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AArch64InstrInfo.h File Reference
#include "AArch64.h"
#include "AArch64RegisterInfo.h"
#include "llvm/CodeGen/TargetInstrInfo.h"
#include "llvm/Support/TypeSize.h"
#include <optional>
#include "AArch64GenInstrInfo.inc"

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class  llvm::AArch64InstrInfo
struct  llvm::UsedNZCV


namespace  llvm
 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
namespace  llvm::AArch64


#define FALKOR_STRIDED_ACCESS_MD   "falkor.strided.access"
#define TSFLAG_FALSE_LANE_TYPE(X)   ((X) << 7)
#define TSFLAG_INSTR_FLAGS(X)   ((X) << 9)
#define TSFLAG_SME_MATRIX_TYPE(X)   ((X) << 11)


enum  llvm::AArch64FrameOffsetStatus { llvm::AArch64FrameOffsetCannotUpdate = 0x0 , llvm::AArch64FrameOffsetIsLegal = 0x1 , llvm::AArch64FrameOffsetCanUpdate = 0x2 }
 Use to report the frame offset status in isAArch64FrameOffsetLegal. More...
enum  llvm::AArch64::ElementSizeType {
  llvm::AArch64::ElementSizeMask = TSFLAG_ELEMENT_SIZE_TYPE(0x7) , llvm::AArch64::ElementSizeNone = TSFLAG_ELEMENT_SIZE_TYPE(0x0) , llvm::AArch64::ElementSizeB = TSFLAG_ELEMENT_SIZE_TYPE(0x1) , llvm::AArch64::ElementSizeH = TSFLAG_ELEMENT_SIZE_TYPE(0x2) ,
  llvm::AArch64::ElementSizeS = TSFLAG_ELEMENT_SIZE_TYPE(0x3) , llvm::AArch64::ElementSizeD = TSFLAG_ELEMENT_SIZE_TYPE(0x4)
enum  llvm::AArch64::DestructiveInstType {
  llvm::AArch64::DestructiveInstTypeMask = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0xf) , llvm::AArch64::NotDestructive = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0x0) , llvm::AArch64::DestructiveOther = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0x1) , llvm::AArch64::DestructiveUnary = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0x2) ,
  llvm::AArch64::DestructiveBinaryImm = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0x3) , llvm::AArch64::DestructiveBinaryShImmUnpred = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0x4) , llvm::AArch64::DestructiveBinary = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0x5) , llvm::AArch64::DestructiveBinaryComm = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0x6) ,
  llvm::AArch64::DestructiveBinaryCommWithRev = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0x7) , llvm::AArch64::DestructiveTernaryCommWithRev = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0x8) , llvm::AArch64::DestructiveUnaryPassthru = TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE(0x9)
enum  llvm::AArch64::FalseLaneType { llvm::AArch64::FalseLanesMask = TSFLAG_FALSE_LANE_TYPE(0x3) , llvm::AArch64::FalseLanesZero = TSFLAG_FALSE_LANE_TYPE(0x1) , llvm::AArch64::FalseLanesUndef = TSFLAG_FALSE_LANE_TYPE(0x2) }
enum  llvm::AArch64::SMEMatrixType {
  llvm::AArch64::SMEMatrixTypeMask = TSFLAG_SME_MATRIX_TYPE(0x7) , llvm::AArch64::SMEMatrixNone = TSFLAG_SME_MATRIX_TYPE(0x0) , llvm::AArch64::SMEMatrixTileB = TSFLAG_SME_MATRIX_TYPE(0x1) , llvm::AArch64::SMEMatrixTileH = TSFLAG_SME_MATRIX_TYPE(0x2) ,
  llvm::AArch64::SMEMatrixTileS = TSFLAG_SME_MATRIX_TYPE(0x3) , llvm::AArch64::SMEMatrixTileD = TSFLAG_SME_MATRIX_TYPE(0x4) , llvm::AArch64::SMEMatrixTileQ = TSFLAG_SME_MATRIX_TYPE(0x5) , llvm::AArch64::SMEMatrixArray = TSFLAG_SME_MATRIX_TYPE(0x6)


