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llvm::DominatorTree Class Reference

Concrete subclass of DominatorTreeBase that is used to compute a normal dominator tree. More...

#include "llvm/IR/Dominators.h"

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Public Types

using Base = DominatorTreeBase< BasicBlock, false >
- Public Types inherited from llvm::DominatorTreeBase< BasicBlock, false >
enum  VerificationLevel
using NodeType = BasicBlock
using NodePtr = BasicBlock *
using ParentPtr = decltype(std::declval< BasicBlock *>() ->getParent())
using ParentType = typename std::remove_pointer< ParentPtr >::type
using UpdateType = cfg::Update< NodePtr >
using UpdateKind = cfg::UpdateKind

Public Member Functions

 DominatorTree ()=default
 DominatorTree (Function &F)
 DominatorTree (DominatorTree &DT, DomTreeBuilder::BBUpdates U)
bool invalidate (Function &F, const PreservedAnalyses &PA, FunctionAnalysisManager::Invalidator &)
 Handle invalidation explicitly. More...
bool dominates (const Instruction *Def, const Use &U) const
 Return true if Def dominates a use in User. More...
bool dominates (const Instruction *Def, const Instruction *User) const
bool dominates (const Instruction *Def, const BasicBlock *BB) const
bool dominates (const BasicBlockEdge &BBE, const Use &U) const
 Return true if an edge dominates a use. More...
bool dominates (const BasicBlockEdge &BBE, const BasicBlock *BB) const
bool isReachableFromEntry (const Use &U) const
 Provide an overload for a Use. More...
void viewGraph (const Twine &Name, const Twine &Title)
void viewGraph ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::DominatorTreeBase< BasicBlock, false >
 DominatorTreeBase ()
 DominatorTreeBase (DominatorTreeBase &&Arg)
 DominatorTreeBase (const DominatorTreeBase &)=delete
DominatorTreeBaseoperator= (DominatorTreeBase &&RHS)
DominatorTreeBaseoperator= (const DominatorTreeBase &)=delete
const SmallVectorImpl< BasicBlock *> & getRoots () const
 getRoots - Return the root blocks of the current CFG. More...
bool isPostDominator () const
 isPostDominator - Returns true if analysis based of postdoms More...
bool compare (const DominatorTreeBase &Other) const
 compare - Return false if the other dominator tree base matches this dominator tree base. More...
void releaseMemory ()
DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > * getNode (const BasicBlock *BB) const
 getNode - return the (Post)DominatorTree node for the specified basic block. More...
DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > * operator[] (const BasicBlock *BB) const
 See getNode. More...
DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > * getRootNode ()
 getRootNode - This returns the entry node for the CFG of the function. More...
const DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > * getRootNode () const
void getDescendants (BasicBlock *R, SmallVectorImpl< BasicBlock * > &Result) const
 Get all nodes dominated by R, including R itself. More...
bool properlyDominates (const DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > *A, const DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > *B) const
 properlyDominates - Returns true iff A dominates B and A != B. More...
bool properlyDominates (const BasicBlock *A, const BasicBlock *B) const
bool isReachableFromEntry (const BasicBlock *A) const
 isReachableFromEntry - Return true if A is dominated by the entry block of the function containing it. More...
bool isReachableFromEntry (const DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > *A) const
bool dominates (const DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > *A, const DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > *B) const
 dominates - Returns true iff A dominates B. More...
bool dominates (const BasicBlock *A, const BasicBlock *B) const
BasicBlockgetRoot () const
BasicBlockfindNearestCommonDominator (BasicBlock *A, BasicBlock *B) const
 findNearestCommonDominator - Find nearest common dominator basic block for basic block A and B. More...
const BasicBlockfindNearestCommonDominator (const BasicBlock *A, const BasicBlock *B) const
bool isVirtualRoot (const DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > *A) const
void applyUpdates (ArrayRef< UpdateType > Updates)
 Inform the dominator tree about a sequence of CFG edge insertions and deletions and perform a batch update on the tree. More...
void insertEdge (BasicBlock *From, BasicBlock *To)
 Inform the dominator tree about a CFG edge insertion and update the tree. More...
void deleteEdge (BasicBlock *From, BasicBlock *To)
 Inform the dominator tree about a CFG edge deletion and update the tree. More...
DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > * addNewBlock (BasicBlock *BB, BasicBlock *DomBB)
 Add a new node to the dominator tree information. More...
DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > * setNewRoot (BasicBlock *BB)
 Add a new node to the forward dominator tree and make it a new root. More...
void changeImmediateDominator (DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > *N, DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > *NewIDom)
 changeImmediateDominator - This method is used to update the dominator tree information when a node's immediate dominator changes. More...
void changeImmediateDominator (BasicBlock *BB, BasicBlock *NewBB)
void eraseNode (BasicBlock *BB)
 eraseNode - Removes a node from the dominator tree. More...
void splitBlock (BasicBlock *NewBB)
 splitBlock - BB is split and now it has one successor. More...
void print (raw_ostream &O) const
 print - Convert to human readable form More...
void updateDFSNumbers () const
 updateDFSNumbers - Assign In and Out numbers to the nodes while walking dominator tree in dfs order. More...
void recalculate (ParentType &Func)
 recalculate - compute a dominator tree for the given function More...
void recalculate (ParentType &Func, ArrayRef< UpdateType > Updates)
bool verify (VerificationLevel VL=VerificationLevel::Full) const
 verify - checks if the tree is correct. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from llvm::DominatorTreeBase< BasicBlock, false >
static constexpr bool IsPostDominator
static constexpr UpdateKind Insert
static constexpr UpdateKind Delete
- Protected Types inherited from llvm::DominatorTreeBase< BasicBlock, false >
using DomTreeNodeMapType = DenseMap< BasicBlock *, std::unique_ptr< DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > >>
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::DominatorTreeBase< BasicBlock, false >
void addRoot (BasicBlock *BB)
void addRoot (MachineBasicBlock *MBB)
void reset ()
void Split (typename GraphTraits< N >::NodeRef NewBB)
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::DominatorTreeBase< BasicBlock, false >
SmallVector< BasicBlock *, IsPostDom ? 4 :1 > Roots
DomTreeNodeMapType DomTreeNodes
DomTreeNodeBase< BasicBlock > * RootNode
ParentPtr Parent
bool DFSInfoValid
unsigned int SlowQueries

