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1 //===--- AMDGPUMetadata.cpp -------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
2 //
3 // Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4 // See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5 // SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
6 //
7 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
8 //
9 /// \file
10 /// AMDGPU metadata definitions and in-memory representations.
11 ///
12 //
13 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
15 #include "llvm/ADT/Twine.h"
19 using namespace llvm::AMDGPU;
20 using namespace llvm::AMDGPU::HSAMD;
22 LLVM_YAML_IS_SEQUENCE_VECTOR(Kernel::Arg::Metadata)
25 namespace llvm {
26 namespace yaml {
28 template <>
29 struct ScalarEnumerationTraits<AccessQualifier> {
30  static void enumeration(IO &YIO, AccessQualifier &EN) {
31  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Default", AccessQualifier::Default);
32  YIO.enumCase(EN, "ReadOnly", AccessQualifier::ReadOnly);
33  YIO.enumCase(EN, "WriteOnly", AccessQualifier::WriteOnly);
34  YIO.enumCase(EN, "ReadWrite", AccessQualifier::ReadWrite);
35  }
36 };
38 template <>
39 struct ScalarEnumerationTraits<AddressSpaceQualifier> {
40  static void enumeration(IO &YIO, AddressSpaceQualifier &EN) {
41  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Private", AddressSpaceQualifier::Private);
42  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Global", AddressSpaceQualifier::Global);
43  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Constant", AddressSpaceQualifier::Constant);
44  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Local", AddressSpaceQualifier::Local);
45  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Generic", AddressSpaceQualifier::Generic);
46  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Region", AddressSpaceQualifier::Region);
47  }
48 };
50 template <>
51 struct ScalarEnumerationTraits<ValueKind> {
52  static void enumeration(IO &YIO, ValueKind &EN) {
53  YIO.enumCase(EN, "ByValue", ValueKind::ByValue);
54  YIO.enumCase(EN, "GlobalBuffer", ValueKind::GlobalBuffer);
55  YIO.enumCase(EN, "DynamicSharedPointer", ValueKind::DynamicSharedPointer);
56  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Sampler", ValueKind::Sampler);
57  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Image", ValueKind::Image);
58  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Pipe", ValueKind::Pipe);
59  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Queue", ValueKind::Queue);
60  YIO.enumCase(EN, "HiddenGlobalOffsetX", ValueKind::HiddenGlobalOffsetX);
61  YIO.enumCase(EN, "HiddenGlobalOffsetY", ValueKind::HiddenGlobalOffsetY);
62  YIO.enumCase(EN, "HiddenGlobalOffsetZ", ValueKind::HiddenGlobalOffsetZ);
63  YIO.enumCase(EN, "HiddenNone", ValueKind::HiddenNone);
64  YIO.enumCase(EN, "HiddenPrintfBuffer", ValueKind::HiddenPrintfBuffer);
65  YIO.enumCase(EN, "HiddenDefaultQueue", ValueKind::HiddenDefaultQueue);
66  YIO.enumCase(EN, "HiddenCompletionAction",
68  YIO.enumCase(EN, "HiddenMultiGridSyncArg",
70  }
71 };
73 template <>
74 struct ScalarEnumerationTraits<ValueType> {
75  static void enumeration(IO &YIO, ValueType &EN) {
76  YIO.enumCase(EN, "Struct", ValueType::Struct);
77  YIO.enumCase(EN, "I8", ValueType::I8);
78  YIO.enumCase(EN, "U8", ValueType::U8);
79  YIO.enumCase(EN, "I16", ValueType::I16);
80  YIO.enumCase(EN, "U16", ValueType::U16);
81  YIO.enumCase(EN, "F16", ValueType::F16);
82  YIO.enumCase(EN, "I32", ValueType::I32);
83  YIO.enumCase(EN, "U32", ValueType::U32);
84  YIO.enumCase(EN, "F32", ValueType::F32);
85  YIO.enumCase(EN, "I64", ValueType::I64);
86  YIO.enumCase(EN, "U64", ValueType::U64);
87  YIO.enumCase(EN, "F64", ValueType::F64);
88  }
89 };
91 template <>
92 struct MappingTraits<Kernel::Attrs::Metadata> {
93  static void mapping(IO &YIO, Kernel::Attrs::Metadata &MD) {
95  MD.mReqdWorkGroupSize, std::vector<uint32_t>());
97  MD.mWorkGroupSizeHint, std::vector<uint32_t>());
98  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Attrs::Key::VecTypeHint,
99  MD.mVecTypeHint, std::string());
101  std::string());
102  }
103 };
105 template <>
