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CommandLine.h File Reference
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringMap.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Twine.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Compiler.h"
#include <cassert>
#include <climits>
#include <cstdarg>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
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class  llvm::cl::OptionCategory
class  llvm::cl::Option
struct  llvm::cl::desc
struct  llvm::cl::value_desc
struct  llvm::cl::initializer< Ty >
struct  llvm::cl::LocationClass< Ty >
struct  llvm::cl::cat
struct  llvm::cl::GenericOptionValue
struct  llvm::cl::OptionValueBase< DataType, isClass >
class  llvm::cl::OptionValueCopy< DataType >
struct  llvm::cl::OptionValueBase< DataType, false >
struct  llvm::cl::OptionValue< DataType >
struct  llvm::cl::OptionValue< cl::boolOrDefault >
struct  llvm::cl::OptionValue< std::string >
class  llvm::cl::ValuesClass< DataType >
class  llvm::cl::generic_parser_base
class  llvm::cl::generic_parser_base::GenericOptionInfo
class  llvm::cl::parser< DataType >
class  llvm::cl::parser< DataType >::OptionInfo
class  llvm::cl::basic_parser_impl
class  llvm::cl::basic_parser< DataType >
class  llvm::cl::parser< bool >
class  llvm::cl::parser< boolOrDefault >
class  llvm::cl::parser< int >
class  llvm::cl::parser< unsigned >
class  llvm::cl::parser< unsigned long long >
class  llvm::cl::parser< double >
class  llvm::cl::parser< float >
class  llvm::cl::parser< std::string >
class  llvm::cl::parser< char >
struct  llvm::cl::OptionDiffPrinter< ParserDT, ValDT >
struct  llvm::cl::OptionDiffPrinter< DT, DT >
struct  llvm::cl::applicator< Mod >
struct  llvm::cl::applicator< char[n]>
struct  llvm::cl::applicator< const char[n]>
struct  llvm::cl::applicator< const char * >
struct  llvm::cl::applicator< NumOccurrencesFlag >
struct  llvm::cl::applicator< ValueExpected >
struct  llvm::cl::applicator< OptionHidden >
struct  llvm::cl::applicator< FormattingFlags >
struct  llvm::cl::applicator< MiscFlags >
class  llvm::cl::opt_storage< DataType, ExternalStorage, isClass >
class  llvm::cl::opt_storage< DataType, false, true >
class  llvm::cl::opt_storage< DataType, false, false >
class  llvm::cl::opt< DataType, ExternalStorage, ParserClass >
class  llvm::cl::list_storage< DataType, StorageClass >
class  llvm::cl::list_storage< DataType, bool >
class  llvm::cl::list< DataType, Storage, ParserClass >
struct  llvm::cl::multi_val
class  llvm::cl::bits_storage< DataType, StorageClass >
class  llvm::cl::bits_storage< DataType, bool >
class  llvm::cl::bits< DataType, Storage, ParserClass >
class  llvm::cl::alias
struct  llvm::cl::aliasopt
struct  llvm::cl::extrahelp
class  llvm::cl::StringSaver
 Saves strings in the inheritor's stable storage and returns a stable raw character pointer. More...


namespace  llvm

List of target independent CodeGen pass IDs.

namespace  llvm::cl


#define clEnumVal(ENUMVAL, DESC)   #ENUMVAL, int(ENUMVAL), DESC
#define clEnumValEnd   (reinterpret_cast<void*>(0))


typedef void(* llvm::cl::TokenizerCallback )(StringRef Source, StringSaver &Saver, SmallVectorImpl< const char * > &NewArgv)
 String tokenization function type. Should be compatible with either Windows or Unix command line tokenizers.