Detailed Description

Concrete subclass of DominatorTreeBase that is used to compute a normal dominator tree.

Definition: A block is said to be forward statically reachable if there is a path from the entry of the function to the block. A statically reachable block may become statically unreachable during optimization.

A forward unreachable block may appear in the dominator tree, or it may not. If it does, dominance queries will return results as if all reachable blocks dominate it. When asking for a Node corresponding to a potentially unreachable block, calling code must handle the case where the block was unreachable and the result of getNode() is nullptr.

Generally, a block known to be unreachable when the dominator tree is constructed will not be in the tree. One which becomes unreachable after the dominator tree is initially constructed may still exist in the tree, even if the tree is properly updated. Calling code should not rely on the preceding statements; this is stated only to assist human understanding.

Definition at line 144 of file Dominators.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Base

Definition at line 146 of file Dominators.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DominatorTree() [1/3]

llvm::DominatorTree::DominatorTree ( )

◆ DominatorTree() [2/3]

llvm::DominatorTree::DominatorTree ( Function F)

Definition at line 149 of file Dominators.h.

◆ DominatorTree() [3/3]

llvm::DominatorTree::DominatorTree ( DominatorTree DT,
DomTreeBuilder::BBUpdates  U 

Member Function Documentation

◆ dominates() [1/5]

bool DominatorTree::dominates ( const Instruction Def,
const Use U 
) const

Return true if Def dominates a use in User.

This performs the special checks necessary if Def and User are in the same basic block. Note that Def doesn't dominate a use in Def itself!

Definition at line 248 of file Dominators.cpp.

References E, llvm::Instruction::getParent(), llvm::Use::getUser(), and I.