106 struct MappingTraits<Kernel::Arg::Metadata> {
107  static void mapping(IO &YIO, Kernel::Arg::Metadata &MD) {
108  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Arg::Key::Name, MD.mName, std::string());
109  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Arg::Key::TypeName, MD.mTypeName, std::string());
110  YIO.mapRequired(Kernel::Arg::Key::Size, MD.mSize);
111  YIO.mapRequired(Kernel::Arg::Key::Align, MD.mAlign);
112  YIO.mapRequired(Kernel::Arg::Key::ValueKind, MD.mValueKind);
113  YIO.mapRequired(Kernel::Arg::Key::ValueType, MD.mValueType);
114  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Arg::Key::PointeeAlign, MD.mPointeeAlign,
115  uint32_t(0));
118  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Arg::Key::AccQual, MD.mAccQual,
122  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Arg::Key::IsConst, MD.mIsConst, false);
123  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Arg::Key::IsRestrict, MD.mIsRestrict, false);
124  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Arg::Key::IsVolatile, MD.mIsVolatile, false);
125  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Arg::Key::IsPipe, MD.mIsPipe, false);
126  }
127 };
129 template <>
130 struct MappingTraits<Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata> {
131  static void mapping(IO &YIO, Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata &MD) {
141  MD.mWavefrontSize);
142  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::CodeProps::Key::NumSGPRs,
143  MD.mNumSGPRs, uint16_t(0));
144  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::CodeProps::Key::NumVGPRs,
145  MD.mNumVGPRs, uint16_t(0));
149  MD.mIsDynamicCallStack, false);
151  MD.mIsXNACKEnabled, false);
153  MD.mNumSpilledSGPRs, uint16_t(0));
155  MD.mNumSpilledVGPRs, uint16_t(0));
156  }
157 };
159 template <>
160 struct MappingTraits<Kernel::DebugProps::Metadata> {
161  static void mapping(IO &YIO, Kernel::DebugProps::Metadata &MD) {
163  MD.mDebuggerABIVersion, std::vector<uint32_t>());
165  MD.mReservedNumVGPRs, uint16_t(0));
167  MD.mReservedFirstVGPR, uint16_t(-1));
169  MD.mPrivateSegmentBufferSGPR, uint16_t(-1));
171  MD.mWavefrontPrivateSegmentOffsetSGPR, uint16_t(-1));
172  }
173 };
175 template <>
177  static void mapping(IO &YIO, Kernel::Metadata &MD) {
178  YIO.mapRequired(Kernel::Key::Name, MD.mName);
179  YIO.mapRequired(Kernel::Key::SymbolName, MD.mSymbolName);
180  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Key::Language, MD.mLanguage, std::string());
182  std::vector<uint32_t>());
183  if (!MD.mAttrs.empty() || !YIO.outputting())
184  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Key::Attrs, MD.mAttrs);
185  if (!MD.mArgs.empty() || !YIO.outputting())
186  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Key::Args, MD.mArgs);
187  if (!MD.mCodeProps.empty() || !YIO.outputting())
188  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Key::CodeProps, MD.mCodeProps);
189  if (!MD.mDebugProps.empty() || !YIO.outputting())
190  YIO.mapOptional(Kernel::Key::DebugProps, MD.mDebugProps);
191  }
192 };
194 template <>
195 struct MappingTraits<HSAMD::Metadata> {
196  static void mapping(IO &YIO, HSAMD::Metadata &MD) {
197  YIO.mapRequired(Key::Version, MD.mVersion);
198  YIO.mapOptional(Key::Printf, MD.mPrintf, std::vector<std::string>());
199  if (!MD.mKernels.empty() || !YIO.outputting())
200  YIO.mapOptional(Key::Kernels, MD.mKernels);
201  }
202 };
204 } // end namespace yaml
206 namespace AMDGPU {
207 namespace HSAMD {
209 std::error_code fromString(std::string String, Metadata &HSAMetadata) {
210  yaml::Input YamlInput(String);
211  YamlInput >> HSAMetadata;
212  return YamlInput.error();
213 }
215 std::error_code toString(Metadata HSAMetadata, std::string &String) {
216  raw_string_ostream YamlStream(String);
217  yaml::Output YamlOutput(YamlStream, nullptr, std::numeric_limits<int>::max());
218  YamlOutput << HSAMetadata;
219  return std::error_code();
220 }
222 } // end namespace HSAMD
223 } // end namespace AMDGPU
224 } // end namespace llvm
constexpr char IsXNACKEnabled[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mIsXNACKEnabled.
std::vector< uint32_t > mLanguageVersion
Language version. Optional.
