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llvm::DwarfFile Class Reference

#include "CodeGen/AsmPrinter/DwarfFile.h"

Public Member Functions

 DwarfFile (AsmPrinter *AP, StringRef Pref, BumpPtrAllocator &DA)
const SmallVectorImpl< std::unique_ptr< DwarfCompileUnit > > & getUnits ()
std::pair< uint32_t, RangeSpanList * > addRange (const DwarfCompileUnit &CU, SmallVector< RangeSpan, 2 > R)
const SmallVectorImpl< RangeSpanList > & getRangeLists () const
 getRangeLists - Get the vector of range lists. More...
unsigned computeSizeAndOffset (DIE &Die, unsigned Offset)
 Compute the size and offset of a DIE given an incoming Offset. More...
void computeSizeAndOffsets ()
 Compute the size and offset of all the DIEs. More...
unsigned computeSizeAndOffsetsForUnit (DwarfUnit *TheU)
 Compute the size and offset of all the DIEs in the given unit. More...
void addUnit (std::unique_ptr< DwarfCompileUnit > U)
 Add a unit to the list of CUs. More...
void emitUnits (bool UseOffsets)
 Emit all of the units to the section listed with the given abbreviation section. More...
void emitUnit (DwarfUnit *TheU, bool UseOffsets)
 Emit the given unit to its section. More...
void emitAbbrevs (MCSection *)
 Emit a set of abbreviations to the specific section. More...
void emitStrings (MCSection *StrSection, MCSection *OffsetSection=nullptr, bool UseRelativeOffsets=false)
 Emit all of the strings to the section given. More...
DwarfStringPoolgetStringPool ()
 Returns the string pool. More...
MCSymbolgetStringOffsetsStartSym () const
void setStringOffsetsStartSym (MCSymbol *Sym)
MCSymbolgetRnglistsTableBaseSym () const
void setRnglistsTableBaseSym (MCSymbol *Sym)
bool addScopeVariable (LexicalScope *LS, DbgVariable *Var)
void addScopeLabel (LexicalScope *LS, DbgLabel *Label)
DenseMap< LexicalScope *, ScopeVars > & getScopeVariables ()
DenseMap< LexicalScope *, LabelList > & getScopeLabels ()
DenseMap< const MDNode *, DIE * > & getAbstractSPDies ()
DenseMap< const DINode *, std::unique_ptr< DbgEntity > > & getAbstractEntities ()
void insertDIE (const MDNode *TypeMD, DIE *Die)
DIEgetDIE (const MDNode *TypeMD)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file DwarfFile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DwarfFile()

DwarfFile::DwarfFile ( AsmPrinter AP,
StringRef  Pref,
BumpPtrAllocator DA 

Definition at line 23 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addRange()

std::pair< uint32_t, RangeSpanList * > DwarfFile::addRange ( const DwarfCompileUnit CU,
SmallVector< RangeSpan, 2 >  R 

Definition at line 127 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

References llvm::AsmPrinter::createTempSymbol().

◆ addScopeLabel()

void DwarfFile::addScopeLabel ( LexicalScope LS,
DbgLabel Label 

Definition at line 121 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

References llvm::AArch64CC::LS, and llvm::SmallVectorTemplateBase< T >::push_back().

Referenced by validThroughout().

◆ addScopeVariable()

bool DwarfFile::addScopeVariable ( LexicalScope LS,
DbgVariable Var 
false if the variable was merged with a previous one.

Definition at line 104 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

References llvm::DbgVariable::addMMIEntry(), llvm::DILocalVariable::getArg(), llvm::DbgVariable::getVariable(), and llvm::AArch64CC::LS.

Referenced by validThroughout().

◆ addUnit()

void DwarfFile::addUnit ( std::unique_ptr< DwarfCompileUnit U)

Add a unit to the list of CUs.

Definition at line 26 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

Referenced by collectCallSiteParameters().

◆ computeSizeAndOffset()

unsigned DwarfFile::computeSizeAndOffset ( DIE Die,
unsigned  Offset 

Compute the size and offset of a DIE given an incoming Offset.

Definition at line 92 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

References llvm::DIE::computeOffsetsAndAbbrevs().

Referenced by computeSizeAndOffsetsForUnit().

◆ computeSizeAndOffsets()

void DwarfFile::computeSizeAndOffsets ( )

Compute the size and offset of all the DIEs.

Definition at line 60 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

References computeSizeAndOffsetsForUnit(), and llvm::empty().

