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July 15, 2022 - CoC Transparency Report

The LLVM Code of Conduct sets standards for how the community interacts with each other and is enforced by a Code of Conduct committee. This committee follows publically disclosed reporting and response procedures. One of the requirements is to publish a transparency report of any incidents reported. These reports provide the community with transparency into if and how the Code of Conduct committee responds and resolves incidents.

The Code of Conduct Advisory committee currently consists of the LLVM Foundation Board of Directors and a sub-committee of members were selected to investigate the incoming Code of Conduct reports.


The LLVM CoC Committee received 2 unrelated incident reports in this time period. Report #1 was received on April 18th, 2022 where a single incident was detailed. Report #2 was received on April 20th, 2022 where three incidents were detailed.

Report #1:
  The incident reported on April 18th was concluded as violating be careful in the words that you choose and be kind to others, be respectful and when we disagree, try to understand why.

Report #2:
  The incidents in the April 20th report were also concluded to be violations of ground rules: be careful in the words that you choose and be kind to others, be respectful and when we disagree, try to understand why, be friendly, patient, and considerate.


Report #1:
  To resolve the violation reported on April 18th, the acting committee requested that the reportee update their Phabricator patch to adhere to the code of conduct and to address all reviewers’ posted concerns. No other punitive actions were taken, though a verbal warning and a constructive breakdown on how to prevent future potential violations was communicated to the reportee.

Report #2:
  As a result of the CoC violations, the reportee was and remains suspended from all LLVM spaces until the reportee can provide a written statement where they state:

  1. That the reportee understands and agrees that the quoted behaviors are code-of-conduct violations.
  2. What the reportee has done during this time away from the project to improve the reportee’s communication skills.
  3. What steps the reportee will take to avoid having these kinds of violations in the future.
  In addition, the reportee was asked to refrain from communicating in any medium with either the reporters or any past or current members of the CoC Committee.

Report #1:

  • A contributor posted a patch on LLVM’s Phabricator’s instance for code review. In this patch, the intended commit summary suggested malice intent of a previous merged commit. After a reviewer suggested this summary should be revised and proposed an alternative solution to the problem the patch resolved, the patch author ignored and removed such reviewer. After discourse with additional reviewers, the summary was appended to reflect the requests of the reviewers in a sarcastic manner. The committee deemed this as not respectful to fellow contributors reviewing the patch and to the author of the referenced commit.

Report #2:

  • On April 20, 2022, a Code of Conduct complaint was filed by the acting CoC Committee against a member of the LLVM community for inappropriate comments and behavior exhibited while that member was being investigated for a separate and previous Code of Conduct complaint . The reportee was temporarily suspended from all LLVM spaces while the current complaint was investigated by a separate sub-committee.
  • The Code of Conduct committee concluded that while discussing the previous complaint the reportee made the reporters feel uncomfortable by emailing them at a personal email account rather than the shared mailing list that was available for discussing Code of Conduct violations. In addition, the reportee made several disrespectful comments during a video conference discussing the previous violation, and made the reporters feel unsafe by making repeated remarks that included explicit, inappropriate references to genitalia.
  • During the temporary suspension, the reportee contacted two of the reporters individually, which the Code of Conduct committee felt was inappropriate. The reportee also violated the temporary suspension, by posting on an LLVM project owned communication platform.