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llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo Struct Reference

Serializable representation of MachineFrameInfo. More...

#include "llvm/CodeGen/MIRYamlMapping.h"

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Public Member Functions

bool operator== (const MachineFrameInfo &Other) const

Public Attributes

bool IsFrameAddressTaken = false
bool IsReturnAddressTaken = false
bool HasStackMap = false
bool HasPatchPoint = false
uint64_t StackSize = 0
int OffsetAdjustment = 0
unsigned MaxAlignment = 0
bool AdjustsStack = false
bool HasCalls = false
StringValue StackProtector
unsigned MaxCallFrameSize = ~0u
 ~0u means: not computed yet. More...
bool HasOpaqueSPAdjustment = false
bool HasVAStart = false
bool HasMustTailInVarArgFunc = false
StringValue SavePoint
StringValue RestorePoint

Detailed Description

Serializable representation of MachineFrameInfo.

Doesn't serialize attributes like 'StackAlignment', 'IsStackRealignable' and 'RealignOption' as they are determined by the target and LLVM function attributes. It also doesn't serialize attributes like 'NumFixedObject' and 'HasVarSizedObjects' as they are determined by the frame objects themselves.

Definition at line 404 of file MIRYamlMapping.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator==()

bool llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::operator== ( const MachineFrameInfo Other) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ AdjustsStack

bool llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::AdjustsStack = false

◆ HasCalls

bool llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::HasCalls = false

◆ HasMustTailInVarArgFunc

bool llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::HasMustTailInVarArgFunc = false

◆ HasOpaqueSPAdjustment

bool llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::HasOpaqueSPAdjustment = false

◆ HasPatchPoint

bool llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::HasPatchPoint = false

◆ HasStackMap

bool llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::HasStackMap = false

◆ HasVAStart

bool llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::HasVAStart = false

◆ IsFrameAddressTaken

bool llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::IsFrameAddressTaken = false

◆ IsReturnAddressTaken

bool llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::IsReturnAddressTaken = false

◆ MaxAlignment

unsigned llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::MaxAlignment = 0

◆ MaxCallFrameSize

unsigned llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::MaxCallFrameSize = ~0u

◆ OffsetAdjustment

int llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::OffsetAdjustment = 0

◆ RestorePoint

StringValue llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::RestorePoint

◆ SavePoint

StringValue llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::SavePoint

◆ StackProtector

StringValue llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::StackProtector

◆ StackSize

uint64_t llvm::yaml::MachineFrameInfo::StackSize = 0

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