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llvm::ConstantExprKeyType Struct Reference

#include "IR/ConstantsContext.h"

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Public Types

using TypeClass = ConstantInfo< ConstantExpr >::TypeClass

Public Member Functions

 ConstantExprKeyType (unsigned Opcode, ArrayRef< Constant *> Ops, unsigned short SubclassData=0, unsigned short SubclassOptionalData=0, ArrayRef< unsigned > Indexes=None, Type *ExplicitTy=nullptr)
 ConstantExprKeyType (ArrayRef< Constant *> Operands, const ConstantExpr *CE)
 ConstantExprKeyType (const ConstantExpr *CE, SmallVectorImpl< Constant *> &Storage)
bool operator== (const ConstantExprKeyType &X) const
bool operator== (const ConstantExpr *CE) const
unsigned getHash () const
ConstantExprcreate (TypeClass *Ty) const

Public Attributes

uint8_t Opcode
uint8_t SubclassOptionalData
uint16_t SubclassData
ArrayRef< Constant * > Ops
ArrayRef< unsignedIndexes

Detailed Description

Definition at line 462 of file ConstantsContext.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TypeClass

Definition at line 528 of file ConstantsContext.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConstantExprKeyType() [1/3]

llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::ConstantExprKeyType ( unsigned  Opcode,
ArrayRef< Constant *>  Ops,
unsigned short  SubclassData = 0,
unsigned short  SubclassOptionalData = 0,
ArrayRef< unsigned Indexes = None,
Type ExplicitTy = nullptr 

Definition at line 470 of file ConstantsContext.h.

◆ ConstantExprKeyType() [2/3]

llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::ConstantExprKeyType ( ArrayRef< Constant *>  Operands,
const ConstantExpr CE 

Definition at line 479 of file ConstantsContext.h.

◆ ConstantExprKeyType() [3/3]

llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::ConstantExprKeyType ( const ConstantExpr CE,
SmallVectorImpl< Constant *> &  Storage 

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

ConstantExpr* llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::create ( TypeClass Ty) const

◆ getHash()

unsigned llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::getHash ( ) const

◆ operator==() [1/2]

bool llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::operator== ( const ConstantExprKeyType X) const

Definition at line 499 of file ConstantsContext.h.

References Indexes, Opcode, Ops, SubclassData, and SubclassOptionalData.

◆ operator==() [2/2]

bool llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::operator== ( const ConstantExpr CE) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ ExplicitTy

Type* llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::ExplicitTy

Definition at line 468 of file ConstantsContext.h.

◆ Indexes

ArrayRef<unsigned> llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::Indexes

Definition at line 467 of file ConstantsContext.h.

Referenced by operator==().

◆ Opcode

uint8_t llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::Opcode

Definition at line 463 of file ConstantsContext.h.

Referenced by operator==().

◆ Ops

ArrayRef<Constant *> llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::Ops

Definition at line 466 of file ConstantsContext.h.

Referenced by operator==().

◆ SubclassData

uint16_t llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::SubclassData

Definition at line 465 of file ConstantsContext.h.

Referenced by operator==().

◆ SubclassOptionalData

uint8_t llvm::ConstantExprKeyType::SubclassOptionalData

Definition at line 464 of file ConstantsContext.h.

Referenced by operator==().

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