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llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler Class Reference

#include "llvm/CodeGen/VLIWMachineScheduler.h"

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struct  SchedCandidate
 Store the state used by ConvergingVLIWScheduler heuristics, required for the lifetime of one invocation of pickNode(). More...
struct  VLIWSchedBoundary
 Each Scheduling boundary is associated with ready queues. More...

Public Types

enum  { TopQID = 1 , BotQID = 2 , LogMaxQID = 2 }
 SUnit::NodeQueueId: 0 (none), 1 (top), 2 (bot), 3 (both) More...

Public Member Functions

 ConvergingVLIWScheduler ()
virtual ~ConvergingVLIWScheduler ()=default
void initialize (ScheduleDAGMI *dag) override
 Initialize the strategy after building the DAG for a new region.
SUnitpickNode (bool &IsTopNode) override
 Pick the best node to balance the schedule. Implements MachineSchedStrategy.
void schedNode (SUnit *SU, bool IsTopNode) override
 Update the scheduler's state after scheduling a node.
void releaseTopNode (SUnit *SU) override
 When all predecessor dependencies have been resolved, free this node for top-down scheduling.
void releaseBottomNode (SUnit *SU) override
 When all successor dependencies have been resolved, free this node for bottom-up scheduling.
unsigned reportPackets ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MachineSchedStrategy
virtual ~MachineSchedStrategy ()=default
virtual void initPolicy (MachineBasicBlock::iterator Begin, MachineBasicBlock::iterator End, unsigned NumRegionInstrs)
 Optionally override the per-region scheduling policy.
virtual void dumpPolicy () const
virtual bool shouldTrackPressure () const
 Check if pressure tracking is needed before building the DAG and initializing this strategy.
virtual bool shouldTrackLaneMasks () const
 Returns true if lanemasks should be tracked.
virtual bool doMBBSchedRegionsTopDown () const
virtual void initialize (ScheduleDAGMI *DAG)=0
 Initialize the strategy after building the DAG for a new region.
virtual void enterMBB (MachineBasicBlock *MBB)
 Tell the strategy that MBB is about to be processed.
virtual void leaveMBB ()
 Tell the strategy that current MBB is done.
virtual void registerRoots ()
 Notify this strategy that all roots have been released (including those that depend on EntrySU or ExitSU).
virtual SUnitpickNode (bool &IsTopNode)=0
 Pick the next node to schedule, or return NULL.
virtual void scheduleTree (unsigned SubtreeID)
 Scheduler callback to notify that a new subtree is scheduled.
virtual void schedNode (SUnit *SU, bool IsTopNode)=0
 Notify MachineSchedStrategy that ScheduleDAGMI has scheduled an instruction and updated scheduled/remaining flags in the DAG nodes.
virtual void releaseTopNode (SUnit *SU)=0
 When all predecessor dependencies have been resolved, free this node for top-down scheduling.
virtual void releaseBottomNode (SUnit *SU)=0
 When all successor dependencies have been resolved, free this node for bottom-up scheduling.

Protected Types

enum  CandResult {
  NoCand , NodeOrder , SingleExcess , SingleCritical ,
  SingleMax , MultiPressure , BestCost , Weak
 Represent the type of SchedCandidate found within a single queue. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual VLIWResourceModelcreateVLIWResourceModel (const TargetSubtargetInfo &STI, const TargetSchedModel *SchedModel) const
SUnitpickNodeBidrectional (bool &IsTopNode)
 Pick the best candidate node from either the top or bottom queue.
int pressureChange (const SUnit *SU, bool isBotUp)
 Check if the instruction changes the register pressure of a register in the high pressure set.
virtual int SchedulingCost (ReadyQueue &Q, SUnit *SU, SchedCandidate &Candidate, RegPressureDelta &Delta, bool verbose)
 Single point to compute overall scheduling cost.
CandResult pickNodeFromQueue (VLIWSchedBoundary &Zone, const RegPressureTracker &RPTracker, SchedCandidate &Candidate)
 Pick the best candidate from the top queue.
void traceCandidate (const char *Label, const ReadyQueue &Q, SUnit *SU, int Cost, PressureChange P=PressureChange())
void readyQueueVerboseDump (const RegPressureTracker &RPTracker, SchedCandidate &Candidate, ReadyQueue &Q)

Protected Attributes

VLIWMachineSchedulerDAG = nullptr
const TargetSchedModelSchedModel = nullptr
VLIWSchedBoundary Top
VLIWSchedBoundary Bot
SmallVector< boolHighPressureSets
 List of pressure sets that have a high pressure level in the region.