In-memory representation of HSA metadata.
constexpr char Align[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mAlign.
constexpr char GroupSegmentFixedSize[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mGroupSegmentFixedSize.
uint16_t mNumVGPRs
Total number of VGPRs used by a workitem. Optional.
constexpr char Name[]
Key for Kernel::Metadata::mName.
This class represents lattice values for constants.
Definition: AllocatorList.h:23
static void mapping(IO &YIO, Kernel::DebugProps::Metadata &MD)
constexpr char IsVolatile[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mIsVolatile.
constexpr char PointeeAlign[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mPointeeAlign.
uint32_t mPrivateSegmentFixedSize
Size in bytes of the private segment memory required by a workitem.
bool mIsConst
True if &#39;const&#39; qualifier is specified. Optional.
ValueKind mValueKind
Value kind. Required.
constexpr char ReqdWorkGroupSize[]
Key for Kernel::Attr::Metadata::mReqdWorkGroupSize.
uint16_t mReservedFirstVGPR
First fixed VGPR reserved.
uint32_t mWavefrontSize
Wavefront size. Required.
constexpr char KernargSegmentAlign[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mKernargSegmentAlign.
AccessQualifier mActualAccQual
Actual access qualifier. Optional.
constexpr char RuntimeHandle[]
Key for Kernel::Attr::Metadata::mRuntimeHandle.
constexpr char ReservedFirstVGPR[]
Key for Kernel::DebugProps::Metadata::mReservedFirstVGPR.
constexpr char NumSpilledSGPRs[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mNumSpilledSGPRs.
constexpr char PrivateSegmentBufferSGPR[]
Key for Kernel::DebugProps::Metadata::mPrivateSegmentBufferSGPR.
constexpr char Language[]
Key for Kernel::Metadata::mLanguage.
constexpr char KernargSegmentSize[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mKernargSegmentSize.
bool mIsXNACKEnabled
True if the generated machine code is capable of supporting XNACK.
In-memory representation of kernel debug properties metadata.
constexpr char SymbolName[]
Key for Kernel::Metadata::mSymbolName.
static void enumeration(IO &YIO, AccessQualifier &EN)
constexpr char AddrSpaceQual[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mAddrSpaceQual.
constexpr char Printf[]
Key for HSA::Metadata::mPrintf.
constexpr char DebuggerABIVersion[]
Key for Kernel::DebugProps::Metadata::mDebuggerABIVersion.
std::vector< Arg::Metadata > mArgs
Arguments metadata. Optional.
static void mapping(IO &YIO, Kernel::Arg::Metadata &MD)
std::error_code fromString(std::string String, Metadata &HSAMetadata)
Converts String to HSAMetadata.
std::string mTypeName
Type name. Optional.
static void enumeration(IO &YIO, ValueKind &EN)
uint16_t mNumSGPRs
Total number of SGPRs used by a wavefront. Optional.
constexpr char Attrs[]
Key for Kernel::Metadata::mAttrs.
bool mIsPipe
True if &#39;pipe&#39; qualifier is specified. Optional.
uint32_t mKernargSegmentAlign
Maximum byte alignment of variables used by the kernel in the kernarg memory segment.
constexpr char IsPipe[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mIsPipe.
bool mIsVolatile
True if &#39;volatile&#39; qualifier is specified. Optional.
uint32_t mSize
Size in bytes. Required.
uint16_t mNumSpilledSGPRs
Number of SGPRs spilled by a wavefront. Optional.
static void mapping(IO &YIO, HSAMD::Metadata &MD)
std::string mRuntimeHandle
External symbol created by runtime to store the kernel address for enqueued blocks.
static void mapping(IO &YIO, Kernel::Attrs::Metadata &MD)
std::string mSymbolName
Kernel descriptor name. Required.
In-memory representation of kernel metadata.
ValueType mValueType
Value type. Required.
constexpr char WavefrontSize[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mWavefrontSize.
Value kinds.
std::vector< uint32_t > mVersion
HSA metadata version. Required.
std::vector< uint32_t > mReqdWorkGroupSize
&#39;reqd_work_group_size&#39; attribute. Optional.
In-memory representation of kernel argument metadata.
static void enumeration(IO &YIO, AddressSpaceQualifier &EN)
constexpr char TypeName[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mTypeName.
CodeProps::Metadata mCodeProps
Code properties metadata. Optional.
constexpr char ActualAccQual[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mActualAccQual.
uint32_t mAlign
Alignment in bytes. Required.
