User Guide for SPIR-V Target


The SPIR-V target provides code generation for the SPIR-V binary format described in the official SPIR-V specification.

Target Triples

For cross-compilation into SPIR-V use option

-target <Architecture><Subarchitecture>-<Vendor>-<OS>-<Environment>

to specify the target triple:

SPIR-V Architectures
Architecture Description
spirv32 SPIR-V with 32-bit pointer width.
spirv64 SPIR-V with 64-bit pointer width.
SPIR-V Subarchitectures
Subarchitecture Description
<empty> SPIR-V version deduced by tools based on the compiled input.
v1.0 SPIR-V version 1.0.
v1.1 SPIR-V version 1.1.
v1.2 SPIR-V version 1.2.
v1.3 SPIR-V version 1.3.
v1.4 SPIR-V version 1.4.
v1.5 SPIR-V version 1.5.
SPIR-V Vendors
Vendor Description
<empty>/unknown Generic SPIR-V target without any vendor-specific settings.
Operating Systems
OS Description
<empty>/unknown Defaults to the OpenCL runtime.
SPIR-V Environments
Environment Description
<empty>/unknown Defaults to the OpenCL environment.


-target spirv64v1.0 can be used to compile for SPIR-V version 1.0 with 64-bit pointer width.