std::optional< UsedNZCVllvm::examineCFlagsUse (MachineInstr &MI, MachineInstr &CmpInstr, const TargetRegisterInfo &TRI, SmallVectorImpl< MachineInstr * > *CCUseInstrs=nullptr)
bool llvm::isNZCVTouchedInInstructionRange (const MachineInstr &DefMI, const MachineInstr &UseMI, const TargetRegisterInfo *TRI)
 Return true if there is an instruction /after/ DefMI and before UseMI which either reads or clobbers NZCV.
MCCFIInstruction llvm::createDefCFA (const TargetRegisterInfo &TRI, unsigned FrameReg, unsigned Reg, const StackOffset &Offset, bool LastAdjustmentWasScalable=true)
MCCFIInstruction llvm::createCFAOffset (const TargetRegisterInfo &MRI, unsigned Reg, const StackOffset &OffsetFromDefCFA)
void llvm::emitFrameOffset (MachineBasicBlock &MBB, MachineBasicBlock::iterator MBBI, const DebugLoc &DL, unsigned DestReg, unsigned SrcReg, StackOffset Offset, const TargetInstrInfo *TII, MachineInstr::MIFlag=MachineInstr::NoFlags, bool SetNZCV=false, bool NeedsWinCFI=false, bool *HasWinCFI=nullptr, bool EmitCFAOffset=false, StackOffset InitialOffset={}, unsigned FrameReg=AArch64::SP)
 emitFrameOffset - Emit instructions as needed to set DestReg to SrcReg plus Offset.
bool llvm::rewriteAArch64FrameIndex (MachineInstr &MI, unsigned FrameRegIdx, unsigned FrameReg, StackOffset &Offset, const AArch64InstrInfo *TII)
 rewriteAArch64FrameIndex - Rewrite MI to access 'Offset' bytes from the FP.
int llvm::isAArch64FrameOffsetLegal (const MachineInstr &MI, StackOffset &Offset, bool *OutUseUnscaledOp=nullptr, unsigned *OutUnscaledOp=nullptr, int64_t *EmittableOffset=nullptr)
 Check if the Offset is a valid frame offset for MI.
static bool llvm::isUncondBranchOpcode (int Opc)
static bool llvm::isCondBranchOpcode (int Opc)
static bool llvm::isIndirectBranchOpcode (int Opc)
static bool llvm::isPTrueOpcode (unsigned Opc)
unsigned llvm::getBLRCallOpcode (const MachineFunction &MF)
 Return opcode to be used for indirect calls.
static unsigned llvm::getXPACOpcodeForKey (AArch64PACKey::ID K)
 Return XPAC opcode to be used for a ptrauth strip using the given key.
static unsigned llvm::getAUTOpcodeForKey (AArch64PACKey::ID K, bool Zero)
 Return AUT opcode to be used for a ptrauth auth using the given key, or its AUT*Z variant that doesn't take a discriminator operand, using zero instead.
static unsigned llvm::getPACOpcodeForKey (AArch64PACKey::ID K, bool Zero)
 Return PAC opcode to be used for a ptrauth sign using the given key, or its PAC*Z variant that doesn't take a discriminator operand, using zero instead.
int llvm::AArch64::getSVEPseudoMap (uint16_t Opcode)
int llvm::AArch64::getSVERevInstr (uint16_t Opcode)
int llvm::AArch64::getSVENonRevInstr (uint16_t Opcode)
int llvm::AArch64::getSMEPseudoMap (uint16_t Opcode)


static const MachineMemOperand::Flags llvm::MOSuppressPair
static const MachineMemOperand::Flags llvm::MOStridedAccess
static const uint64_t llvm::AArch64::InstrFlagIsWhile = TSFLAG_INSTR_FLAGS(0x1)
static const uint64_t llvm::AArch64::InstrFlagIsPTestLike = TSFLAG_INSTR_FLAGS(0x2)

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#define FALKOR_STRIDED_ACCESS_MD   "falkor.strided.access"

Definition at line 34 of file AArch64InstrInfo.h.



Definition at line 22 of file AArch64InstrInfo.h.



Definition at line 397 of file AArch64InstrInfo.h.


#define TSFLAG_DESTRUCTIVE_INST_TYPE (   X)    ((X) << 3)

Definition at line 604 of file AArch64InstrInfo.h.


#define TSFLAG_ELEMENT_SIZE_TYPE (   X)    (X)

Definition at line 603 of file AArch64InstrInfo.h.


#define TSFLAG_FALSE_LANE_TYPE (   X)    ((X) << 7)

Definition at line 605 of file AArch64InstrInfo.h.


#define TSFLAG_INSTR_FLAGS (   X)    ((X) << 9)

Definition at line 606 of file AArch64InstrInfo.h.


#define TSFLAG_SME_MATRIX_TYPE (   X)    ((X) << 11)

Definition at line 607 of file AArch64InstrInfo.h.