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16.0.5: June 2023
16.0.4: May 2023
16.0.3: May 2023
16.0.2: Apr 2023
16.0.1: Apr 2023
16.0.0: Mar 2023
15.0.7: Jan 2023
15.0.6: Nov 2022
15.0.5: Nov 2022
15.0.4: Nov 2022
15.0.3: Oct 2022
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LLVM Related Publications

Here are some of the publications that use or build on LLVM. This list generally lags behind publication; if you have a paper for this list, please email the LLVM Developer's mailing list with a Subject: line that begins with the word "Publication" or commit it directly to the www-pubs SVN module if you have commit access.