Static Protected Attributes

static constexpr unsigned PriorityOne = 200
static constexpr unsigned PriorityTwo = 50
static constexpr unsigned PriorityThree = 75
static constexpr unsigned ScaleTwo = 10

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

SUnit::NodeQueueId: 0 (none), 1 (top), 2 (bot), 3 (both)


Definition at line 223 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.h.

◆ CandResult

Represent the type of SchedCandidate found within a single queue.


Definition at line 106 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConvergingVLIWScheduler()

llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::ConvergingVLIWScheduler ( )

Definition at line 225 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.h.

◆ ~ConvergingVLIWScheduler()

virtual llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::~ConvergingVLIWScheduler ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ createVLIWResourceModel()

VLIWResourceModel * ConvergingVLIWScheduler::createVLIWResourceModel ( const TargetSubtargetInfo STI,
const TargetSchedModel SchedModel 
) const

Reimplemented in llvm::HexagonConvergingVLIWScheduler.

Definition at line 305 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.cpp.

References SchedModel.

Referenced by initialize().

◆ initialize()

void ConvergingVLIWScheduler::initialize ( ScheduleDAGMI DAG)

◆ pickNode()

SUnit * ConvergingVLIWScheduler::pickNode ( bool IsTopNode)

◆ pickNodeBidrectional()

SUnit * ConvergingVLIWScheduler::pickNodeBidrectional ( bool IsTopNode)

◆ pickNodeFromQueue()

ConvergingVLIWScheduler::CandResult ConvergingVLIWScheduler::pickNodeFromQueue ( VLIWSchedBoundary Zone,
const RegPressureTracker RPTracker,
SchedCandidate Candidate 

◆ pressureChange()

int ConvergingVLIWScheduler::pressureChange ( const SUnit SU,
bool  isBotUp 

Check if the instruction changes the register pressure of a register in the high pressure set.

The function returns a negative value if the pressure decreases and a positive value is the pressure increases. If the instruction doesn't use a high pressure register or doesn't change the register pressure, then return 0.

Definition at line 580 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.cpp.

References DAG, llvm::ScheduleDAGMILive::getPressureDiff(), HighPressureSets, and P.

Referenced by SchedulingCost().

◆ readyQueueVerboseDump()

void ConvergingVLIWScheduler::readyQueueVerboseDump ( const RegPressureTracker RPTracker,
SchedCandidate Candidate,
ReadyQueue Q 

◆ releaseBottomNode()

void ConvergingVLIWScheduler::releaseBottomNode ( SUnit SU)

◆ releaseTopNode()

void ConvergingVLIWScheduler::releaseTopNode ( SUnit SU)

◆ reportPackets()

unsigned llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::reportPackets ( )

◆ schedNode()

void ConvergingVLIWScheduler::schedNode ( SUnit SU,
bool  IsTopNode 

Update the scheduler's state after scheduling a node.

This is the same node that was just returned by pickNode(). However, VLIWMachineScheduler needs to update it's state based on the current cycle before MachineSchedStrategy does.

Implements llvm::MachineSchedStrategy.

Definition at line 999 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.cpp.

References Bot, llvm::SUnit::BotReadyCycle, llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::VLIWSchedBoundary::bumpNode(), llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::VLIWSchedBoundary::CurrCycle, Top, and llvm::SUnit::TopReadyCycle.

◆ SchedulingCost()

int ConvergingVLIWScheduler::SchedulingCost ( ReadyQueue Q,
SUnit SU,
SchedCandidate Candidate,
RegPressureDelta Delta,
bool  verbose 

◆ traceCandidate()

void ConvergingVLIWScheduler::traceCandidate ( const char Label,
const ReadyQueue Q,
SUnit SU,
int  Cost,
PressureChange  P = PressureChange() 

Member Data Documentation

◆ Bot

VLIWSchedBoundary llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::Bot


VLIWMachineScheduler* llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::DAG = nullptr

◆ HighPressureSets

SmallVector<bool> llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::HighPressureSets

List of pressure sets that have a high pressure level in the region.

Definition at line 219 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.h.

Referenced by initialize(), and pressureChange().

◆ PriorityOne

constexpr unsigned llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::PriorityOne = 200

Definition at line 119 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.h.

Referenced by SchedulingCost().

◆ PriorityThree

constexpr unsigned llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::PriorityThree = 75

Definition at line 121 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.h.

Referenced by SchedulingCost().

◆ PriorityTwo

constexpr unsigned llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::PriorityTwo = 50

◆ ScaleTwo

constexpr unsigned llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::ScaleTwo = 10

Definition at line 122 of file VLIWMachineScheduler.h.

Referenced by SchedulingCost().

◆ SchedModel

const TargetSchedModel* llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::SchedModel = nullptr

◆ Top

VLIWSchedBoundary llvm::ConvergingVLIWScheduler::Top

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