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1 //===-- AArch64MCInstLower.h - Lower MachineInstr to MCInst ---------------===//
2 //
3 // Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4 // See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5 // SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
6 //
7 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
12 #include "llvm/ADT/Triple.h"
13 #include "llvm/Support/Compiler.h"
15 namespace llvm {
16 class AsmPrinter;
17 class MCAsmInfo;
18 class MCContext;
19 class MCInst;
20 class MCOperand;
21 class MCSymbol;
22 class MachineInstr;
23 class MachineModuleInfoMachO;
24 class MachineOperand;
25 class Mangler;
27 /// AArch64MCInstLower - This class is used to lower an MachineInstr
28 /// into an MCInst.
30  MCContext &Ctx;
32  Triple TargetTriple;
34 public:
35  AArch64MCInstLower(MCContext &ctx, AsmPrinter &printer);
37  bool lowerOperand(const MachineOperand &MO, MCOperand &MCOp) const;
38  void Lower(const MachineInstr *MI, MCInst &OutMI) const;
40  MCOperand lowerSymbolOperandDarwin(const MachineOperand &MO,
41  MCSymbol *Sym) const;
42  MCOperand lowerSymbolOperandELF(const MachineOperand &MO,
43  MCSymbol *Sym) const;
44  MCOperand lowerSymbolOperandCOFF(const MachineOperand &MO,
45  MCSymbol *Sym) const;
46  MCOperand LowerSymbolOperand(const MachineOperand &MO, MCSymbol *Sym) const;
48  MCSymbol *GetGlobalAddressSymbol(const MachineOperand &MO) const;
49  MCSymbol *GetExternalSymbolSymbol(const MachineOperand &MO) const;
50 };
51 }
53 #endif
This class represents lattice values for constants.
Definition: AllocatorList.h:23
MCSymbol - Instances of this class represent a symbol name in the MC file, and MCSymbols are created ...
Definition: MCSymbol.h:41
print alias Alias Set Printer
Context object for machine code objects.
Definition: MCContext.h:67
Instances of this class represent a single low-level machine instruction.
Definition: MCInst.h:158
This class is intended to be used as a driving class for all asm writers.
Definition: AsmPrinter.h:81
LLVM_LIBRARY_VISIBILITY - If a class marked with this attribute is linked into a shared library...
Definition: Compiler.h:130
Triple - Helper class for working with autoconf configuration names.
Definition: Triple.h:45
static MCOperand LowerSymbolOperand(const MachineInstr *MI, const MachineOperand &MO, AsmPrinter &AP)
MachineOperand class - Representation of each machine instruction operand.
Representation of each machine instruction.
Definition: MachineInstr.h:62
AArch64MCInstLower - This class is used to lower an MachineInstr into an MCInst.
IRTranslator LLVM IR MI
Instances of this class represent operands of the MCInst class.
Definition: MCInst.h:34