePrefixExpr (StringView Kind)
NodeparseBinaryExpr (StringView Kind)
NodeparseIntegerLiteral (StringView Lit)
NodeparseExprPrimary ()
NodeparseFloatingLiteral ()
NodeparseFunctionParam ()
NodeparseNewExpr ()
NodeparseConversionExpr ()
NodeparseBracedExpr ()
NodeparseFoldExpr ()
NodeparseType ()
 Parse the <type> production. More...
NodeparseFunctionType ()
NodeparseVectorType ()
NodeparseDecltype ()
NodeparseArrayType ()
NodeparsePointerToMemberType ()
NodeparseClassEnumType ()
NodeparseQualifiedType ()
NodeparseEncoding ()
bool parseCallOffset ()
NodeparseSpecialName ()
bool resolveForwardTemplateRefs (NameState &State)
NodeparseName (NameState *State=nullptr)
 Parse the <name> production> More...
NodeparseLocalName (NameState *State)
NodeparseOperatorName (NameState *State)
NodeparseUnqualifiedName (NameState *State)
NodeparseUnnamedTypeName (NameState *State)
NodeparseSourceName (NameState *State)
NodeparseUnscopedName (NameState *State)
NodeparseNestedName (NameState *State)
NodeparseCtorDtorName (Node *&SoFar, NameState *State)
NodeparseAbiTags (Node *N)
NodeparseUnresolvedName ()
 Parse the <unresolved-name> production. More...
NodeparseSimpleId ()
NodeparseBaseUnresolvedName ()
NodeparseUnresolvedType ()
NodeparseDestructorName ()
Nodeparse ()
 Top-level entry point into the parser. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from AbstractManglingParser< ManglingParser< Alloc >, Alloc >
const charFirst
const charLast
PODSmallVector< Node *, 32 > Names
PODSmallVector< Node *, 32 > Subs
TemplateParamList OuterTemplateParams
PODSmallVector< TemplateParamList *, 4 > TemplateParams
PODSmallVector< ForwardTemplateReference *, 4 > ForwardTemplateRefs
bool TryToParseTemplateArgs
bool PermitForwardTemplateReferences
size_t ParsingLambdaParamsAtLevel
unsigned NumSyntheticTemplateParameters [3]
Alloc ASTAllocator

Detailed Description

template<typename Alloc>
struct ManglingParser< Alloc >

Definition at line 5567 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

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