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llvm::ArrayType Class Reference

#include <DerivedTypes.h>

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Public Member Functions

uint64_t getNumElements () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ArrayTypeget (Type *ElementType, uint64_t NumElements)
static bool isValidElementType (Type *ElemTy)
static bool classof (const Type *T)
 Methods for support type inquiry through isa, cast, and dyn_cast.

Detailed Description

ArrayType - Class to represent array types.

Definition at line 335 of file DerivedTypes.h.

Member Function Documentation

static bool llvm::ArrayType::classof ( const Type T) [inline, static]

Methods for support type inquiry through isa, cast, and dyn_cast.

Reimplemented from llvm::SequentialType.

Definition at line 354 of file DerivedTypes.h.

References llvm::Type::ArrayTyID, and llvm::Type::getTypeID().

ArrayType * ArrayType::get ( Type ElementType,
uint64_t  NumElements 
) [static]
uint64_t llvm::ArrayType::getNumElements ( ) const [inline]
bool ArrayType::isValidElementType ( Type ElemTy) [static]

isValidElementType - Return true if the specified type is valid as a element type.

Definition at line 695 of file Type.cpp.

References llvm::Type::isFunctionTy(), llvm::Type::isLabelTy(), llvm::Type::isMetadataTy(), and llvm::Type::isVoidTy().

Referenced by get().

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