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2018 European LLVM Developers Meeting

  1. About
  2. Registration
  3. Call For Papers
  4. FAQ
  5. Travel Grants for Students
  6. Contact
  • Conference Dates: April 16-17, 2018
  • Location: Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre, Bristol UK

  • For your attention, the 2018 ACCU conference is being held April 11-14 at the same venue in Bristol. ACCU is about programming in whatever language, from C/C++ to D, Java, C#, F#, Groovy, Rust, Go, Python.

The meeting serves as a forum for LLVM, Clang, LLDB and other LLVM project developers and users to get acquainted, learn how LLVM is used, and exchange ideas about LLVM and its (potential) applications. The conference will be two full days that include technical talks, BoFs, hacker’s lab, tutorials, a poster session and a reception.

We believe the event will be of particular interest to the following people:

  • Active developers of projects in the LLVM Umbrella (LLVM core, Clang, LLDB, libc++, compiler_rt, klee, lld, etc).
  • Anyone interested in using these as part of another project.
  • Compiler, programming language, and runtime enthusiasts.
  • Those interested in using compiler and toolchain technology in novel and interesting ways.

Please sign up for the LLVM Developers' Meeting list for future announcements and to ask questions.

Important Dates

Here are some important dates to keep on your calendar:

  • December 12: Call for Papers
  • January 15: Registration Opens
  • February 1: Travel Grant Applications Open
  • February 9: Paper Submission Deadline
  • February 22: Paper Notification
  • February 26: Travel Grant Application Deadline
  • March 2: Travel Grant Notification
  • April 2: Registration Closes
  • April 16-17 : The Conference

Registration opens January 15. An email will be posted to the mailing list closer to this time.

Call for Papers

The call for papers starts on December 12. An email reminder will be posted to the mailing list closer to this time.

  • When will I be notified of acceptance? - Our goal is to notify all proposal submitters by February 22, 2018.
  • Should I register if I have submitted a proposal? - We have 1 complimentary reserved registration for each accepted technical talk, BoF, or student research competition talk. Accepted tutorials have been reserved 2 complimentary registrations. Panels have up to 3 reserved registrations. There are no reserved registration spots for posters or lightning talks. Please register any additional speakers or if you do not have a reserved registration slot.
  • What if I registered and my talk got accepted? - We can refund your registration fee and instructions will be sent following the notification. If you plan to attend even if your proposal is not accepted and are worried about the event selling out, we suggest registering before notification of acceptance.
  • What if I registered and my talk did NOT get accepted? - We can refund your registration fee if you no longer wish to attend if you contact the organizer by March 2, 2018.
  • What will be recorded? - All technical talks, tutorials, SRC talks, panels, and lightning talks will be recorded. By submitting your proposal, you are giving us permission to record if you present at the meeting. For SRC talks, you have the option to delay publication of the slides and video for you talk for up to 12 months.
  • Who is on the program committee? - The program committee is composed of active developers of the LLVM, Clang, and related sub-communities. This year's program committee members will be published here soon.
  • I have a question, who do I contact? - Please first check on the llvm-devmeeting list that it has not been already answered. It if has not, and your question is generic enough that it can benefit to others, please email llvm-devmeeting 'at' ( If your question is specific to your case, you can ask the orgnizing committee directly at and someone on the organization committee will get back to you. The committee includes: Arnaud de Grandmaison, Phillip Power, Paul Bowen-Huggett.
Travel Grants for Students

The LLVM Foundation sponsors student travel to attend the LLVM Developers' Meeting. Travel grants cover some or all of travel related expenses. This program is open to full time undergraduate and graduate students.

Please submit your application by February 26th 2018 at 5:00PM PDT. Full details on eligibility and selection process are provided in the application. Notification of successful travel grant awards will be sent via email by March 2 2018.


To contact the organizers, Arnaud de Grandmaison, Phillip Power, please email

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