Referenced by llvm::LoopSafetyInfo::allLoopPathsLeadToBlock(), AllUsesDominatedByBlock(), llvm::MemorySSAUpdater::applyInsertUpdates(), AreSequentialAccesses(), llvm::LoopAccessInfo::blockNeedsPredication(), BrPHIToSelect(), buildFrameType(), calculateUnswitchCostMultiplier(), checkBasicSSA(), checkHoistValue(), CompareSCEVComplexity(), containsUnconditionalCallSafepoint(), llvm::createSeparateConstOffsetFromGEPPass(), doesStoreDominatesAllLatches(), llvm::OrderedInstructions::dominates(), enableCallSafepoints(), ensurePromotedGV(), findBasePointers(), findBBsToSinkInto(), findCallsAtConstantOffset(), llvm::ScalarEvolution::forgetValue(), llvm::formLCSSAForInstructions(), LoopFuser::fuseLoops(), llvm::ScalarEvolution::getBlockDisposition(), llvm::InnerLoopVectorizer::getBroadcastInstrs(), getFirstNonAllocaInTheEntryBlock(), getInsertPointForUses(), llvm::MemoryDependenceResults::getInvariantGroupPointerDependency(), llvm::ScalarEvolution::getLoopDisposition(), getMemSetPatternValue(), getReductionValue(), getSignature(), llvm::SCEVExpander::hoistIVInc(), llvm::hoistRegion(), hoistValue(), llvm::DivergenceAnalysis::inRegion(), insertParsePoints(), IsAcceptableTarget(), IsAvailableOnEntry(), IsBackEdge(), llvm::RecurrenceDescriptor::isFirstOrderRecurrence(), isFullDominator(), llvm::HardwareLoopInfo::isHardwareLoopCandidate(), isKnownNonNullFromDominatingCondition(), llvm::isOverflowIntrinsicNoWrap(), llvm::isPotentiallyReachableFromMany(), isSafeToSpeculatePHIUsers(), isSupportedGuardInstruction(), llvm::isValidAssumeForContext(), IVUseShouldUsePostIncValue(), moveUp(), mustExecuteUBIfPoisonOnPathTo(), nearest_common_dominatee(), FusionCandidateCompare::operator()(), optimizeDivRem(), partitionOuterLoopBlocks(), PickMostRelevantLoop(), llvm::promoteLoopAccessesToScalars(), llvm::GVNHoist::rank(), RemoveInstInputs(), llvm::replaceDominatedUsesWith(), ReplaceUsesOfWith(), reportMayClobberedLoad(), rewriteDebugUsers(), rewriteSingleStoreAlloca(), separateNestedLoop(), shouldConvert(), llvm::CaptureTracker::shouldExplore(), simplifyCommonValuePhi(), llvm::sinkRegion(), unswitchNontrivialInvariants(), and valueDominatesPHI().

◆ dominates() [2/5]

bool DominatorTree::dominates ( const Instruction Def,
const Instruction User 
) const

◆ dominates() [3/5]

bool DominatorTree::dominates ( const Instruction Def,
const BasicBlock BB 
) const

Definition at line 152 of file Dominators.cpp.

References E, and llvm::Instruction::getParent().

◆ dominates() [4/5]

bool DominatorTree::dominates ( const BasicBlockEdge BBE,
const Use U 
) const

Return true if an edge dominates a use.

If BBE is not a unique edge between start and end of the edge, it can never dominate the use.

Definition at line 230 of file Dominators.cpp.

References llvm::dyn_cast(), llvm::BasicBlockEdge::getEnd(), llvm::Instruction::getParent(), llvm::BasicBlockEdge::getStart(), and llvm::Use::getUser().

◆ dominates() [5/5]

bool DominatorTree::dominates ( const BasicBlockEdge BBE,
const BasicBlock BB 
) const

◆ invalidate()

bool DominatorTree::invalidate ( Function F,
const PreservedAnalyses PA,
FunctionAnalysisManager::Invalidator &   

Handle invalidation explicitly.

Definition at line 103 of file Dominators.cpp.

References llvm::PreservedAnalyses::getChecker().

Referenced by llvm::BasicAAResult::invalidate().

◆ isReachableFromEntry()

bool DominatorTree::isReachableFromEntry ( const Use U) const

◆ viewGraph() [1/2]

void DominatorTree::viewGraph ( const Twine Name,
const Twine Title 

Definition at line 82 of file DomPrinter.cpp.

References llvm::errs(), and ViewGraph().

◆ viewGraph() [2/2]

void DominatorTree::viewGraph ( )

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