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llvm::AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer Class Referencefinal

#include "Target/AMDGPU/MCTargetDesc/AMDGPUTargetStreamer.h"

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Public Member Functions

 AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer (MCStreamer &S, const MCSubtargetInfo &STI)
MCELFStreamergetStreamer ()
void EmitDirectiveAMDGCNTarget (StringRef Target) override
void EmitDirectiveHSACodeObjectVersion (uint32_t Major, uint32_t Minor) override
void EmitDirectiveHSACodeObjectISA (uint32_t Major, uint32_t Minor, uint32_t Stepping, StringRef VendorName, StringRef ArchName) override
void EmitAMDKernelCodeT (const amd_kernel_code_t &Header) override
void EmitAMDGPUSymbolType (StringRef SymbolName, unsigned Type) override
bool EmitISAVersion (StringRef IsaVersionString) override
bool EmitHSAMetadata (const AMDGPU::HSAMD::Metadata &HSAMetadata) override
bool EmitPALMetadata (const AMDGPU::PALMD::Metadata &PALMetadata) override
void EmitAmdhsaKernelDescriptor (const MCSubtargetInfo &STI, StringRef KernelName, const amdhsa::kernel_descriptor_t &KernelDescriptor, uint64_t NextVGPR, uint64_t NextSGPR, bool ReserveVCC, bool ReserveFlatScr, bool ReserveXNACK) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::AMDGPUTargetStreamer
 AMDGPUTargetStreamer (MCStreamer &S)
virtual bool EmitHSAMetadata (StringRef HSAMetadataString)
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCTargetStreamer
 MCTargetStreamer (MCStreamer &S)
virtual ~MCTargetStreamer ()
MCStreamergetStreamer ()
virtual void emitLabel (MCSymbol *Symbol)
virtual void emitAssignment (MCSymbol *Symbol, const MCExpr *Value)
virtual void prettyPrintAsm (MCInstPrinter &InstPrinter, raw_ostream &OS, const MCInst &Inst, const MCSubtargetInfo &STI)
virtual void emitDwarfFileDirective (StringRef Directive)
virtual void changeSection (const MCSection *CurSection, MCSection *Section, const MCExpr *SubSection, raw_ostream &OS)
 Update streamer for a new active section. More...
virtual void emitValue (const MCExpr *Value)
virtual void finish ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::AMDGPUTargetStreamer
static const chargetMachName (unsigned Mach)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::AMDGPUTargetStreamer
MCContextgetContext () const
unsigned getMACH (StringRef GPU) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::MCTargetStreamer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 110 of file AMDGPUTargetStreamer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer()

AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer ( MCStreamer S,
const MCSubtargetInfo STI 

Member Function Documentation

◆ EmitAMDGPUSymbolType()

void AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::EmitAMDGPUSymbolType ( StringRef  SymbolName,
unsigned  Type 

◆ EmitAmdhsaKernelDescriptor()

void AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::EmitAmdhsaKernelDescriptor ( const MCSubtargetInfo STI,
StringRef  KernelName,
const amdhsa::kernel_descriptor_t KernelDescriptor,
uint64_t  NextVGPR,
uint64_t  NextSGPR,
bool  ReserveVCC,
bool  ReserveFlatScr,
bool  ReserveXNACK 

◆ EmitAMDKernelCodeT()

void AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::EmitAMDKernelCodeT ( const amd_kernel_code_t Header)

◆ EmitDirectiveAMDGCNTarget()

void AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::EmitDirectiveAMDGCNTarget ( StringRef  Target)

Implements llvm::AMDGPUTargetStreamer.

Definition at line 379 of file AMDGPUTargetStreamer.cpp.

◆ EmitDirectiveHSACodeObjectISA()

void AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::EmitDirectiveHSACodeObjectISA ( uint32_t  Major,
uint32_t  Minor,
uint32_t  Stepping,
StringRef  VendorName,
StringRef  ArchName 

◆ EmitDirectiveHSACodeObjectVersion()

void AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::EmitDirectiveHSACodeObjectVersion ( uint32_t  Major,
uint32_t  Minor 

◆ EmitHSAMetadata()

bool AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::EmitHSAMetadata ( const AMDGPU::HSAMD::Metadata HSAMetadata)

◆ EmitISAVersion()

bool AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::EmitISAVersion ( StringRef  IsaVersionString)

◆ EmitPALMetadata()

bool AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::EmitPALMetadata ( const AMDGPU::PALMD::Metadata PALMetadata)

◆ getStreamer()

MCELFStreamer & AMDGPUTargetELFStreamer::getStreamer ( )

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