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llvm::MCSchedClassDesc Struct Reference

Summarize the scheduling resources required for an instruction of a particular scheduling class. More...

#include "llvm/MC/MCSchedule.h"

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Public Member Functions

bool isValid () const
bool isVariant () const

Public Attributes

const charName
uint16_t NumMicroOps: 14
bool BeginGroup: 1
bool EndGroup: 1
uint16_t WriteProcResIdx
uint16_t NumWriteProcResEntries
uint16_t WriteLatencyIdx
uint16_t NumWriteLatencyEntries
uint16_t ReadAdvanceIdx
uint16_t NumReadAdvanceEntries

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned short InvalidNumMicroOps = (1U << 14) - 1
static const unsigned short VariantNumMicroOps = InvalidNumMicroOps - 1

Detailed Description

Summarize the scheduling resources required for an instruction of a particular scheduling class.

Defined as an aggregate struct for creating tables with initializer lists.

Definition at line 110 of file MCSchedule.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isValid()

bool llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::isValid ( ) const

◆ isVariant()

bool llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::isVariant ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ BeginGroup

bool llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::BeginGroup

◆ EndGroup

bool llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::EndGroup

◆ InvalidNumMicroOps

const unsigned short llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::InvalidNumMicroOps = (1U << 14) - 1

Definition at line 111 of file MCSchedule.h.

Referenced by llvm::mca::verifyOperands().

◆ Name

const char* llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::Name

Definition at line 115 of file MCSchedule.h.

◆ NumMicroOps

uint16_t llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::NumMicroOps

◆ NumReadAdvanceEntries

uint16_t llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::NumReadAdvanceEntries

◆ NumWriteLatencyEntries

uint16_t llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::NumWriteLatencyEntries

◆ NumWriteProcResEntries

uint16_t llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::NumWriteProcResEntries

◆ ReadAdvanceIdx

uint16_t llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::ReadAdvanceIdx

◆ VariantNumMicroOps

const unsigned short llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::VariantNumMicroOps = InvalidNumMicroOps - 1

Definition at line 112 of file MCSchedule.h.

◆ WriteLatencyIdx

uint16_t llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::WriteLatencyIdx

Definition at line 122 of file MCSchedule.h.

Referenced by llvm::MCSubtargetInfo::getWriteLatencyEntry().

◆ WriteProcResIdx

uint16_t llvm::MCSchedClassDesc::WriteProcResIdx

Definition at line 120 of file MCSchedule.h.

Referenced by llvm::MCSubtargetInfo::getWriteProcResBegin().

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