Referenced by llvm::DwarfDebug::beginModule().

◆ computeSizeAndOffsetsForUnit()

unsigned DwarfFile::computeSizeAndOffsetsForUnit ( DwarfUnit TheU)

Compute the size and offset of all the DIEs in the given unit.

The size of the root DIE.

Definition at line 80 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

References computeSizeAndOffset(), llvm::DwarfUnit::getHeaderSize(), and llvm::DIEUnit::getUnitDie().

Referenced by computeSizeAndOffsets().

◆ emitAbbrevs()

void DwarfFile::emitAbbrevs ( MCSection Section)

Emit a set of abbreviations to the specific section.

Definition at line 96 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

References llvm::DIEAbbrevSet::Emit().

Referenced by llvm::DwarfDebug::endFunctionImpl().

◆ emitStrings()

void DwarfFile::emitStrings ( MCSection StrSection,
MCSection OffsetSection = nullptr,
bool  UseRelativeOffsets = false 

Emit all of the strings to the section given.

If OffsetSection is non-null, emit a table of string offsets to it. If UseRelativeOffsets is false, emit absolute offsets to the strings. Otherwise, emit relocatable references to the strings if they are supported by the target.

Definition at line 99 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

References llvm::DwarfStringPool::emit().

Referenced by computeIndexValue().

◆ emitUnit()

void DwarfFile::emitUnit ( DwarfUnit TheU,
bool  UseOffsets 

◆ emitUnits()

void DwarfFile::emitUnits ( bool  UseOffsets)

Emit all of the units to the section listed with the given abbreviation section.

Definition at line 32 of file DwarfFile.cpp.

References emitUnit().

Referenced by llvm::DwarfDebug::endFunctionImpl().

◆ getAbstractEntities()

DenseMap<const DINode *, std::unique_ptr<DbgEntity> >& llvm::DwarfFile::getAbstractEntities ( )

Definition at line 177 of file DwarfFile.h.

◆ getAbstractSPDies()

DenseMap<const MDNode *, DIE *>& llvm::DwarfFile::getAbstractSPDies ( )

◆ getDIE()

DIE* llvm::DwarfFile::getDIE ( const MDNode TypeMD)

◆ getRangeLists()

const SmallVectorImpl<RangeSpanList>& llvm::DwarfFile::getRangeLists ( ) const

getRangeLists - Get the vector of range lists.

Definition at line 117 of file DwarfFile.h.

Referenced by llvm::DwarfDebug::beginModule(), emitDebugRangesImpl(), and emitRnglistsTableHeader().

◆ getRnglistsTableBaseSym()

MCSymbol* llvm::DwarfFile::getRnglistsTableBaseSym ( ) const

Definition at line 157 of file DwarfFile.h.

Referenced by llvm::DwarfUnit::addRnglistsBase(), and emitRnglistsTableHeader().

◆ getScopeLabels()

DenseMap<LexicalScope *, LabelList>& llvm::DwarfFile::getScopeLabels ( )

◆ getScopeVariables()

DenseMap<LexicalScope *, ScopeVars>& llvm::DwarfFile::getScopeVariables ( )

◆ getStringOffsetsStartSym()

MCSymbol* llvm::DwarfFile::getStringOffsetsStartSym ( ) const

◆ getStringPool()

DwarfStringPool& llvm::DwarfFile::getStringPool ( )

Returns the string pool.

Definition at line 152 of file DwarfFile.h.

Referenced by llvm::DwarfUnit::addString(), llvm::DwarfDebug::endFunctionImpl(), and llvm::DwarfDebug::enterNonTypeUnitContext().

◆ getUnits()

const SmallVectorImpl<std::unique_ptr<DwarfCompileUnit> >& llvm::DwarfFile::getUnits ( )

Definition at line 109 of file DwarfFile.h.

References addRange().

Referenced by collectCallSiteParameters().

◆ insertDIE()

void llvm::DwarfFile::insertDIE ( const MDNode TypeMD,
DIE Die 

◆ setRnglistsTableBaseSym()

void llvm::DwarfFile::setRnglistsTableBaseSym ( MCSymbol Sym)

Definition at line 158 of file DwarfFile.h.

References llvm::AArch64CC::LS.

Referenced by llvm::DwarfDebug::beginModule().

◆ setStringOffsetsStartSym()

void llvm::DwarfFile::setStringOffsetsStartSym ( MCSymbol Sym)

Definition at line 155 of file DwarfFile.h.

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