Attrs::Metadata mAttrs
Attributes metadata. Optional.
constexpr char IsDynamicCallStack[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mIsDynamicCallStack.
In-memory representation of kernel attributes metadata.
constexpr char Version[]
Key for HSA::Metadata::mVersion.
constexpr char NumSGPRs[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mNumSGPRs.
Access qualifiers.
DebugProps::Metadata mDebugProps
Debug properties metadata. Optional.
constexpr char IsRestrict[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mIsRestrict.
std::vector< std::string > mPrintf
Printf metadata. Optional.
uint16_t mPrivateSegmentBufferSGPR
Fixed SGPR of the first of 4 SGPRs used to hold the scratch V# used for the entire kernel execution...
uint16_t mReservedNumVGPRs
Consecutive number of VGPRs reserved for debugger use.
Align max(MaybeAlign Lhs, Align Rhs)
Definition: Alignment.h:390
std::vector< uint32_t > mWorkGroupSizeHint
&#39;work_group_size_hint&#39; attribute. Optional.
uint32_t mPointeeAlign
Pointee alignment in bytes. Optional.
constexpr char CodeProps[]
Key for Kernel::Metadata::mCodeProps.
constexpr char Name[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mName.
constexpr char LanguageVersion[]
Key for Kernel::Metadata::mLanguageVersion.
constexpr char ValueType[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mValueType.
uint16_t mNumSpilledVGPRs
Number of VGPRs spilled by a workitem. Optional.
constexpr char MaxFlatWorkGroupSize[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mMaxFlatWorkGroupSize.
constexpr char NumVGPRs[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mNumVGPRs.
constexpr char Kernels[]
Key for HSA::Metadata::mKernels.
static void mapping(IO &YIO, Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata &MD)
constexpr char PrivateSegmentFixedSize[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mPrivateSegmentFixedSize.
std::error_code toString(Metadata HSAMetadata, std::string &String)
Converts HSAMetadata to String.
uint32_t mMaxFlatWorkGroupSize
Maximum flat work-group size supported by the kernel. Optional.
constexpr char NumSpilledVGPRs[]
Key for Kernel::CodeProps::Metadata::mNumSpilledVGPRs.
bool mIsDynamicCallStack
True if the generated machine code is using a dynamically sized call stack.
constexpr char DebugProps[]
Key for Kernel::Metadata::mDebugProps.
Address space qualifiers.
constexpr char VecTypeHint[]
Key for Kernel::Attr::Metadata::mVecTypeHint.
constexpr char AccQual[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mAccQual.
bool mIsRestrict
True if &#39;restrict&#39; qualifier is specified. Optional.
In-memory representation of kernel code properties metadata.
constexpr char IsConst[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mIsConst.
constexpr char WorkGroupSizeHint[]
Key for Kernel::Attr::Metadata::mWorkGroupSizeHint.
uint16_t mWavefrontPrivateSegmentOffsetSGPR
Fixed SGPR used to hold the wave scratch offset for the entire kernel execution.
uint64_t mKernargSegmentSize
Size in bytes of the kernarg segment memory.
static void enumeration(IO &YIO, ValueType &EN)
A raw_ostream that writes to an std::string.
Definition: raw_ostream.h:503
constexpr char WavefrontPrivateSegmentOffsetSGPR[]
Key for Kernel::DebugProps::Metadata::mWavefrontPrivateSegmentOffsetSGPR.
constexpr char Size[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mSize.
AddressSpaceQualifier mAddrSpaceQual
Address space qualifier. Optional.
constexpr char ReservedNumVGPRs[]
Key for Kernel::DebugProps::Metadata::mReservedNumVGPRs.
std::string mName
Kernel source name. Required.
uint32_t mGroupSegmentFixedSize
Size in bytes of the group segment memory required by a workgroup.
AMDGPU metadata definitions and in-memory representations.
static void mapping(IO &YIO, Kernel::Metadata &MD)
std::vector< Kernel::Metadata > mKernels
Kernels metadata. Required.
Root of the metadata hierarchy.
Definition: Metadata.h:57
constexpr char ValueKind[]
Key for Kernel::Arg::Metadata::mValueKind.
constexpr char Args[]
Key for Kernel::Metadata::mArgs.
std::vector< uint32_t > mDebuggerABIVersion
Debugger ABI version. Optional.
A discriminated union of two or more pointer types, with the discriminator in the low bit of the poin...
Definition: PointerUnion.h:156
AccessQualifier mAccQual
Access qualifier. Optional.
std::string mLanguage
Language. Optional.
std::string mVecTypeHint
&#39;vec_type_hint&#39; attribute. Optional.