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llvm::MDString Class Reference

#include <Metadata.h>

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Public Types

typedef StringRef::iterator iterator

Public Member Functions

StringRef getString () const
unsigned getLength () const
iterator begin () const
 begin() - Pointer to the first byte of the string.
iterator end () const
 end() - Pointer to one byte past the end of the string.

Static Public Member Functions

static MDStringget (LLVMContext &Context, StringRef Str)
static MDStringget (LLVMContext &Context, const char *Str)
static bool classof (const Value *V)
 Methods for support type inquiry through isa, cast, and dyn_cast:

Detailed Description

MDString - a single uniqued string. These are used to efficiently contain a byte sequence for metadata. MDString is always unnamed.

Definition at line 41 of file Metadata.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 56 of file Metadata.h.

Member Function Documentation

iterator llvm::MDString::begin ( ) const [inline]

begin() - Pointer to the first byte of the string.

Definition at line 59 of file Metadata.h.

References llvm::StringRef::begin(), and llvm::Value::getName().

static bool llvm::MDString::classof ( const Value V) [inline, static]

Methods for support type inquiry through isa, cast, and dyn_cast:

Definition at line 65 of file Metadata.h.

References llvm::Value::getValueID(), and llvm::Value::MDStringVal.

iterator llvm::MDString::end ( ) const [inline]

end() - Pointer to one byte past the end of the string.

Definition at line 62 of file Metadata.h.

References llvm::StringRef::end(), and llvm::Value::getName().

MDString * MDString::get ( LLVMContext Context,
StringRef  Str 
) [static]

Definition at line 39 of file Metadata.cpp.

References llvm::StringMap< ValueTy, AllocatorTy >::GetOrCreateValue(), llvm::StringMapEntry< ValueTy >::getValue(), llvm::LLVMContextImpl::MDStringCache, llvm::LLVMContext::pImpl, and llvm::Value::setValueName().

Referenced by llvm::Module::addModuleFlag(), AppendMDNodeToInstForPtr(), llvm::DIBuilder::createArrayType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createBasicType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createClassType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createCompileUnit(), llvm::DIBuilder::createComplexVariable(), llvm::DIBuilder::createEnumerationType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createEnumerator(), createFilePathPair(), llvm::DIBuilder::createForwardDecl(), createFunctionHelper(), llvm::DIBuilder::createGlobalVariable(), createImportedModule(), llvm::DIBuilder::createLocalVariable(), llvm::DIBuilder::createMemberType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createMethod(), llvm::DIBuilder::createNameSpace(), llvm::DIBuilder::createObjCIVar(), llvm::DIBuilder::createObjCProperty(), llvm::DIBuilder::createPointerType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createQualifiedType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createReplaceableForwardDecl(), llvm::DIBuilder::createStaticMemberType(), createStaticVariableHelper(), llvm::MDBuilder::createString(), llvm::DIBuilder::createStructType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createSubroutineType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createTemplateTemplateParameter(), llvm::DIBuilder::createTemplateTypeParameter(), llvm::DIBuilder::createTypedef(), llvm::DIBuilder::createUnionType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createUnspecifiedType(), llvm::DIBuilder::createVectorType(), LLVMMDStringInContext(), and SetLoopAlreadyUnrolled().

static MDString* llvm::MDString::get ( LLVMContext Context,
const char *  Str 
) [inline, static]

Definition at line 48 of file Metadata.h.

unsigned llvm::MDString::getLength ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 54 of file Metadata.h.

References llvm::Value::getName(), and llvm::StringRef::size().

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