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14.0.6: Jun 2022
14.0.5: Jun 2022
14.0.4: May 2022
14.0.0: Mar 2022
13.0.1: Feb 2022
13.0.0: Oct 2021
12.0.1: Jul 2021
12.0.0: Apr 2021
11.0.1: Jan 2021
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GitHub Migration Status

The GitHub Migration is Complete!

Blocking Tasks

Task Status
Create GitHub Project Done GitHub
SVN to GitHub Synchronization Done PR39394
Block Merge Commits Done PR42429
Migrate Buildbots In Progress PR40262
Enable GitHub Commit Access Done PR42428
Check For Merges in git-llvm Script In Progress D67772
Send Commit Notifications to *-commits Lists In Progress PR40261

Other Tasks

Task Status
Make SVN to GitHub Syncronization More Robust Done PR39397
Auto-Close Pull Requests Done Example