enum  llvm::cl::NumOccurrencesFlag {
  llvm::cl::Optional = 0x00, llvm::cl::ZeroOrMore = 0x01, llvm::cl::Required = 0x02, llvm::cl::OneOrMore = 0x03,
  llvm::cl::ConsumeAfter = 0x04
enum  llvm::cl::ValueExpected { llvm::cl::ValueOptional = 0x01, llvm::cl::ValueRequired = 0x02, llvm::cl::ValueDisallowed = 0x03 }
enum  llvm::cl::OptionHidden { llvm::cl::NotHidden = 0x00, llvm::cl::Hidden = 0x01, llvm::cl::ReallyHidden = 0x02 }
enum  llvm::cl::FormattingFlags { llvm::cl::NormalFormatting = 0x00, llvm::cl::Positional = 0x01, llvm::cl::Prefix = 0x02, llvm::cl::Grouping = 0x03 }
enum  llvm::cl::MiscFlags { llvm::cl::CommaSeparated = 0x01, llvm::cl::PositionalEatsArgs = 0x02, llvm::cl::Sink = 0x04 }
enum  llvm::cl::boolOrDefault { llvm::cl::BOU_UNSET, llvm::cl::BOU_TRUE, llvm::cl::BOU_FALSE }


void llvm::cl::ParseCommandLineOptions (int argc, const char *const *argv, const char *Overview=nullptr)
void llvm::cl::ParseEnvironmentOptions (const char *progName, const char *envvar, const char *Overview=nullptr)
void llvm::cl::SetVersionPrinter (void(*func)())
void llvm::cl::AddExtraVersionPrinter (void(*func)())
void llvm::cl::PrintOptionValues ()
void llvm::cl::MarkOptionsChanged ()
template<class Ty >
initializer< Ty > llvm::cl::init (const Ty &Val)
template<class Ty >
LocationClass< Ty > llvm::cl::location (Ty &L)
template<class DataType >
ValuesClass< DataType >
llvm::cl::values (const char *Arg, DataType Val, const char *Desc,...)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class basic_parser< bool >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class basic_parser< boolOrDefault >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class basic_parser< int >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class basic_parser< unsigned >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class basic_parser< unsigned long long >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class basic_parser< double >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class basic_parser< float >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class basic_parser< std::string >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class basic_parser< char >)
template<class ParserClass , class DT >
void llvm::cl::printOptionDiff (const Option &O, const generic_parser_base &P, const DT &V, const OptionValue< DT > &Default, size_t GlobalWidth)
template<class ParserClass , class ValDT >
void llvm::cl::printOptionDiff (const Option &O, const basic_parser< typename ParserClass::parser_data_type > &P, const ValDT &V, const OptionValue< ValDT > &Default, size_t GlobalWidth)
template<class Mod , class Opt >
void llvm::cl::apply (const Mod &M, Opt *O)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class opt< unsigned >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class opt< int >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class opt< std::string >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class opt< char >)
 llvm::cl::EXTERN_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION (class opt< bool >)
void llvm::cl::PrintVersionMessage ()
 Utility function for printing version number.
void llvm::cl::PrintHelpMessage (bool Hidden=false, bool Categorized=false)
void llvm::cl::getRegisteredOptions (StringMap< Option * > &Map)
 Use this to get a StringMap to all registered named options (e.g. -help). Note Map Should be an empty StringMap.
void llvm::cl::TokenizeGNUCommandLine (StringRef Source, StringSaver &Saver, SmallVectorImpl< const char * > &NewArgv)
 Tokenizes a command line that can contain escapes and quotes.
void llvm::cl::TokenizeWindowsCommandLine (StringRef Source, StringSaver &Saver, SmallVectorImpl< const char * > &NewArgv)
 Tokenizes a Windows command line which may contain quotes and escaped quotes.
bool llvm::cl::ExpandResponseFiles (StringSaver &Saver, TokenizerCallback Tokenizer, SmallVectorImpl< const char * > &Argv)
 Expand response files on a command line recursively using the given StringSaver and tokenization strategy. Argv should contain the command line before expansion and will be modified in place.


OptionCategory llvm::cl::GeneralCategory

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#define clEnumVal (   ENUMVAL,

Definition at line 477 of file CommandLine.h.

#define clEnumValEnd   (reinterpret_cast<void*>(0))

Definition at line 479 of file CommandLine.h.

#define clEnumValN (   ENUMVAL,

Definition at line 478 of file CommandLine.h.